Non-Slip WPC Decking,PS Wood Plastic Decking,Polystyrene Plastic Decking

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Product Description:

1> What is WPC?


WPC, simply for wood plastic composite.

Wood Plastic Composite is made from a unique combination of plant fiber and recycled plastic

according to high-tech formula.

It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and

insect damage, and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives you a natural feel.

It has characteristics of high strength and rigidity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistant

and without formaldehyde, it is a real green environment protection building material.


2> What’s WPC used for?


WPC can be used for military equipment, urban utilities and landscaping, architecture,

gymnasiums, outdoor decking, fencing, pallets, indoor and outdoor decoration.









3> Why choose WPC decking?

 *Natural colour 
 *Slip resistant 
 *Resistance to water, rot and crack 
 *Guaranteed to last 
 *Low maintenance 
 *Beautiful and broad range of finish


4> What are the main kinds of WPC currently?

 *WPC decking board 
 *DIY decking board 
 *WPC wall panel (wall cladding) 
 *Garden fence (railing) 
 *WPC outdoor furniture (gazebo, pavilion, outdoor desk&chair, dustbin, pet house…)

5> Ingredients of WPC?


30% HDPE+60% bamboo/wood fiber+10% Chemical additives.


6> How’s WPC made?

 Non-Slip WPC Decking,PS Wood Plastic Decking,Polystyrene Plastic Decking

7> Specification of WPC?


A. Weatherability 
suitable from -40° C to +60° C, UV resistance 


B. Test Data

Testing Item Technical RequirementsValue of Test
Water Content % ≤2  0.4

Rockwell Hardness (HRR)


Thickness Swelling after

Water Absorption (%)

≤1 0.2 

Screw Holding 
Capability (N)

Surface of board ≥13003870 

End of board ≥12003460

Static Bending 


Bending Elastic 




Hammer falling impact in low

temperature, broken (pcs)


State after Heating

No babbles, cracks and pockmarks


Rate of Size Change with Heating (%)


Report Number: 201107126 
Type of sample: 90x25x820mm, Solid 


C. Surface treatment

Non-Slip WPC Decking,PS Wood Plastic Decking,Polystyrene Plastic Decking

D. Main colors available:

landscape use wpc CMAX H150H25C

charcoal-black; classic-white; rinforest-canopy;sand-castle; stepping-stone; tree-house; vintage-lantern .


E. How to install


 Non-Slip WPC Decking,PS Wood Plastic Decking,Polystyrene Plastic Decking



Company Information



8> About CNBM and It’s WPC products


China National Building Material Corporation (CNBM), long history since 1984 is one of the top 
fortune 500 corporation and central enterprise with total assets of more than $20 billion and 
120,000 staff. 

Our unique advantages: 

* Preferential payment terms 
* Good and reasonable price 
* Quality guarantee -- CNBM won't let a single small deal ruin our reputation and brand, so quality is

our lifetime. 
* Professional team for CRM order processing & QA & logistics 
*Global logistic database, originated from Dubai

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Q:How do I get the oil on the floor?
Solid wood flooring is also afraid of dirt. If the water-soluble material left the general dirt, you can first wipe the dust, and then use a soft wipes dipped in thick tea, Taichu water or orange peel soaked orange peel water wipe. So that both can remove the dirt, but also to restore the film of the raging if it is phlegm, chewing gum, oil paint and other difficult to remove the dirt, do not rush to wipe with gasoline, the reason has been as mentioned above. Must carefully distinguish the nature of the dirt and then decide to take a different approach and different cleaning agents to clean up. For those who do not understand the chemical properties of the cleaning agent, can not be free to use, so as not to react with the paint caused by the floor damage. Do not use easy to damage. Do not use a hardener or tool that easily damages the paint film. Should consult experts and teachers to decide to deal with the program.
Q:How do you level a floor, for installing lamanited floors.?
We had a 12' x 14' room that had a horseshoe trend that became into out by using 3/4. I ripped 2 x 4's at an attitude to create 6' long shims, so the shims have been 2 (one million-one million/2) extensive x 3/4 to feathering out to no longer something x 6' long . We had bumped off the previous carpet so all we had became into the unique floor sheathing. I then screwed the shims all the way down to the floor joists and used a pour in leveling compound to fill in between the shims. permit it dry a pair days and laid laminate over the real. in case you utilize a pour in leveler any little holes or around floor ducts you will ought to seal up so the leveler does not bypass by way of. I ensue to ruin a ironing board & iron that became into in our basement by way of fact it leaked by way of, did no longer locate it till day after in the present day!!
Q:How to repair concrete basement floor?
Urethane is a huge product to seal cracks in concrete. it rather is used on brick and cement outdoors surfaces including partitions and sidewalks. It sticks to almost something and maintains to be in place with the aid of circulate growth and contraction. i'm not familiar with the product which you have have been given asked approximately regardless of the indisputable fact that it ok could desire to be created from urethane or a matching cloth.
Q:Eco friendly floor cover, warm and soft underfoot?
Go for cork tiles. They meet all of your criteria.
Q:Home decoration with what floor is better?
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Q:What is the best product to clean brand new laminate floors?
Rip them up and install real oak with 3 coats of varnish.
Q:Can I lay laminate flooring over an uneven concrete basement floor ?
Uneven Concrete
Q:How to fix a water damaged sub floor?
I think the best way to fix water damage is to hire a professional company to do this. One good company that can repair water damage is Dryfast.
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