LG High Pressure Vertical Multistage Booster Pump

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Features of LG High Pressure Vertical Multistage Booster Pump
1. Compact structure: Less volume, less install space
2. Easy to change the wearing parts(mechanical seal)
3. Easy to install and maintain
4. Less noise, less vibration, smooth performance
5. High quality wearing parts
6. Easy to match to other motors
7. High quality mechanical seal, no leakage, long operation life
8. Equipped with hot-water mechanical seal, which can deliver hot water

Working conditions of LG High Pressure Vertical Multistage Booster Pump
Flow range: 1.4-194.4m3/h
Head range: 20-230m
Speed: 2900r/min
Max pressure of system: 2.5MPa
Medium temperature: -15~+120º C
Environment temperature: ≤ +40º C

Applications of LG High Pressure Vertical Multistage Booster Pump
* Domestic water supply for (high) buildings
* Fire water supply for (high) buildings
* Water supply equipments
* Water supply for boilers
* Water circulation and boosting for industry
* Other clean fluid transportation

Model Meaning of LG High Pressure Vertical Multistage Booster Pump


65: Inlet & Outlet Diameter (mm)
LG: Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump
36: Flow (m³ /h)
20: Singe Stage Head (m)
X6: Impeller Number

Technical Data of LG High Pressure Vertical Multistage Booster Pump

Impeller Outer Diameter

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Q:water pump Dodge Intrepid?
it does take some time... 4hr max... $100 a hr is a rip... call around someone will do it for under $400
Q:I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic with a 4.3 liter engine I'd like to replace the water pump on the truck?
Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a Haynes Repair Manual. Very detailed, and only about $20.
Q:outboard motor not pumping water?
what motor/year/horsepower? If something's blocking the intake you'll see it stuck to the lower unit. Stick a small piece of wire up into the nipple on the cowl. Check to be sure the hose from cylinder head to the nipple hasn't sprung a leak. Take that hose off and make sure nothing's crawled up in there. Remove the thermostat cover see if there's a blockage in there. While you've got it off, toss the thermostat into a pot of water on the stove with a kitchen thermometer, see whether it opens at the proper temp (which should be embossed on the stat somewhere). Drop the lower unit see what's up with your new water pump. Maybe the water tube somehow came off the pump discharge outlet. If you're in the habit of starting your motor without supplying water to the lower unit then you've already ruined your new impeller. If there were any pieces missing from the old impeller when you removed it, then you've got neoprene rubber somewhere in the water tube or powerhead blocking the flow of water; all you can do is start disassembling till you find it.
Q:how do you know when your water pump is out?
since the leak only occurred after thermostat change ? it is reasonable to assume it is leaking around the thermostat housing. check this area first . ( did we fit a new gasket ? etc) water pumps have a small hole on underside that will weep ( leak) when seals are worn and pump needs changing. we can check pump is working by observing coolant flow. with a cold engine remove coolant filler cap.start engine and rev a few times to around 3000-35000 rpm observing ( may need an assistant) coolant flow into expansion chamber ( where you removed filler cap from) you should note coolant flowing across or into the expansion tank. if our pump has failed we would over heat !! check engine cooling when driving.
Q:Why my Water Pump is leaking again? It was replace 2 month ago brand new water pump?
Early WP seal failure, can be due to partially blocked radiator or mixing of antifreeze types occasionally poor quality antifreeze some of the additives become granular and cap bad allowing too much pressure ...early WP bearing failure , fan/clutch assembly out of balance, unit dropped on shaft, hammering on fan clutch to install... In your case I'd guess radiator needs to be cleaned by Rodding it out any radiator shop does it and will verify blockage...have a new inlet tank installed while it's apart...and get cap pressure tested..
Q:Flow 70 cubic meters per hour; lift 35 meters, choose what standard water pump?
The flow rate is 70 cubic meters per hour. The head is 35 meters, and the SH type double suction centrifugal pump is adopted.Double suction centrifugal pump for conveying liquid water or similar physical and chemical properties of water, according to the needs of users, by changing the pump structure and the material can be used for transport of muddy sand or various corrosive liquids, this series of pumps are suitable for factories, mines, city water supply and drainage, power plants, farmland irrigation and water conservancy.
Q:How do I remove the fan and pulleys from in front of the water pump on a 1985 Ford F150?
you take that big nut off, and if the pulley does not come off, you have to find a puller and pull it off the water pump, becaue more than likely the NEW water pump you need will not have a pully. Do yourself a favor, and buy a brand new water pump, it will last the life time of the car, and you will not have as many issues which may happen if you buy a cheap pump if you have never done a water pump,I suggest buying a repair manual, this will have a step by step guide that will make the job much easier on you and the truck
Q:How is water pumped out of the ground?
(1) Identify your potential water source through various methods. (2) Drill a small exploratory hole to different depths, test water pressure and water quality. (3) Drill the complete borehole for production and retrieval of the groundwater. (4) Complete the physical well, will a sheath to allow in the water at the wanted levels, solid pluge to keep other levels out. (5) Insert a chemical and physical filter system (small screen membranes, activate charcoal and diatomaceous earth, etc.) (6) Put in the submersible pump and plug it in. (7) The pump is made up of a motor, an intake and a centrifugal pump. It's all sealed so no water can penetrate through. The water is suctioned into the centrifugal pump, which is an impeller type device. The water is then pushed out at a much higher pressure rate than it came in. This is how the pump works from the bottom instead of above ground. The water is sent to the pressure tank, sometimes referred to as a holding tank, and is kept at a constant pressure, so when you turn on your faucet or shower, the water comes out quickly. As you use the water, more water is pumped into the tank and as the pressure drops in the tank, it will automatically come on and pressurize again.
Q:Need a new water pump, should i get an electric?
Not sure where your shopping, but I could have sworn water pumps were more than that at least the ones I buy. And yes, I do not buy aftermarket parts since I do not like replacing the same part over over again every month!!!!!!! I would advise you if you do not want to replace the engine down the road for overheating, I would stick with factory water pump leave the electric pump idea alone!!!!! Last time I checked on those, they were more than $50.00 also.
Q:What is the most efficient type of hand powered water pump?
You can make this easier to use with a few extra parts to make a shadoof.

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