LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China

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China main port
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1000 m²
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20000 m²/month

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Product Description:

一. Structure of LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China Description


 WPC Project Decking-- China 10 Years Experience Composite Decking Suppliers


Wood Plastic Composite


Cedar, Coffee, Brown, Black, Dark gray, Light gray, Red wood, Red pine, Yellow, or adjusted to customer's  requirement 


Groove, Wood Grain, Sanding 


 2.2m/pc, 2.9m/pc, 5.4m/pc


Terrace, Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, Pool & SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground


 PE Film + WPC Pallet (length of 0-2.2m) or Wood Pallet (length>2.2m) optional




二.Main Features of the LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China

LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China

1. Eco-friendly, fully recyclable.

2. With natural wood grain, color and texture, looks like nature wood.

3. Waterproofing, fireproofing, Mildew-resistant, anti-UV.

4. Less cracking, less warping.

5. No need painting, no glue.

6. Can be planed, nailed, drilled and cut to any wanted size.

7. Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60°C.

8. Easy to install, clean.

9. Low maintenance, durable, economic, long lifetime

10. Anti-slip, less cracking, less warping.  

三.LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China Images


四.LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China Specification


LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China


W*H=145*30 mm, customized


2200mm, 2900mm, 5400mm, Customized


Wood Powder, HDPE, Additives

Surface Finishing

Sanding, Brushing, Wood grain


CE, Reach, Intertek, SGS, ISO, FSC

Range of Application

Outdoor Flooring, Garden, Balcony, Terrace, Pool Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground…


五.FAQ of LESCO WPC Decking Wood Deck Made In China

What kinds of wpc products do you have?

We have wpc decking in different size, fence series (only wpc material or connect with aluminum profiles, decking tile series.


Is it difficult to install the wpc board?

No, it is easy to install. Using the tool which you use to install the real wood. Fix the board on the substructure with clips.


Can you stick the label with our logo on the boards?

Yes, please provide the label drawing, we can stick the customized label on the board.


What documents are available?

A full range documents, including products pictures, installation guide and relative certificates can be provided; Further more, customs declaration is provided. This is an one-stop service for you.

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Q:How to fix a sagging floor?
In a really old house ' its called charm In general there is nothing charming about a dip that bad which gets worse w/ some weight on it. Could be a load bearing partition was removed during a remodel ?. Being upstairs complicates things , but a good carpenter should be able to sort it out. If the ceiling below also dips because of the sagging joists Supporting & sistering on some straighteners might fix 2 problems & save work over the long run. Would be a little leery of just adding adding subflooring to disperse the weight also. Got to find the cause before you come up w/ a cure. If the home inspector is the engineer hired by mom as part of the presale inspection & has noted the problem he should also be able to recommend a fix ( other than more flooring) & maybe for a few more bucks) that the owners would take on as a condition of sale. If it is a take it as is deal the engineers recommendation is good leverage to reduce the price enough to have a proper fix done after the sale. Engineers are hired to point out deficiencies that the buyer must consider when purchasing a house & not make recommendations on whether or not to buy. Although, a knowing wink is sometimes made if the house is a real stinker. Best regards
Q:Will you, home improvement shop floor is not the last time, shop floor, what else to do it?
Hello, in general, the floor is the last process, the installation of the floor after the next day you can move a new home (in fact, I do not recommend you immediately moved into) but in some cases you may not have installed lights or wardrobe (You can see if there is nothing to do in place, you can increase it as appropriate (large process is the floor Finally, you pay attention to the details of the things That's it)
Q:When installing the floor to pay attention to what
When installing the floor to pay attention to what
Q:Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Flooring.?
No upright vac using a rotating brush should be used on laminate flooring. You should check out a small, vacuum only, tank model that will come with a hose and floor brush with bristles to pick up the dirt. Try to find one with horsehair bristles on the floor brush, they last longer and won't ever scratch anything. Eureka makes several models as well as Hoover, in the avg. priced market. Filter Queen and Electrolux make better quality models in the higher price range.
Q:Painting the garage floor.......?
Not sure where you live, but, surface temp has to be at least 50 degress in most situations. With concrete floor coatings, prep is the key. An acid solution is imperative to cleaning the floor and it will not harm any existing paint that may be there, it will only attact exposed concrete. A pressure washer is not needed for this application. The floor must dry for about a week. Follow instructions for whatever product that you use. Remember, the acid cleaning has to happen whether you use a latex, oil, epoxy or any other type floor paint. Wait until next summer, perfect months would be april, may, and august, september. good luck.
Q:Floating laminate floors?
Couple of basic tips will go a long way. Order at least 10% more than the area you intend to floor. Before you start pick a direction to follow, and establish a pattern. You want to make sure you don't waste too much product, but break your seams up so they are not too close together as you proceed across the room. This is not always the longest wall. Keep in mind closets and doorways you will have to work with. Also what is the look you want, how do you want it to flow into other rooms. Undercut door jams before you begin. Pull off all old trim starting at one corner in the room write a number on the back of the trim and on the wall, so you will know which piece goes where. This is not always done, you can install new shoe (1/4 round) over the new floor and against the old trim instead. Remember than no room is square or any wall is straight. The best thing to do is snap a line down the middle of the room then measure over to the wall you want to start at and snap a line about one board width from the wall, but measure from the line you snapped. You may find that you will need to trim a portion of your first board to start with a straight line. Don't forget to leave between 1/4 and 1/2 inch spacing as per manufacturers instructions. Use pieces of scrap against the wood if you need to pound on something, never directly on the piece you are installing. Buy the threshold and termination strips that are made for your flooring product ahead of time. Take your time! Do not rush yourself or the job. It is better to live with your house torn up during the week until the next weekend than to try and rush the job. And of course the old carpenters golden rule - Measure twice - cut once.
Q:Do you have a solid wood floor?
It depends on you do not do the keel, and do, if not a difference between the flatness does not matter. Do not do on the flatness requirements are very high.
Q:What is dance flooring? Is it the same as linoleum?
Linoleum Dance Floor
Q:Museum of the floor is not false
Museum of the floor is rubbish floor, the opposite are wormhole, sales staff fraud, said a good board did not, can not change the good goods. So do not buy it.
Q:Price Floors?
How about talking about why and how it's used in the agriculture market. Price floors are used on almost all farm products, right?

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