IPE/ IPEAA steel beam

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Product Description:

Specifications of I BEAM European standard of IPE and IPEAA  



IPE 100*55*4.1


IPEAA 100*55*3.6


IPE 120*64*4.4


IPEAA 120*64*3.8


IPE 140*73*4.7


IPEAA 140*73*3.8


IPE 160*82*5.0


IPEAA 160*82*4


IPE 200*100*5.6


IPEAA 200*100*4.5


Grade: Q235B, Q235, Q345B, SS400, A36 etc

Standard: EN standard etc

Length: 6m, 12m, or as the customers’ requirements.

Usage of I BEAM European standard of IPE and IPEAA :

1.Support structures 2.Pre-engineered buildings 3.Prefabricated structure

4.It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures such as roof beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting machinery and transport machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse etc.

Payment terms: TT or LC.

Package: packed in bundles and then shipped by break bulk or containers.

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Q:How is I-beam connected?
Connections between steel column and steel beam:1. The steel column is connected with the steel beam and the 2 stiffened plate is arranged in the direction of the steel beam. The distance between the stiffener and the steel beam is the height of the stiffener;2 、 steel column stiffener plate welding plate (open bolt hole), connecting plate height = steel beam web height;3. The connection between the steel beam and the steel column is bolted.
Q:What does the beam size "H500*250*8*10*10" mean?
You mean this is the expression of H steel:The sections of section H steel can be represented by the following code names: h*b*tw*t.Section height of h:H steelSection width of section b:H steelThickness of center web of tw:H steelT:H steel wing thickness (that is, up and down the two plates)This is very easy to understand, you say H500*250*8*10*10, that is, H steel section of high 500mm, wide 250mm, the middle plate thickness 8mm, two plates, 10mm thick. You finally have a 10, that estimate of 10 fast, that is the number of H steel.
Q:What's the difference between 16# I-beam and 16A I-beam?
Due to the relatively high section size and narrow section of ordinary I-beam and light I-beam, the moment of inertia of the two main sleeves of the cross section is different greatly, which makes it have great limitations in its application. The use of I-beam shall be selected according to the requirements of the design drawings.
Q:The difference between I-beam and wide flange I-beam
The ordinary I-beam is the I series. The difference between them is the width of the flange, the height and thickness of the web.Steel is generally Q235 steel.
Q:Is the track T or I-beam?
In the upper rail, the layer and is contacted with a wheel, is adding another metal, indium, it added to the rail on the part of the hardness of the case, even has some toughness, the train wheel is very important, it and the "tire" contact, collision and there will be some flexibility, to ensure the safe operation of the train.
Q:What does "I-beam 125A" mean
The same height of the I-beam, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, need to add a, B, C on the right side of the model to distinguish, such as 32a, 32B, 32c and so on.
Q:What is the difference between I-beam and H steel
H steel is a kind of economical section steel with better mechanical properties than I-beam. Its shape is named after its English letter "H". The flange of hot rolled H steel is wider than that of I-beam, big lateral rigidity and strong bending resistance. Under the same specifications, H steel is lighter than i-beam.
Q:What is the length of common I-beam?
I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip of steel with an I-shaped section. I-beam is made of ordinary I-beam and light i-beam. It is a section steel with an I-shaped section.
Q:The steel structure of the web and flange how to distinguish?
The web and flange are the names of the components of the cross section of the member. There is no web and flange in the structure. It is only possible to compare the cross sections of the structure to the cross sections of the members.
Q:Span 3.6 meters, 3.7 meters long, with I-beam or channel steel as an interlayer, put wood on board, live, please ask what the use of large I-beam or channel, how much space?
1, if it is a concentrated load of P, then a No. 10 I-beam bears 450kg (5.7 meters in the middle can withstand 450kg weight). 2, if the load is covered with G, is a 10 157.7kg/m for I-beam (i.e. within 5.7 meters in length, the average can be covered with 157.7kg weight) you load 4 tons, which is now 4000kg, 10, N=4000 / 450=9 I need root (middle load).

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