Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using

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Product Description:

Specifications of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:

Crude vermiculite   

10-20 mesh Roseite 

Size:1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-8mm, 4-8mm, 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-60mesh 

ISO 9001-2000

Product Information of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:                                                                                  

Vermiculite is a mineral consisting of aluminium-ferrous-magnesium-silicate. Which is in exfoliated form. which is natural,harmless.            

Expanded vermiculite can be used as a kind of material with the properties of lightweight, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorbing, fireproof. 

Vermiculite can be used to produce bitumen coated vermiculite screeds, construction coatings, lightweight concrete, etc.

Technical Data of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:

Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using

Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using

Features of Industrial Vermiculite Powder for Fireproof Using:

Good effect to sound-proofing 

size:+20mesh 20-40mesh 40-120mesh 120-270mesh 

Usage:Building refractory heat

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Q:what are moons made out of?
Put in soil with vermiculite and/or sand. Start over. Dip in rooting hormone and put in soil. 3 tall cuttings of new growth are best. It could take a year on some plants to grow roots. Be sure the soil you use is sterile so nothing in it will cause rot.
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Q:I need to know where to buy vermiculite and perlite for horticultural use in New Delhi?
definitely brown rice flour and vermiculite for making the cakes. If you see mold at any time, the batch has been contaminated. It is very important to throw them away immediately. If for any reason you decide to blend them for making tea, be extra careful, the shroom powder is extremely deadly if inhaled. If you don't feel 100% about growing shrooms do not. It is a very complicated yet rewarding process.
Q:Iron powder. Water. Activated carbon. Vermiculite. Mineral water absorbent resin. After contact with air to human body harmful?
Salt will see those types.Water absorbent resin will be partially oxidized in the air for a long time, but it will not be harmful to people's health
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage or pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
Perlite and vermiculite are not readily available, and need to be processed by corresponding processing equipment with a certain process. Generally, perlite needs not fine powder, which can be called coarse powder, and some areas are called coarse sand.To set the perlite processing equipment according to the final requirements, some broken process need to be broken by the jaw crusher, and then if the finished products need a lot of powder grinding processing by perlite mill, can achieve a finished product; if the product requires a large amount of coarse sand, with a jaw crusher finely, with efficient crusher, after perlite through the sieve screening, can get the corresponding size of perlite particles.
Q:Can I germinate apple seeds in vermiculite?
I don't think vermiculite would be a good substrate for several reasons. I usually buy organic peat moss.
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Hatchrite is perlite. And perlite and vermiculite are only dangerous if eaten, which a hatchling snake won't do since they don't take their first meal until after their first shed.
Q:leopard gecko incubation?
Add vermiculite to the top of the pots. It is normal for the pots to slowly degrade so mould is to be expected. The vermiculite will prevent the stems of the lettuce damping off as it absorbs excess water.

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