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China National Building Materials (Group) Corporation (CNBM), established in 1984, is now one of the largest state-owned group corporation in China, dealing with building materials & industrial equipment. Up to year 2015, CNBM Group's total asset is 60 billion USD and total staff is more than 200,000.

CNBM International Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing various kinds of construction machinery, including tower crane, building hoist, etc. All the equipment produced by CNBM is compliant with the national level quality standard and wins great reputation for their endurable performance in worldwide markets.

AP2VO71 hydarulic axial piston pump has the function of constant power, constant pressure, constant flow and load sense control etc. It has the merit of simple structure, small size, light weight, low noise and long life expectancy etc. It is suitable for 6-8T crawler type hydraulic excavator and various construction machinery and hydraulic equiopment with open hydraulic circuit.


Rated Revolving speed2200r/min
Pressure rating28Mpa

 Auxiliary return structure with cone cylinder pressing plate is adopted, which is featured with compact structure, high power-weight ratio and strong anti-pollution ability etc. The integrated design of the control valve realized the control function such as constant power, pressure cut-off, constant pressure, constant flow and load sensitive etc.


Rated Revolving speed2350/rmin
Pressure rating35Mpa


1. CE certification
2. ISO9001:2000
3. Brass impeller, carbon steel motor shaft, with thermal protecton inside.




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Q:474 new engine replacement and pump axle
Hello, friends, you need to check the main oil road is blocked.
Q:TOYOTA Camry oil pump how to change?
You need to open the pump for the rear seats in the rear seats below a small screwdriver with a screw removed, it will be able to see the tank, then the tank above the lid to loose direction, until the lid up, it will be able to take out a pound of oil.
Q:Does the noise come from the oil pump or the valve stem?
As you described, it is not the valve stem, but the valve rod is on the upper part of the engine. Machine oil pump, the oil lamp should be lit, also tried this, call fire, turn on the oil filler hole or open the hood, look not on oil. Not as. On the generator, air conditioning, pumps and other outside of the belt all take off, ignition, not sound, find the outside rotating parts; sound, the engine, specifically, go to the repair shop.I don't know what you mean by the valve cup, but it's serious with the valve.
Q:Manual transmission, organic oil pump, automatic, stepless?
Manual, no, automatic, yes
Q:What are the fuel pump inspection items for diesel generator sets?
The 1. check valve plane if worn, sag, such as pitting phenomenon, application of grinding paste on the plate grinding, severe cases should be renewed.2. of the one-way valve seat surface wear serious or not smooth, should be replaced.3., the top rod and the top sleeve wear seriously, so that the gap increases, the seal becomes worse, the diesel oil leak seriously, then need to replace with the shell, or choose the enlarged size of the top pole, but need to pass the mutual research.The coarse strainer core 4. oil inlet pipe joint, and easy to be cottony sundries plug, effect of fuel supply, it should always pay attention to the clean fuel and remove the dirt on the filter core.5. hand oil pump piston rubber ring damaged, should be replaced in good time. After the center of gravity of the oil pump is assembled, the moving parts of the piston, the ejector rod and the other parts of the oil pump are required to be in good motion during the whole journey, and no blocking and blocking are allowed. The hand pump should be light and flexible. Pay attention to the installation of the one-way valve spring. The check valve spring must be accurately embedded in the spring slot.
Q:The oil pump light is on all the time
Low oil pressure time lamp is bright, the cause of the low pressure oil pump is a bad may have no pressure, pressure sensor two is broken there is no pressure signal, then the oil filter is blocked and no pressure, although the oil chamber has no pressure oil but also can burn out bush. In short, there must be a fault, but have to go to the factory as soon as possible to check it.
Q:What is the driving oil pump of the car?
This is what you want to see the car electric appliance compared to older car distributor is driven by the camshaft now the car to the lubrication oil pump is working hard to directly influence the performance of vehicle engine oil pump car now mostly use crankshaft driven thus eliminating the intermediate links are the system when the oil pump speed more directly
Q:What's the use of the oil pump for motorcycles?
Two stroke engine oil pump is regulated through cable, throttle in the middle line will be divided into two, one to one to the carburetor, the oil pump, the throttle fully closed, then adjust the speed nut oil pump on the cable, the cable to completely relax, this is the minimum amount of oil, but be careful not to too loose, when the twist of the throttle, engine oil pump should follow the action, there is a situation of oil pump through internal wear caused by excessive amount of oil used for many years, this situation can not be adjusted, only the replacement of oil pump.
Q:Automobile engine oil pump does not leak pressure, which causes oil seal ring to leak seriously. What is the trouble?
Automobile engine oil pump with crank, when the engine speed of pump oil is high, therefore need a pressure relief valve to keep the oil pressure of the main oil channel, the excess oil drain back to the oil pan, if the oil pump pressure relief valve failure, no pressure relief will lead to the oil pressure is too high, will be oil lattice sealing collopse. If the pressure relief valve normally open, it will cause oil pressure is too low, will burn bearings and the like.
Q:What is the influence of insufficient oil supply in the oil pump?
Tank or pipeline bubbles; hydraulic system from "Ji, Ji" sound to ascend; the tractor has just started working device can improve the elevated temperature after a period of work, ascension is slow or not to upgrade; light load can improve, can enhance the expansion stage heavy load.Failure cause:(1) hydraulic tank oil level is too low;(2) do not use hydraulic oil according to season;(3) the tubing is seriously blocked by dirt;(4) the gear oil seal of the oil pump is damaged, and the air enters the hydraulic system;(5) the oil pump inlet, outlet port or bent joint "O" shaped sealing ring is damaged. The fastening bolt of the bending joint or the inlet and outlet pipe nut are not tightened, and the air enters the hydraulic system;(6) the inner leakage of the oil pump and the aging of the sealing ring;(7) oil pump end face or main or driven gear sleeve end face wear or scratch, two axle sleeve end surface roughness is over bad;(8) internal assembly error of oil pump causes internal leakage;(9) "left hand" installed "right" oil pump, causing the impact of the skeleton oil seal;(10) hydraulic oil is dirty.

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