hot-dipped galvanized wire

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It is mainly used for Wire mesh ,fencing and braiding of flexible hose.                

Diameter(mm) : 4.56-6.89mm

\Tensile Strength(kg/mm2) : 50-250 or as per clients' requirements

Zinc Thickness(g/m2) : 45-478

Packaging: wire in coils of 5kg-900kg wire in spools of 1kg-150kg

Application: It is mainly used for Wire mesh ,fencing and braiding of flexible hose

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Q:90' caprice classic fuel pump wires
90 Caprice Classic
Q:thermostat c wire???
This Site Might Help You. RE: thermostat c wire?? i bought a programable thermostat that says it needs a c wire to be able to use the remote...i dont have one of these wires on my old thermastat but im kinda understanding the c wire was just to power a clock on certan thermostats is there a way to rig a c wire to power what i need??
Q:What role does the neutral wire play?
Commercial city electricity comes from the power plant in the form of three-phase current. Each phase requires one wire, and the neutral is the common return path for all three. It's more complicated than that, but that will get you started. Near your house there is a transformer that takes one leg of the three-phase power line and reduces it to the voltages used by your household lights and appliances. The neutral wire is grounded at the pole and at your house, and connected to the neutral line in the three-phase wiring, so that it provides a safety ground connection and a return path for electric current. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the neutral wire be connected correctly and properly maintained. Never let anyone fool with it unless you are sure they know what they are doing. A bad neutral can burn your house down, very quickly. It's much easier to explain city wiring and house wiring with diagrams and pictures. Try an internet search on house wiring. Good luck.
Q:chevy blazer fuel pump wiring?
trace down old wires from pump / sending unit there will be one wire that goes to both the pump and sending unit....... that is ground ....mark old wires before cutting ....... then hook to same on new pump
Q:Is this a good wire for subs?
Wire is wire pretty much. Some manufactures will market thier wire as high strand or 99 percent oxygen free but you won't notice a difference. Its more for bragging rights.
Q:copper insulated wire?
Hi i would be sure to use insulated wires in most situations, the only time bare wires are considered is when there is absolutely no chance of any one touching them and the only time that situation ever occurs is in the case of an antenna for receiving a radio signal. the wire should as high of the ground as possible so no one could touch it.
Q:A 2.2 resistor is to be made of nichrome wire. If the available wire is 1/32in. in diameter.Then...?
R = p*L/A Solve for L, length of wire. L = R*A/p p - resistivity of nichrome A - pi*(1/64)^2 R - 2.2 ohm
Q:old electrical wiring?
A lot of the older homes only used two wires, a hot and a neutral. You need a tester to find which is the hot wire and connect the two blue wires to that wire and the two white wires to the neutral wire. Be sure to turn off the power when you are making the connections. If the ceiling box is not grounded there is nothing to connect the ground wire to. It is important to identify the hot wire as it connects to the wires that go to the center connection of the lamp socket and the neutral connects to the metal screw in part of the bulb. This will reduce the chances of getting shocked when changing a bulb.
Q:what do wire colors mean (old house)?
These would be normally. You should have them checked before you connect something. Black is hot White Neutral Red wires are also used for hot wires, switch legs (like to a ceiling fan), and are the second hot wire in 220-volt installations. Another useful application is the interconnect wire between two hardwired smoke detectors. A ground would be green or bare.
Q:Help with car amplifier wiring?
Wire with free shipping Goodluck

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