Hot dipped galvanized Scaffolding Ringlock system

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Item specifice

Carbon steel, Q195 Q235 Q345
Product type:
Ringlock system
Hot dipped galvanized

Hot dipped galvanized Scaffolding Ringlock system


Feature & Advantages of hot dipped galvanized:

Nowadays, more and more scaffolding products choose hot dipped galvanized treatment. Because this type of surfacing treament has very good benifits on scaffolding!

As we know scaffolding are used in construction works, it must imfluenced by different weather, complex working environment,human use and crashes when use and storege.

So, scaffolding must suffer many,oxidations, roots and damages. So the scaffolding surface is most likely oxidated and become bad, easy to lead many accident.

So to do a good surfacing treatment to prevent oxidation is very nessessory. But differrent surfacing will have different surface using time. share a commons for these using time:


Dipped painted:4-5month


Hot dipped galvanized:5-6years.

Anyway, different treatment will worth different charges, it deponds on you choose, the life is important than everything.


 Product specification:

Part descriptionThicknesssThicknessLengerSteel GradeSurface
Standardφ48.3/φ603-3.25mm500-2500mmQ345Hot dipped galvanized
Ledger/Horizontalφ48.33mm600/900/1200/1500/1800/2100Q235Hot dipped galvanized
Level diagonalφ48.33mm\Q235Hot dipped galvanized
Brace/diagonalφ48.3/φ422.5mm\Q235Hot dipped galvanized


 Production description & applications:

Our this ringlock system is produce by us Gainford, got good control from income material to end products. Whole product system has big load capacity and multi function benifits, suitable for many purposes, such as bridge  construction,boat building,outlook frame for building,railway construction,oil and gas projects and so on.

With it fast erection and good convinient, it could be use for stage, show platform, outdoor AD landmarks and so on.

Hot dipped galvanized Scaffolding Ringlock system

Hot dipped galvanized Scaffolding Ringlock system



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