Handheld bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner#GW906

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2000 unit
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40000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: GW906



400W-600W nominal power

1pc dust cup,without Speed control,Cable length 4-10M, Dust Capacity:1.0L,Giftbox Packing

Optional accessories:

plastic tube,Plastic brush,9 Nozzles,

Loading QTY:2532/5172/5952pcs



Suction power:90W

Vacuum (Kpa):14




HEPA filter


Silent design low noise

High suction power

Multi-cyclone system

No consuming material

Easy carrying handle

Easy empty dust cup


Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,ROHS


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Q:Top 10 Consumer Reports vacuum cleaners?
They were just on the Today show this morning touting their CR best buy Kenmore vacuum, but here is the 5/07 list from least repairs to most repairs: Eureka Smart Vac Ultra 4870 Best Buy Kirby Eureka Bissell Dirt Devil Kenmore Oreck Panasonic Hoover Riccar Simlicity Fantom But, Check out this month's edition because they have a list in there as well.
Q:Has anyone bought one of the Irobot Roomba vacuum cleaners?
Love mine. no longer some thing a lot less complicated then turning it on and having the paintings done for you. It cleans properly and is tremendous for someone with a nasty again. alternatives up puppy hairs, gravel, is going from bare floor to carpet quite. Handles scatter mats without complications. i love that you'll set up the invisible walls and corral it to a particular area it is functional in an open domicile plan.
Q:Why do British/English accents always sound so pompous and arrogant?
I'm Sweating... There's a reason why the most of Europeans think you Americans are uncultured and stupid... Because the most of American tourists in Europe are uncultured and stupid! As you think that we're all snob and arrogant, we do think that you Americans are stupid hillbillies... Even if both our ideas are wrong and uncultured... Just stereotypes! We're all the same... In the US you have intelligent and cultured people but stupid, uncultured and arrogant people also! The same here in Europe... We have intelligent, open minded people and stupid, pompous people... Anyway British accent is not so terrible for me, even if I prefer to use the American one, more open and informal, I think.
Q:Why are dogs so intimidated by vaccum cleaners?
as you now a dog has a sensitive nose and a vaccum cleaner picks up and throughs cents around and dust you cant see ,the dog thinks that between the niose and the dust this vaccum guys got to go ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,totally disturbing his territory.
Q:How can I reword this sentence?
Skimmers are machines - like vacuum cleaners that effectively pull up the oil from the surface of calm water.
Q:Are Oreck vacuum cleaners really worth the extra expense?
Not according to Consumer Reports! Oreck is one of their lower rated vacuums. Their best buy is Kenmore (Sears) Progressive with Direct Drive 35922 that sells for $300 and is rated excellent for removing pet hair. I don't usually buy service policies, but if you buy a vacuum from Sears I recommend it, because they not only repair free of charge during the covered period -- they inspect/service your vacuum annually and even replace the HEPA filter for free when it's needed.
Q:don't you just hate how loud vacuum cleaners are?
husbands love it, drowns out their nagging wives
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner brand around $100.?
In my experience, NONE of the mass market vacuums are much good. They are full of bright colors and features but as actual cleaning appliances they are merely fair. Worse than that, they are all prone to failing at a relatively young age. Spending more money on a Dyson is not a good investment. Its main gig is the gimmick of the bagless design. At work we use Sanitaire SC vacuums. SC is a commercial model but don't let that stop you - the goal is to get dirt off the carpet. Sanitaire used to be a division of Eureka, but Electrolux bought them out. Don't worry, it's still the same design they've been building since the 1960s. No joke. 1960s. I guess when you come up with something that works, you don't screw it up by changing it. Anyway, I have homeless workers helping clean the place up with these things. Being homeless volunteers you could reasonably expect them to be tough on the equipment, and you'd be right. But some of these vacuum cleaners are about six years old and still going strong. You can get parts easily on the internet (OKorder has just about everything) and most of the repairs, when repairs are needed, only require a screwdriver. Belt changes are done in seconds. Emptying out the bag takes two minutes, tops - less if you don't spring for the slightly more expensive, reusable cloth bag, but then you have to keep replacement bags around. Not a big deal and the bags are available everywhere. Sanitaire SC series vacuums are available around the $100 level. I've been using them for decades - no exaggeration - and have tried many other machines. I keep coming back to Sanitaires. Good luck with it.
Q:my computer freezes when i run the vacuum cleaner under my desk...?
I was going to say the same thing that Jim said. The vacuum cleaner is pulling too much current from the outlet, starving the computer for power, causing the shut downs. The system memory is probably losing power, and because computer memory is Volatile Memory, whenever power is removed, whatever data it is storing is lost. Written By WEOIII, NCT, NST Certified Network Technician
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners have lights on the front, do they expect you to vacuum at night?
So oncoming vacuums can see them coming easier. Seriously, it's probably so when you're vacuuming under or behind something where it is darker than the rest of the room, you'll be able to see and also if you come up on something small that you might not normally see without the light, you may be able to avoid vacuuming it up.

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