Guangmei office chair white frame light red 680 * 660 * 1120mm/piece

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50 pc
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999 pc/month
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Item specifice

Mesh cloth
Commercial,Office Storage
White box light red standard allocation
Height Adjustable:
Net Weight (kg):


Q:I have a favorite reading chair and I'm always competing with my cat for it. If I get up, she jumps right on it and stays for hours. Or she's sitting on the office table, on top of something I want to look at.Is it wrong that I kick her out of her favorite spots when I want them? Am I being selfish and a generally bad cat parent?
all cats do that. As far as I know anyways. Just move her. You're not being mean or a bad cat parent. I've had mine 12 years and he just deals with it. He sits with me or above what I'm reading like it or not. My cat LOVES to sit on my computer chair but when I need it I move him. Sometimes he jumps up on me or he'll just go and lay down beside me on the floor.
Q:but how come if they get hit with a chair in there body how come you cant see them cutting them selfs in there body
A chair wouldn't make you bleed because it's a flat surface. There isn't anything on a chair that would cut you. It would leave a bruise or a welt, but it wouldn't cut you. EDIT: For The Great One, the question was about chair shots to the body, not the face. If you get hit across the back with a chair, you're not going to bleed. Of course if you get hit in the nose or mouth, it'll make you bleed. Your nose will break or you'll cut your lip on your teeth.
Q:how do you distinguish between a more stable chair conformation to the less stable please help!!!
Are you talking about ... Cyclohexane ? There is the more stable Chair, and less stable, Boat configuration. You need to see a diagram; there is one on the website The 6 vertexed ring does not conform to the shape of a perfect hexagon. The conformation of a flat 2D planar hexagon has considerable angle strain because its bonds are not 109.5 degrees; the torsional strain would also be considerable due to all eclipsed bonds. Therefore, to reduce torsional strain, cyclohexane adopts a three-dimensional structure known as the chair conformation. The new conformation puts the carbons at an angle of 109.5°. Half of the hydrogens are in the plane of the ring (equatorial) while the other half are perpendicular to the plane (axial). This conformation allows for the most stable structure of cyclohexane. Another conformation of cyclohexane exists, known as boat conformation, but it interconverts to the slightly more stable chair formation.
Q:every time i go to sit on a chair in my loft my cats sitting in it all strait with this creepy grin on his face lol he always does this why.i could i understand if he thought it was comfortable but he sits in it straight so hes not really laying down and why does he have the creepy grin on his face lol?
Maybe he likes to feel high up. Or maybe, he just likes it cuz u sit there. Remmember, cats have personalities too, he mite just like it cuz its comfortable or it reminds him of something or he feels home sitting on it, or he likes to feel on top. Haha cute cat!
Q:I mean there are thousands of beautiful and esthetically pleasing chair designs, so why is this one considered so iconic?And the knoll's price of $4000+ for a chair?? RIDICULOUS!
You have to look at the chair in its original context. Look at other furniture from 1929 and you won't see anything else like the Barcelona chair. Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich were pioneers for designing this chair from heir choice of materials, minimal lines, construction (stainless steel had just been developed). When properly built to original specs, it takes a lot of high quality materials and skilled labor to produce -- around 28 hours of labor is involved. $3900 is not much for 28 hours of labor considering all the sales people, craftsmen, managers, suppliers, delivery people, laborers needed to build and move one chair. Plus all those people require work buildings, offices, insurance, cars/trucks, phones... etc. $3900 only gets you the cheaper model, there is one made of higher grade materials at $6,000. When the chair was originally designed, it did not sell for that dollar amount, the price has been adjusted for inflation, but it still was not cheap back then, it is and will always be an exclusive item. Surely, the chair can be mass-produced by machine now and sold for cheap at Target, but then it wouldn't be an exclusive item anymore. BMW and Lexus could cheapen their products for everyone to have, but then, why bother? There are Corollas and Ford Focus for the ones who don't want to/can't spend the money. By the way, it's not a simple chair at all, it's very complex, it just looks simple because in the past 7 decades, other chair designers were inspired by that iconic design. It;s iconic because it was ground-breaking, an original thought at the time. To say it is simple is to say paper is simple... yes it sort of is, but it took humans millions of years to get around to inventing it.
Q:How about giving a testimony on this chair?
Yeah it's pretty awesome. Buy one used, you can find them for cheap....The more used, the more comfortable....oh yeah!
Q:We recently got a leather recliner that rocks back and forth. My cat is terrified of it. She is scared of the sound as you sit in it (this will wake her up and she will sit bolt upright and stare at it) and she gets very freaked out when you rock in it but once you recline it back - that's it - she goes and hides. It does not matter who is sitting in the chair - its the actual chair she is scared of. She is usually a loving kitty and never a scaredy cat so how can we help her overcome this? We don't want her to spend every evening hiding under the couch :(
She just needs to get used to it. After that she see's it's not there to hurt her, she'll be fine.
Q:I'm going to buy one next week for my son and I want something nice... preferably compact, but not necessarily. I also don't want one of those you sit in a chair and strap on to it. I want a completely seperate high chair for him! Thanks!
We really like our Chicco Polly Double Phase high chair. It wipes clean very easily, both the seat cover and the trays. It has lots of adjustments. I use it up high at the table for dinners and lunch, but I like to use it on a low setting in the morning because I sit on the couch in the living room to feed our daughter breakfast. It has wheels on the bottom similar to office chairs so it wheels around easily (they also lock). It has a mesh pocket at the back where I store all the baby's bibs and the tray hangs on the back legs when not in use so it is nice and compact. It also folds easily and is very slim. Once your baby is ready to eat at the table it can be used as a toddler chair. It has two covers, one large more plush one on top for use when they are babies and a smaller pad underneath for use when they are a toddler.
Q:I have a large office chair that's oversized and comfortable. Probably very expensive to replace outright. It's of the type that uses a gas cylinder/shock absorber design. That's failed, and I'm wondering if it can be replaced economically. If so, would it be a do-it-yourself project?. Thanks.
Try a FULL service mom pop office supply place. Staples and the chain stores ar idiots. If this chair is one of the top of the line, then the maker will have replacement parts for it because they know that using the same parts on multiple units makes good sense. You will need to inspect the chair very thoroughly, get any numbers models, names, take a couple of measurements,....and be prepared to ta ke a couple of pics of the chair to show the staff at the office supply. There is a FANTASTIC place in Corpus Christi called AW; these guys are top shelf all the way. They will even ship your parts to you. thats why you can buy some Chevrolet parts and put them on a GMC truck and spend an average of 17% less money)
Q:I've always loved to sit in those massager chairs in the mall and now that I have the money I want to buy one. What do you think is a good brand and do I have to spend a couple grand just for a good one?
If you're worried about the price, you could buy an alternative. You could buy an Homedics Massage Cushion for under $200. It is a full sized cushion (back and bottom) that will strap on to any chair you already have. You sit on it and it works just like a massage chair. You can get them in many varieties like Shiatsu Massage or Swedish Massage. If you really want full massage chair, it isn't hard to find, even a really good one, for under $3,000. I'd say most run around $2,500. The key is to get one that doesn't have tons of extra features that you'll have to pay for, but aren't going to use. Buy something simple that has what you need. Don't let the description of a chair fool you into buying it. Just because it sounds like it has a lot of awesome characteristics doesn't mean it's worth paying for.

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