• Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel System 1
  • Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel System 2
  • Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel System 3
  • Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel System 4
Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel

Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel

Ref Price:
$3,000.00 - 5,000.00 / m.t. get latest price
Loading Port:
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
20 m.t.
Supply Capability:
50000 m.t./month

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:

  • Hebei, China

  • Brand Name:


  • Model Number:

  • UHP 600mm

  • Type:

  • Electrode Bolt

  • Application:

  • eaf

  • Length:

  • 1600-2700

  • Grade:

  • UHP (Ultra High Power)

  • Resistance (μΩ.m):

  • 5.5Ω

  • Apparent Density (g/cm³ ):

  • 1.68

  • Thermal Expansion:

  • 1.5

  • Flexural Strength (N/㎡):

  • 11Mpa




Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • Wooden box and tray packaging, should be fixed by steel belt

  • Port: TIANJIN

  • Lead Time :

    Quantity(Tons)1 - 100101 - 500501 - 2000>2000
    Est. Time(days)71515To be negotiated

Product discription

Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF



μ Ω.m(Max)




Flexure Strength


Young's Modulus



Ash Content








Graphite electrode uhp 600 for EAF in steel industry and stainless steel



Graphite electrodes are widely used for production of alloy steels, metal and other nonmetallic materials, etc.

* DC electric arc furnace.
* AC electric arc furnace.
* Submerged arc furnace.
* Ladle furnace.



Size information

UHP 600MM Graphite Electrodes Size Details






Detailed Images






Q:The difference between graphite electrode and graphite rod
Graphite rod for non metal products, as carbon arc gouging cutting process in an essential pre welding cutting supplies, is composed of carbon and graphite with appropriate adhesive, through the extrusion, the temperature of 2200 DEG C after baking rotary plating a layer made from copper, high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, is not easy fracture, suitable for metal cutting into required shape.
Q:Electrolytic water solution, two electrodes are graphite electrode, the negative electrode can produce large amounts of hydrogen, the anode does not produce half of oxygen, and only a small amount of it?
The oxygen will react with the graphite and the gas will dissolve.The iron has been oxidized.
Q:In EDM, the electrodes are made of graphite and copper. Please tell us the difference between them
For example, the electrode is large, and this time it is necessary to consider whether the weight of the electrode is up to standard and, if so, the preferred graphite electrode
Q:The original battery is not necessary to form the electrode potential? Why can we use graphite as electrode only? No potential difference.
Indeed, the original battery electrode potential using two different electrodes, produce potential difference, so that the electron flow generated current. Graphite is used as an electrode because of its excellent electrical conductivity and stability
Q:Do electroplating experiments, graphite as an electrode, graphite how to pre process to ensure that the coating will not fall, resulting in increased color of the solution
Use a tight filter cloth as an anode pack
Q:I used 12V direct current, graphite electrode electrolysis sodium sulfide solution, the anode produced a large number of black material, this is why ah?
The problem is this. I have done the test of electrolytic copper sulfate, and the anode produced the same phenomenon. Finally, the chemistry teacher told me that it was because the graphite was broken in the process of electrolysis
Q:What's the purpose of the electrode material?When the electrolytic molten state of NaCl is said, what is the use of the graphite electrode and the iron electrode?
1. graphite (two kinds of EDM3 and EDM200)2. copperIn general, graphite electrode for extensive escape material (graphite texture loose, discharge energy is relatively large, removal of materials faster, but face flowers that roughness is relatively large
Q:What is anodized graphite?
Electrochemical graphite is made of graphite, coke and other raw materials, placed in the high temperature of more than 2500 degrees in the furnace, processed into products.
Q:What is the graphite furnace electrode with a diameter of 400?
With the development of EAF steelmaking technology, the steel-making technology is developing towards large scale and ultra high power. The graphite electrode is mainly made of large size graphite electrode and ultra high power graphite electrode.
Q:What is the striking electrode in the die making? Where is the technical point?
Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a spark discharge in a liquid medium at a lower voltage range to meet the required shape and size.

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