Good Quality Galvanized Iron Wire From Shenzhen

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Product Description:

1.Product Quick Details

It uses the high quality low carbon steel wire rod processing and become, galvanized iron wire and hot dip galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire, galvanized wire) is uses the high quality low carbon steel, after drawing molding, acid pickling, annealing, hot dip galvanized. Cooling process processing.

Place of Origin:  Hebei, China (Mainland)

Model Number:  HBSS-034

Surface Treatment:  Galvanized

Galvanized Technique:  Electro Galvanized

Type:  Flat Wire

Function:  Binding Wire

Wire Gauge:  0.5mm-5.0mm

2.Product Characteristic

Galvanized iron wire with good toughness and elasticity, the highest zinc content can reach 300 grams / square meter. Has the characteristics of strong zinc coating, corrosion resistance, etc..


Products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, silk screen preparation, making galvanized huangtongwang, plastering, highway fence, packaging products and daily civil, and other fields


Wire Gauge

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BWG in mm

In Metric System mm





































4.Reference Picture

Good Quality Galvanized Iron Wire From Shenzhen

Good Quality Galvanized Iron Wire From Shenzhen

Good Quality Galvanized Iron Wire From Shenzhen


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Q:I have a light fixture with odd wiring. two sets of wires in, both blacks connected and the white wires free how do i install?
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Q:Resistivity of a Wire?
R = ( rho x l)/A Where: R is the resistance, rho the resistivity, l the length and A the area Resiatance of wire = (3.76 x 10^-8 x 18)/6.52 x 10^-6 R = 0.1038 Ohms Voltage across wire = current through wire x resistance of wire V = I x R V = 1.44 x 0.1038 V = 0.14947 V = 0.15 Volts
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coils of wires always are magnetic (if there flows current trough them). the only use of such a coils besides as a magnet would be to deminish fluctuations, like in the fat piece of long usb cables. Else, its always magnetic
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Get some 16 gauge speaker wire. If you are going more than say 40 feet go with 14 gauge. DONT BUY NAME BRAND CABLE!!! It is BS. Google it and you will find scientific tests showing there is no audible diference between a 50 cent a foot wire and a 3 dollar a foot cable. As long as you use a low enough gauge wire you will not lose any sound quality. BTW if you use cat5 it will probably catch on fire so unless you hate your house don't use that.
Q:Wiring for small trailer from 7 wire to 4?
Not sure about Jeep's color code. If I were doing this job, I'd just use a test light. Turn on left turn signal, find the wire that's flashing (w/test light), butt splice the yellow wire. Do this with three wires yellow, green, black. Green for right turn, and black for tail. White is the ground. Brake lights go thru turn signal switch so no worry there, uses same filament as turn signal. Black is hot with headlights on. (BTW brown is Clarence lights, not to be combined with red, stop lights).
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since both the current carrying wires produce magnetic fields in the same direction which can be found out by using Flemming's right hand thumb rule the two wires repel.
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Electroluminescent have wire that lasts far longer. You can expect the shelf life of these wires to be about 4-6 years. At that time, the wire just doesn't stop working, it slowly breaks down the phosphor particles, and the wire will get dimmer over time. The expected working life of EL Wire is about 4-6,000 hours which beats your average glow stick by about 5,992 hours...
Q:2 wire smoke detector?
A 2-wire smoke detector? You mean one that plugs into AC? You cannot wire those into any alarm system. If you had a 3-wire (for linking multiple AC-powered units), you might be able to connect an external 120vac relay that closes the alarm contacts when the third (often yellow or blue) wire is switched on. Hardwired smoke alarms for an alarm system get a 12vdc voltage from the panel and also have a pair of dry contacts that are either normally open or (more likely) normally closed until the sensor is triggered.
Q:Calculating thickness of wire?
The resistivity of copper is ρ_Cu = 1.72 x 10^(-8) ohm - meters, whereas that of aluminum is ρ_Al = 2.82 x 10^(-8) ohm-meters [1]. Assuming that the wire runs are the same length L, the resistance in the aluminum wire will be R_Al = ρ_Al * L/A_Al, where A_Al is the cross-sectional area of the aluminum wire. The resistance in the copper wire will be R_Cu = ρ_Cu * L/A_Cu. If we want the same resistance in both wires, we require R_Cu = R_Al: ρ_Cu * L / A_Cu = ρ_Al * L / A_Al A_Al / A_Cu = ρ_Al / ρ_Cu. Since the resistivity ρ_Al of aluminum is higher, the aluminum wire must have a larger cross sectional area to yield the same resistance. To make this precise, suppose the wires are cylindrical. Then the cross sectional area is π(R_Al)² for the aluminum wire and π(ρ_Cu)² for the copper wire: π(R_Al)²/π(ρ_Cu)² = ρ_Al / ρ_Cu R_Al/R_Cu = √(ρ_Al / ρ_Cu) = √(2.82/1.72) = 1.28 The aluminum wire must be 28% thicker than the copper wire in order to provide the same resistance.

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