Find Best Qquality Cyclone vacuum cleaner HT-850/SL-850

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  1. Unique wind dust cup into the design, The suction is strong, Efficient dust removal

  2. Transparent dust cup, Can be washed to avoid secondary pollution

  3. Automatic take-up function, more intimate

  4. Steel pipeFree expansion

  5. Multiple noise reduction design ,Truly achieve less noise



  1. rated voltage:220v

  2. Rated power:1600W

  3. The noise:<74Db

  4. Vacuum degree:22kpa

  5. Neight weight:5.2kg

  6. Rated frequency:50HZ

  7. The length of power cord:4.5M

  8. Dust capacity:2.5L

  9. Size of Color box:465X310X325

  10. Size of packing635X480X370

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Q:Which suck worse: leeches or vacuum cleaners?
I bet a vacuum cleaner could suck out more blood than a leech. If you put it on a cut.
Q:Kirby vacuum cleaner?
Q:Why am I sexually attracted to vacuum cleaners?
its like a milking machine except its your penis not the teet of a cow and it will hurt a bit more
Q:What's the typical air speed of simple vacuum cleaners?
around 60 MPH
Q:Why are sewing machines and vacuum cleaners always repaired at the same shop?
If you think about it they have similar type action in the way they operate - if you can repair one you could repair the other easily. There's a rotating action in both.
Q:Are robotic vacuum cleaners worth the $300 or so that they cost?
I think they are the best hing I ever bought. I just wish it could go up stairs.... but really worth it.and more good luck
Q:How good are the Kirby Vacuum cleaners?
A Kirby vacuum cleaner is no different than any other machine. There is a belt to wear out, a beater brush to wear out, a bag to empty and scores of other plastic, metal or other things to break. The Kirby is a fine machine and expensive, but , ANY machine, made, can, AND WILL break at some point. Unless you have some medical reason for purchasing an exorbitantly expensive item like this, simply go to Walmart and get a 100 dollar animal. It'll last for a few years, then, when it breaks, there is no question about getting it repaired, throw it away and get another one.
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
If the dust removal fan needs to be replaced, make sure that the new part is the same as the old part. It is better to take the old parts to the electrical parts shop for comparison
Q:why are dogs afraid of vacuum cleaners? dont say the noise!?
A dog's short-term memory may be crap, but their long-term memory is not. Important things are committed to long-term memory, things like repetitive habits (training, etc) and traumatic or particularly frightening or exciting experiences, like their first encounter with the vacuum cleaner. It is, in fact, the noise that bothers them. They are loud and have no respect for the dog's boundaries :P
Q:power cord replacement on a vacuum cleaner?
Extending the cord is flirting with a UL issue, but that being said, you might have a problem getting a cord the same style as the existing cord, but rubber cords (SOOW, SJOOW, SO, or SJ) are available in the bulk wire section, I would stay away from plastic types (STO, SJTO,SVT, SJT). And use one size larger that the existing cord, (smaller number = larger wire), because longer wire will suffer more voltage drop. Edit: Another thought occurred to me, you could shorten your cord, to like 18 and use a make an extension cord the length you need, and zip tie the end of the extension cord to the vacuum.

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