Find Best QqualityTwo-in- one Vacuum cleaner HT-512/SL-512

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  1. Two in one Push rod type multi-function vacuum cleaner

  2. Transparent dust cup, Can be washed to avoid secondary pollution

  3. Whirlwind multi-layer filtration, Dust cleaner, Easy to clean

  4. Adopt high efficiency motor, suction is strong, Low noise, Strong practicability



1.rated voltage:220v

2.Rated power:700W

3.The noise:<72dB

4. Vacuum degree:14kpa

5.Neight weight:2.0kg

6.Rated frequency:50HZ

7.The length of power cord:4.0M

8.Dust capacity:0.7L

9.Size of Color box:585X150X130mm

10.Size of packing600X315X540mm








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Thank you for the question. Yes, you should have that tooth checked on. Now, I want to address here your Yorkie and vaccuum's. This behavior needs corrected. I'm going to help you start with that. Get your vacuum out in the middle of the floor. Put your Yorkie on a collar and leash. Take him over (pick him up) if you have to, to the vacuum. Put him down next to it, let him sniff at it etc. If he should shy away from it, put him back near to it, at this point you could even have him sit by it. If he should try to move, gently (gently being the key word here) just nudge his throat area with 2 fingers, and make a tsking noise at the same time. What you are doing here by nudging him is telling him that moving away from the vacuum is unacceptable behavior. The tsk sound inturrupts his train of thought of moving away. Sit him back down near to the vacuum again, this may take a little while, but he'll catch on that this is what you want him to do. After you've accomplished this, keep him near to you again, and turn the vacuum on; the moment he goes to bark or bite at it, do that nudging motion to his throat and the tsk sound. Keep doing this until he stops. The thing to remember her is that you must make this correction to him the moment he does the behavior. You have to be exact in your timing. You are acting as his pack leader. You are telling him this behavior is not acceptable. Also, don't forget to take him on at least a 20 minute walk everyday. That means he walks. This will help him with some of his energy, as all dogs are made up of energy.
Q:vacuum to clean interior of oil burner?
use a wet vac
Q:Is kirby vacuum cleaners an MLM?
No. It is a franchised single owner business.
Q:Can any of the iRobot Roomba work on normal carpet?
Roomba Carpet
Q:Greatest air watt suction, in a bagless vacuum cleaner?,?
Dyson Air Watts
Q:Im looking for a vacuum part?
Look around for a guy who repairs them. We have a guy that sells used repaired vacuums at a flea market just outside of town.
Q:Why is my dog afraid of the vacuum and how do I stop it?
Vacumm produce low annoying frequence that vaccum produce, only dogs could hear thats why it drives the dogs nuts.
Q:Hoover Elite Rewind vacuum that needs a new belt?
Glad to help Daisy. If you look on the back of the vacuum there should be a sticker with the Model, Serial, and _replacement Belt numbers. If not, when you go to the Grocery Store or most any Department Store that sells Vacuum Cleaners will sell Belts too! The package should say: fits Hoover Elite and several other Models, If you have the old belt you can compare them. Also Daisy when you replace the Belt, check to see if anything caused the Belt to break other than just wear. Most often something gets wrapped around the Beater Bar, (Carpet Fiber/String/Thread/Etc.)something that stops the Bar, causing it to burn up the Belt! Good Luck!
Q:I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner - is the Dyson really as good they say?
Not really. I've decided I hate bag-less vacuums and will never buy another. I loved my Rainbow (broken) vacuum and will get one of those or one with a bag.
Q:How did people clean carpets before the invention of the vacuum cleaner?
People used to take their rugs (not carpet per se) hang them on a clothes line and beat them!

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