Find Best Household acarus-removal vacuum cleaner HT-558/SL-558

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100 watt
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10000 watt/month

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1. humanized design and elegant appearance

2. contact-point pressure, uv lamp lights when touch fabric

3. repeatedly washed filter

4. Electrolux Addison

5. remove acarus and dust thoroughly



1.rated voltage:220v

2.Rated power:400W

3.The noise:<65dB

4. Vacuum degree:14kpa

5.Neight weight:1.6kg

6.Rated frequency:50HZ

7.The length of power cord:4.0M

8.Dust capacity:0.5L

9.Size of Color box:300X200X340mm

10.Size of packing600X350X660mm










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Q:fear of Vacuum cleaners?
I believe it's Zuigerphobia. I think I have it too, I saw my moms toes get run over once and since then, ehhhhhhh. It's usually more rare in older teens and adults but no reason to be embarrassed, it's kinda cool, it makes us stand out����
Q:What's the typical air speed of simple vacuum cleaners?
around 60 MPH
Q:what exactly are steam vacuum cleaners?
they clean dirty steam
Q:why are cars made as little boys toys but boys AND girls grow up and drive?
I don't buy a lot of cheesy plastic toys (I HATE them) so this doesn't apply much to the brands I favor. Take a look at the Haba and Plan Toy collections. They are wooden and usually made in primary colors. They are not designated for boys or for girls in most cases, and I like that. We buy our daughter cars AND dolls. If we ever have a boy he will get the same. I agree that people pigeonhole kids into gender roles all too often. I have a psych degree and in one of my classes we watched a video about a study in which a woman took her little boy and dressed him in his regular clothes and let a stranger watch him for a few minutes. They were videotaping the interaction. The subjects encouraged the boy to move around, go for toys, etc. Then they dressed him as a girl and repeated the exercise with different people. Thinking he was a girl, there was a big difference in how they treated him. They held her in their laps and stuck dolls in her face. Toy companies have figured out that parents will buy their little girls stereotypical girl stuff, and their boys boy stuff. That is how girls get stuck with junk like Bratz dolls, and boys end up with violent action figures. Anyway, I think it's important to buy a child of either gender a nice, neutral sampling of tools, dolls, cars, musical instruments, etc. Then they can decide what they prefer. But the market is driven by what parents buy and what children nag parents to death for. And I agree that it's partially due to a child's impression of what the parent would like to see them play with (ie, my mom insisted I be a girly girl, and what did I ask for? Lil Miss Makeup!).
Q:How to choose a new upright Vacuum?
I have been married 20yrs and we are a military family and so we move a lot and been overseas twice. So you can imagine how many vacuums I have bought in that time. I bought a new vacuum last year in February the day after my son's birthday party. I was trying to get the rug vacuumed for his party and where the belt spins, the belt sliced into the plastic on the vacuum. Not fixable. So that meant I needed a new vacuum. So anyway, the new one I got I LOVE!!! Let me tell you, I never thought I could be in love with a vacuum but I LOVE this thing! I bought a Dirt Devil D2 Reaction. It has a double tornado as my kids call it. It's super easy to empty. The crevice attachement is the longest one I've ever seen and so it works great under the recliner of my sectional! And let me tell you, it picks up so much more dirt than my old one! And it's reasonably priced. One day I was in Walmart and happened to go down the vacuum isle and this woman was looking at vacuums and asked me if I could recommend one and I showed her the one I had bought and showed her all the great features and she said it sounded perfect and put it in her cart and another woman witnessed this discussion and came over and said wow I think you've got me sold too! You should be their spokesperson! HAHA! So she bought one too! I've provided Target's link. You can buy it at Target, Walmart and other stores that sell vacuums. Good luck!
Q:Is it bad for vacuum cleaners to vacuum kitty litter?
It depends on the vacuum. In older models with bags to collect the debris, kitty litter will create too much dust and eventually clog up the vacuum. If you have a vacuum like the Dyson, it will be fine. My Dyson has been doing duty for more than 8 years and lots of kitty litter over that time with no problems. good luck!
Q:Statistics Problem - Please help. I'm really stuck.?
It means like this.... In making a vacuum cleaner, since it is fairly complicated and made of many parts and does not come out exactly the same every time it is made, there are many small random effects that contribute to the amount of noise that the vacuum cleaner makes. The normal distribution is what we see whenever there are many random effects that are added together. If the same random effects apply every time, and the same measurement and sampling method is used the same time, then the distribution of the measurements will fit the normal distribution.
Q:Does anyone know why my vacuum smells so bad?
you should try checking the belt on the machine, if it is worn or something is caught in it, it will smell bad.
Q:Men, if your girlfriends bought you new vacuum cleaners would that be the time when you actually look the ?
Women buy tools for presents all the time for men. Drillers, electric saws and what not and I think they have been quite happy about it.
Q:What does Consumer Reports say are the best bagless vacuum cleaners (under $200)?
I looked this up on Consumer Reports for you and this is what their report said. I can give you more facts if you would like. Hope this helps!!! Upright CR Best Buy Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Edition Bagless U5786-900 Price: $160 overall score 67 CR Best Buy Eureka Boss 4D 5893 Price: $140 overall score 65 CR Best Buy Hoover EmPower U5262-910 Price: $100 overall score 62 CR Best Buy Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 3920 Price: $150 overall score 61 CR Best Buy Eureka Altima 2961 Price: $80 overall score 61 Canister Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagless S3765-040 Price: $250 overall score 66

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