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Product Description:


1. Great apperance
2. High intensity
3. Long service life
4.Good sound insulation and heat preservation
5. Customize colors


Product Description

The Advantages of FRP Door &Window

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) (also fiber-reinforced polymer) is compositematerialmading of polymermatrix reinforced with fiber. It’s commonly used inthe aerospace, automotive, marine etc. FRP has distinct advantages that makethem attractive for a wide uses. One of its uses is making FRP doors andwindows. The advantages are:

(1) Excellent water-sealing.Withrain-proof plate, grooves and poles water drainage, doors and windows canisolate rain to outside completely.

(2) Effectual heat preservation. The FRP doors and windows’ heat resistance is almost twice as much as plastic-steeldoors and windows. In winter, it’ll be good temperature keeper, increasing roomtemperature about 5°.

(3) High intensity. It could sustainits own weight, do not bend, fade, distort or rust.

(4)Perfect sound insulation.Withelaborate structure design and rigorous connection, the sound insulation of FRPdoors and windows is below 20db, which is in accordance with DIDN4109.

(5)Easy-maintained.FRP doors andwindows have good resistance to acids, alkalis and waste gas salty substances.They hardly need maintenance, any cleaner made them clean and new as before.

(6)High durability. FRP doors andwindows have long service life, about 50 years, almost same age with the building.

(7) We can customize any color or wooden grain according to your need.We will provide high-quality service, fast delivery and reasonable price,satisfying all your need.

comparing with other


FRP window and door Contrast to Other Materialswindow          


Aluminum alloy window /door

PVC window /door

  FRP  window  /door


About 15kg/sq.m

About 8 kg/sq.m

 About 6.2kgsq.m


Tensile strength about  157MPa        

 Tensile strength  about 49.2MPa    

Tensile strength about  250MPa    

Corrosion resistance

Intolerance Hydrogen  Fluoride(HF)

Intolerance Hydrogen  Fluoride(HF)

Excellent corrosion  resistance


Good conductor, uninsulate

Have steel liner, bad  insulativity

Good insulation and  security


Service life less than 20  years. Frangibility

Service life less than 20  years. Frangibility

Service life more than 30  years. Durability


Cheap but high maintenance  costs

Expensive and high  maintenance costs

 Reasonable price


Over -20°C

-20°C-40°C, in high  temperature easy to transfigure.


Social benefits

High energy consumption, not  environmentally-friendly window

Green product.

Green product


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Q:What does M23 grade of glass fiber reinforced plastic section mean?
The basic components of the FRP profiles for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, mat etc.), which is based on the fiber (including glass fiber, carbon fiber, organic fiber and other metal and non metal fiber) as reinforcing material, resin (mainly epoxy resin. Polyester resin, phenolic resin) as crosslinking agent, auxiliary and other supporting materials (mainly accessories: release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing mould agent, light stabilizer, UV clean water, gel coat) composites. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small elongation and good insulation.
Q:Is the test standard for FRP pultruded profiles and FRP gratings the same?
Not the same. You can consult Hao Hao testing company (national level)
Q:Will the FRP section crack for a long time?
As long as the design of the structure is reasonable and the quality of the product conforms to the design requirements, the normal use shall not be cracked.
Q:What are the characteristics of FRP products?
Light high-strengthThe relative density is between 1.5~2.0 and only 1/4~1/5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even higher than that of carbon steel, while the specific strength can be compared with that of advanced alloy steel. As a result, aviation, rockets, aerospace vehicles, high pressure vessels, and other applications that need to reduce weight have excellent results. The tensile, flexural and compressive strengths of some epoxy FRP can reach over 400Mpa.
Q:What are the main uses of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusions?
Spend entertainment mall, this is a potential market, the development of use: fishing rod, curtain rod, umbrella frame, flagpole, stuff handle, lamp, railings, handrails and staircases, radio antenna, marinas, garden tools and accessories.
Q:What are the circumstances in which the pultrusion should be performed?
(1) the tensile strength of high strength extruded profiles for 150 ~ 300MPa, the bending strength reached 200 ~ 300MPa, the 1000h accelerated the bending strength after aging the retention rate of up to 78%.(2) the deformation rate is low. The length of the glass reinforced plastic pultruded section is accelerated by 1000h and the width change rate is +0.03%. The width change rate is -0.07%.. Therefore, the geometry and size of the product made of this pultruded section can be stable for a long time
Q:Can FRP profiles replace carbon steel profiles?
It can not be used as a cable carrier, but it can not replace the carbon steel profile. The general pultrusion section is connected with the connecting plate
Q:The manufacturing process of FRP products?
Each technique has its own characteristics. Production enterprises determine the process method in the selection, according to the basic situation of the enterprise and the production of products, such as mass production and product quality requirements, as well as the technical basis for enterprise capital and production factors such as comprehensive consideration.
Q:What are pultrusion materials used for?
Pultrusion is a kind of glass fiber forming process, the main raw materials are glass fiber and resin
Q:What are the best manufacturers of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profiles in China?
We have made 2.5mm thick at the moment

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