Excavator 24 Ton (SC240.8)

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Product Description:

Excavator 24 Ton (SC240.8) 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SC230.8


Type:Crawler Excavator



Certification:ISO9001: 2000



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




HS Code:84295212


Production Capacity:5000 Units Per Year

Product Description

Lishide SC240.8 (24Ton) hydraulic excavator with Cummins engine
SC240.8 adopts world-class power system and hydraulic system, featuring convenient operation and maintenance, low fuel consumption, and low noise. The optimal configuration and excellent design achieve perfect match of stability and work efficiency. SC240.8H also has pre-warning function, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost. The high strength structural parts make it possible to adapt to various work conditions. The cab adopts high strength frame structure and adjustable suspension seat, which provides a safe and
comfortable work environment

Operate weight              23.6T
Bucket capacity              1.2m³
Engine                             Cummins  
Hydraulic pump              Japanese Kawasika
Control valve                  Japanese Kawasika
Swing motor                   Japanese Kawasika
Travel motor                   Japanese Kawasika
L*W*H                            9740mm*2980mm*3190mm
Excavator 24 Ton (SC240.8)Excavator 24 Ton (SC240.8)PARAMETER:

Operating weightkg21450
Standard bucket capacity0.8~1.0
EngineEngine Model/ISUZU BB-6BG1TRP
Direct injection/
Four strokes/
Water cooling/
Turbo charged/
Air to air intercooler/×
No. of cylinders/6
Rated power/speedkw/rpm106.5/1950
Max. torque/speedN.m551/1600
The main performanceTravel speedkm/h5.5/3.3
Swing speedr/min13.3
Max. gradeability/≥35
Ground pressurekPa45.5
Max.Bucket digging forcekN138
Max.arm crowd forcekN103
Max.traction forcekN184
Hydraulic systemMain pump/2 Plunger pump
Rate flow of main pumpL/min2×206
Max pressure of prime relief valveMPa31.5/34.4
Max pressure of travel systemMPa34.3
Max pressure of swing systemMPa28
Max pressure of pilot systemMPa3.9
Oil capacityFuel tank capacityL360
Hydraulic tank capacityL220
Engine lubricationL25
Overall dimensionsA Overall lengthmm9525
B Overall widthmm2990
C Overall heightmm3000
D Overall width of upperstructuremm2710
E Track lengthmm4270
F Overall width of undercarriagemm2990
G Crawer width
H Track length on groundmm3462
I Crawer gaugemm2390
J Clearance under counter weightmm1050
K Ground clearancemm470
L Min.tail swing radiusmm2750
Working rangeA Max. digging heightmm9640
B Max. dumping heightmm6800
C Max. digging depthmm6655
D 8inch horizonal digging depthmm6470
E Max. vertical wall digging depthmm5695
F Max. digging reachmm9925
G Min. swing radiusmm3530
Angle of arm deflection Degree

Excavator 24 Ton (SC240.8)

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Moon Black Ops
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1) To convert Kilograms to Grams, simply multiply by 1000. Google the rest.
Q:Can someone translate this from swedish?
Q:I have a 1995 Kamatsu excavator that wont shut off once its started?
Start at the fuel cut of solenoid on the diesel fuel pump. When you turn the key to the off position it should kill the power to the solenoid, closing off the fuel to the cylinders. If there is still is power at the solenoid with the key off, then there is a problem at the ignition switch. If there is no power then the solenoid is stuck open and needs to be replaced. For some reason the cylinders are still getting fuel. All a diesel needs to keep running is fuel and air. Be sure to let me know how it goes. Good luck
Q:company that's manufacturing excavator's buckets is considered as civil engineering or mechanical engineering?
Mechanical engineering. The civil engineers would be the ones dealing directly with the location of the ground (job site). Civil engineers are mostly concerned with the building structures or ground with project management as a focus. A mechanical engineer would be focused on the machine aspect.
Q:What engine Hitachi excavator?
Hello!Hitachi excavator engineNow is a multi Isuzu enginePlease accept, thank you!
Q:Kato 450 excavator multiple
Hello Kato 450Engine modelMITSUBISHI Mitsubishi 4D31TBucket digging force (kN)Fifty-three point nineBucket digging force (kN)Seventy-five point fiveCountry of originJapanBucket capacity (square)0.22-0.55Overall work weight (kg)Eleven thousand and six hundred

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