ETE Power 5kw Silent Diesel Generator Set

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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

20-1200KW diesel generator 

1.CE certificated,ISO9001-2008 joint warranty service 

3.ATS/AMF is optional

2. Features


2.24V DC start motor and storage battery


3.Brushless, Self-excited, IP23, insulation class H alternator


4.40°C radiator as standard, 50°C is optional


5.Key start panel control system as standard, digital auto-start panel is optional


6.Optional open type or silent type


7.All generator sets are gone through rigorous testing before being released to the market place, including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load , 110% load and all protection function (overspeed stop, high water temperature, low oil pressure, battery charging fail

3. Data Sheet

Engine Model


Number of Cylinder


Cylinder arrangement

Vertical in-line


Four Stroke


Natural Aspiration

Bore×Stroke (mm×mm)


Displacement (cc)


Sarting Syetem

Electric starting

Continue Running Time

9 hr

Lubrication Syetem

Pressure splashed

Lube. Oil Capacity


Cooling System


Fuel Tank Type

With zinc-plated inside

Total Lubrication System Capacity (L)


Combustion Syetem

Direct Inject

Fuel Consumption at 100% Load(g/kwh)

281(at 3600RPM)

Battery capacity(V-Ah)


ETE Power 5kw Silent Diesel Generator Set

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Q:need help for safety hazard for diesel motor?
Diesel exhaust can eliminate the oxygen in a room. Be sure the exhaust system doesn't leak into the room. Where is the intake coming from? Is there a separate duct for intake air or does the engine take air from the room. The exhaust pipe will be hot, and needs people protection. Exposed belts should have a guard so nothing can accidentally be caught or jammed into them. Is the cooling fan guarded or protected? Can the shut down switch/lever be quickly and easily operated. Is the fuel tank separate from the engine? Is there a fuel shutoff valve? Just some things to consider.
Q:How much would it typically cost to rent a 6000-8000watt diesel generator for a week?
You can expect to spend between $60-$80 per day for a diesel generator.
Q:What are the legalities in Western Australia to feed fuel to a generator (diesel) from the vehicle fuel tank?
its depend upon the sector u going to invest
Q:what goes into building a mobile high-definition TV broadcast truck?
i recently offered an HDTV and am very happy with it. the image and sound are astounding, offering you're fairly watching something broadcast in HDTV format. I put in a Band Of Brothers DVD and the infants concept a conflict replaced into fairly happening in the front room. while you're finding at a usually happening channel, the intense definition brings out greater of the grainy high quality of the sign. that's the only disadvantage I fairly have got here across so far. What i found as the thank you to shrink that's working greater advantageous than one cable to the inputs on the television. on the returned of your HDTV there will be an enter jack categorized HDMI. This stands for top Definition Multimedia Interface. this type of cable and enter is very deigned for the HD format. in simple terms below this on a scale of high quality could be S-Video, and then RCA (the pink, white and yellow cables we are all used to). i opt to propose using RCA cables to the television besides for the channels that are no longer broadcast in HDTV. So once you're watching and the channel you choose isn't what you chosen enter is, in simple terms hit the source or enter button to choose the enter that fits your desires on the time.
Q:HHO Gas (Browne's Gas) (HHO Generator) Question!!!
Boy, don't you just feel the love around this place? Ask a simple question and someone wants to report you to the EPA. And no one sells kits? Guess that shows you what they know as several places on the web have them ready to go. Got to love it. :-) I understand what you are trying to do as I have looked in to this myself. From what I understand the biggest issue you will have with modifying the O2 sensor output (and yes technically that is illegal) is that it will only be in the ballpark around a certain rpm. The HHO generator will be putting out a constant amount of gas while your engine will be using a different amount of air and fuel based on the rpm at that moment. So how do you know if you are truly burnin right and not causing an increase in polluntants out the tailpipe? HHO sounds great but I have mixed feelings when trying to do it in a fuel injected car with an O2 sensor. Doing it to a diesel is different as they don't use an O2 sensor. I'm thinking of building a couple of the coil type for the 10 liter Cat diesel in my Ford L9000 semi truck. I think the best way to be sure you have a clean running engine when burning HHO would be a car that ran only of hydrogen in the first place. Note to Robert - I think you are compairing apples to oranges. From what I understand you are paying more for fuel due to taxes that your country adds to the sale price. The taxes they add to the fuel we pay for as a seperate tax. So there is no comparison.
Q:Does the diesel generator work with all power or according to load?
according to load. It typically measured output voltage and adjusts throttle to reach an aim voltage. When output voltage drops due to load, it indirectly increases throttle.
Q:What is the ideal economical maintenance staff required in Lubricants Maufacturing Plant?
I assume (maintained by plant personnel) means the maintenance staff doesn't do that job. Start with one person half time. Keep adding hours and personnel until the level of maintenance reaches the plateau you desire. Or go in one night and sweep the entire plant and dump the trash cans yourself and multiply the time it took you by three. Keep adding hours and personnel until the level of maintenance reaches the plateau you desire. If you want the bathrooms to sparkle and all the paint to be recent and fresh, it will take more hours than good enough.
If you mean the build-in pcb of a fuel/diesel generator which build-up voltage initially and then keep it stable under any load, then read this: First you need to see your generator minimum requirements to determine specs of AVR. You will probably found a label on generator with those Information: Ex. volt (maximum excitation voltage) Ex. amp (maximum excitation amperage) Your AVR output must exceed those specs. If generator is brushless type in most cases it does. Also input voltage of AVR must be the same as output of generator (ex. 110V110V, 220V220V). If generator is triple phase then you can do the same (ex. 380V380V, 440V440V) but if generator have output in star formation then you can use node for a smaller voltage of AVR (ex. 380V220V, 440V253V). If generator work in parallel operation (usually marine main generators does) then things get complicated. In this case AVR is good to support current transformer to make generator more elastic under load fluctuations and match other generators in the same circuit.
Q:Are nuclear power plants prepared for major solar flares?
Homemade okorder
Q:Need pls?
Actually setup your own company is not necessary to have any professional qualification. I am not very sure is your this business needed? Most of the big hi-tech company director also not in their major study in U. Just go and do it as what you intend to do. Dont waste your time and wait here and there. I am doing accounting services but i am also not from this accounting background but i still go ahead and i have my own company now.

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