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Product Description:

1,Hydraulic system provide perfect power and accurate control to ensure continuous digging operation.

Main components, such as pump, valve, are manufactured by international top brand enterprises.

There is an open hydraulic system with Tri pump & Tri circuits, controlled by load sensing system and limit power to ensure higher efficiency and productivity at the lower est hydraulic loss. Reasonable power distribution and double pumps with crossover power control system can reduce circulation time under multiaction operation and promote productivity.

Swing secondary pressure control for better starting and braking pressure so as to ensure fast and stable swing operation.

Hydraulic hose, connection: world famous brand with excellent performance ensure better reliability for operation in mine.

High efficiency features:

Starting with zero displacement with better starting load and starting performance

Technique with minimum flow control at neutral position for best energy saving and economical efficiency

Technique with pressure cut-off to provide better system protection

Control of constant power of single pump, limited power of three pumps for reasonable distribution of engine power

Confluence of three pumps for combined movements and increasing of operating efficiency

Logic valve control for automatic straight traveling, automatic release of swing brake

Confluence of two pumps for increasing operating efficiency

2,Power system(Unique power-driven technology in China)


Clean energy: zero-displacement, environmental friendly

Low cost: compare to diesel engine, the electromotor is more economical

Maintenance free: lower operating cost and easy maintenance

Separate hyd-oil cooler with better cooling effect and easy maintenance

3,Welding&casting structure for working attachment

Adopt international top brand cylinder seal for better sealing property

Working attachment pins are made of special wearresistant alloy, hardening and chroming treated for getting high strength and long circle life

4,Automatic central ludricating sestem

Top brand automatic central lubrication at setting time interval, for specified quantity and at all lubrication points. which results in saving of manual daily maintenance, reduced manpower and increased productivity

5,Classified esign & manufacture based on working condition

Special design & manufacturing of bucket, undercarriage, working attachment and other structure parts based on different working condition; customizing design on power unit, hydraulic system, oil products and electrical system to make our products suitable for all kinds of adverse circumstance

Working attachments such as breaker, cultivators, quick-change connector can be equipped to meet different working requirements

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Q:What are the main features of buying second-hand excavators?
The appearance and operation of a small excavator are very similar to those of other general-purpose excavators. When users want to buy a two mobile phone, they must be measured in many ways to avoid being duped.What are the most important features?Small excavators first appeared in the mid 80s, and now the equipment has many old models do not have the characteristics, so users need to know in advance what machine they want to buy what functions and components.Hydraulic servo control rod control rod is better than the old, sometimes the bulldozing plate is not the standard configuration; of course, the user may want to find a moving arm with a hinged device, it is easy to get close to the building and auxiliary pipeline operations; zero tail swing is particularly important for the construction needs to work in a compact environment in it.About bucket and boomExcavators are not always used as a digging machine, and builders sometimes use them to pile or use them to lay pipes. Therefore, the user needs to pay attention to the bucket, and make sure that the piling, crushing and running device have no problem.Another important part is the bucket, cylinder, connecting pin and bushing. Be sure to check the tightness of these places. Many problems are caused by neglect of maintenance and inspection.When the user moves the machine to move the bucket and the bucket rod and the rear arm, he could see the mobile pin or a cylinder, but stick and bucket is not moving, this is because the pin and bushing loosening caused by.Another key point is to examine carefully the part of the rear arm that is connected to the excavator. If the connection between the rear arm and the lower part of the arm is excessive, it may result in the loss of the value of the entire device.
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