Electrical heating alloy wire high strength

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High resistance alloys for electrical heating


FeCrAl heating wire


We can offer heating wire/resistance wire such as NiCr , FeCrAl , CuNi ,CuMn and so on .


They have high electric resistance , good formability and weldability .


It can be sued for making heating element and resistror .


FeCrAl alloys are characterized by excellent oxidation resistance and very good form stability resulting in long element life.

They are typically used in electrical heating elements in industrial furnaces and home appliances.

FeCrAl alloy with high resistivity and service ability temperature than that for NiCr alloy and also has lower price.

The Performance of Fe-Cr-Al Electrothermal Alloys refers to th following table.

Forms: wire, bar, strip,sheet/plate,forging,tube/pipe,etc.

Fecral Electric Resistance Heating Wire

Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide a free sample for testing, If we have sample in stock, The quantity based on the material type, The buyer should bear all the shipping costs.

Please feel free to send us a inquiry and we are looking forward to cooperating with you!


Fecral Electric Resistance Heating Wire

Fecral Electric Resistance Heating Wire

Grade   Performance1Cr13Al41Cr21Al40Cr21Al60Cr23Al50Cr25Al50Cr21Al6Nb0Cr27Al7MO2
main chemical compositions%Cr12.0~15.017.0~21.019.0~22.020.5~23.523.0~26.021.0~23.026.5~27.8
The highest use temperatureºC950110012501250125013501400
Melting point ºC1450150015001500150015101520
Density g/cm37.407.357.
Thermal conductivity KJ/m.h.ºC52.746.963.
Specific heat J/g. ºC0.4900.4900.5200.4600.4940.4940.494
Number of repeated bending≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5
Accelerated test lifetime
Coefficient of linear expansion aÍ10-6/ºC
Tensile strength MPa588-735637-784637-784637-784637-784637-784686-784
Elongation %≥16≥12≥12≥12≥12≥12≥10
Hardness HB200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260

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Q:how can i start designing an electrical wiring installation diagram of a large building eg.hotel or apartment?
In the U.S., you will likely need a professional (electrical) engineer to do any plans. He will likely be working with similar mechanical and plumbing people, and the architect. His work will also be affected by local codes and standards. Get the preliminary plans from the architect. Get size of building and estimate volts and amps needed. Confirm with local utility and tell HVAC people (mechanical engineers) so they can pick out systems that use the voltage. Figure out how much floor space you can cover with a 200A panel (or whatever size you plan to use). Put panels in the middle of each space that large. Add outlets, switches, lighting, and feeds to HVAC. Put in a main distribution panel to feed the sub-panels and check for breaker sizes, wire sizes, etc. Draw a 'panel diagram'. Check the final mechanical equipment schedule to be sure voltages and power use all match. Get the EE to stamp and seal. Deliver drawings.
Q:What are the electrical equipment? What are the main parts of each device?
Oh, the chassis of this thing or belong to the "heavy industry" products, thin when the evaluation of electronic industrial products standards, the chassis does not apply
Q:Landscape lighting - hard-wired electrical vs solar-powered?
depends on how bright you want the lights, and how sunny the area is for solar. Solar lights are much much dimmer than what most think and you need full sun to charge them up every day. I have both. If you have electrical available use that and put in either low voltage or devices that you can change a bulb wattage if you dont like the way it looks at first. every situation is differant.
Q:How to prevent the wire from catching fire
Do not put the wire wrapped around it will increase the resistance will heat up the fire
Q:Decoration when the purchase of water pipes, wires and other items included in the account
Cpu: intel Pentium e dual-core e2160 (box) 440 yuan (advanced architecture, low heat, cheap) Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-g31m-s2l470 yuan (main chipset intelg31) Memory: Apacer 1gbddr yuan (fake less than Kingston (The technology is advanced) CD-ROM: ASUS dvd-e818a135 yuan (noise is very small, gives a very quiet feeling) Power: GOLDENFIELD Raptors atx-s300 enhanced version of 150 yuan (power version: atx12v2.31 rated power: 250) Chassis: 120 yuan mouse and keyboard: 70 yuan Total price: 2200 yuan
Q:Can I run outdoor electrical wire bare against the house?
You said circuit breakers. If more then one breaker is tripping you should call an electrician. If just one is tripping and you can turn off the main breaker, take the wire off the breaker and put it on another one. If it trips that one too, you have a short somewhere and should get help. If it doesn't trip that breaker then the you have a bad breaker. If you haven't worked with electricity before, don't even take the cover off the breaker box. Call someone that has.
Q:can i splice into an electrical wire that runs between two outlets to power a light switch?
Sure, it is technically possible. But not while legally obeying wiring regulations the lighting and power should be on separate circuits suppose that - a few years down the line - someone tried to do something with that light fitting, and went and turned off the lighting circuit to avoid electrocuting themselves. but not the power circuit. I am sure you can imagine the results [edit - 4 thumbs down, gawd.there are some real cowboys out there]
Q:How do I split electrical wire?
Probably you have three wires coming off the light fixture and connecting to three electrical wires (black, white, bare copper) in a plastic box in the ceiling with wire nuts. Remove the wire nuts and you just need to splice in new cable, matching the wire colors. You may need to get bigger wire nuts as you will now be covering a splice of 3 wires instead of two. If multiple switches control this light, you'll have a 4th wire in the mix. Run the new cable out of the box into the attic and over to where you want the new light. Cut out the hole in the ceiling, install another box, and attach the wires to the new fixture, again by matching the colors. Jim W is right in that you should do a little research (you'll find plenty on the internet) on basic wiring principles. Make sure the new wire is the same gauge as the existing with to the existing fixture. Always make all connections inside a box. Use wire nuts on all connections.
Q:Electrical motor capacitor wiring.?
On all motors the Capacitor gos between the L1 and centrifugal (cut out)switch (which then gos to the start winding).In ac L1 and L2 are reversible toward the power source
Q:Can a space heater cause an electrical fire in my house s wiring?
Yes space heaters can. it isn't common but may be possible. Surge protectors aren't extention cords they are a device to protect electronic devices from an electrical over charge or surge. So under high wattage use will fry the electrical connections in the protector. That's probably what happened here. Other times they can catch fire and maybe a small explosion. The largest electric space heaters are around 1500w and draw about 12 amps. Most home outlets are rated at 15A or even 20A. So in good working order most heaters won't hurt an outlet or wiring if that is the only thing on that breaker. If things do go higher the breaker should trip and cut power. If the breaker is old or damaged it may not trip and then somethings gotta give next either the outlet or the wiring normally it's the plug but if two things on two plugs the wire may catch fire. also don't use cheap extention cords they will catch fire you can use extention cords but rated at least 14G for 15A or 12G for 20A.

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