Ductile Iron Flange connection stainless steel y strainer ductile iron valve

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High Pressure




Stainless Steel

Temperature of Media:

Normal Temperature


water oil, gas

Port Size:


Place of Origin:


China (Mainland) China (Mainland)

Model Number:



Y type


ductile iron valve


Convenient, rapid plugging


Pipeline rupture, burst pipe maintenance and repair

Service tempreture:

≤ 150°c

Nominal Pressure:


Test standard:

Test standard

Performance standard:

Q/12 NJ3671-2002


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:ductile iron valve : 1.Packaging Detail: Each joint in carton box, then into plywood case,Plywood cases suitable for sea transportation. 2.Wooden box size:one meter long high width 3.Wooden box reproduced quantity:500sets 4.Settlement way:Advance deposit payment prior to delivery of the goods production, the one-time payment.Or collected by the logistics company. More packing details please visit the HENGZHONG website!
Delivery Detail:Normal delivery:7-15days.Spot goods delivery:7days.


Hi.man.  Nice to meet you! Welcome to visit our company page,now I will introduce you to this product

DN32~DN300 Ductile Iron Flange connection stainless steel y strainer ductile iron valve 

   DN32~DN300 Ductile Iron Flange connection stainless steel y strainer ductile iron valve  

GL41 type straight tube plugging and plugging the socket has two versions (A and B ), A model for the whole sealing surface lengthened . Type B is a universal type , made of cast iron and ductile iron castings are two seals of special rubber material . This product has a three-way adjustable pipe pipe plugging , and plugging .
GL41 type straight tube plugging:

This product is suitable for a variety of pipeline rupture, burst pipe maintenance and repairs, not without water , burst pipes installed at the break straight pipe plugging , plugging quickly to protect the normal supply pipeline .
GL41 type socket for plugging this product cast iron pipe, y strainer Ductile iron pipe socket leaking of repairs, reduce labor intensity , convenient, rapid plugging protect normal supply pipeline

   DN32~DN300 Ductile Iron Flange connection stainless steel y strainer ductile iron valve Specifications   

ductile iron valve  Nominal Pressure: PN1.6Mpa


ductile iron valve  Nominal Diameter: DN-40dn600


ductile iron valve Applicable medium :water oil, gas,


ductile iron valve  Service tempreture: ≤  150°c


 ductile iron valve  Main parts materials: Gray cast iron,stainless steel ,


 Performance standard: Q/12 NJ3671-2002


Test standard: GB/T13927-1992


TypeNominal DNLHDD1Z-Φd
GL41401801141451104- Φ18
502051601601254- Φ18
652401801801454- Φ18
802731951951608- Φ18
1003072152151808- Φ18
1253402452452108- Φ18
1503882802802408- Φ23
20042833533529512- Φ23
25050040540535512- Φ25
30055646046041012- Φ25
35069649552047016- Φ25

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Q:Who knows which kind of water valve is good?
Classification of domestic valves:pipeline valveBathroom valves, kitchen valves, etc faucetsPipeline valve is generally sealed with rubber valve is better, rubber sealed valve sealing performance is very good and durable;Bathroom valves, kitchen valves and other faucets will use copper into the Dian valve, copper valve is not rusty, durable. ,Hope to help you.
Q:What kind of valve is it? How do you see the status of the switch?
Globe valve, not ball valveClockwise (Bell) needle to reduce the flow to the end of the shutdown, the counter clockwise to open. You can turn the multi circle plate will also lift up and down. The spindle, to the top is open, down to the edge off.The ball valve has a strip handle, the line is connected, and the cross is turned off
Q:What does the whole copper valve mean?
Industrial oxygen pipes on the valve are all copper valve, hand wheel is not. The market had had 4 6 1 inch screw valve also has a lot of full copper. The tap also has all brass. The valve body and the inside are all copper.
Q:How to find all kinds of mysterious valves of human body?
Many cell signal channels have been found, and if you can find each signal, the channel will be almost the same. That's the mysterious valve you want, but it's hard.
Q:What are the major brands of valves abroad?
I say a few familiar: Tyco (the world's largest manufacturer of valves, the valve can provide almost all of it) Fuchs (a bit like, with the whole series of Tyco products)Blake (mainly butterfly valve, ball valve, chemical and water treatment applications up)Gaemi (diaphragm valve is doing very well) KSB (mainly in the power industry valve, globe valve, etc.)
Q:How about the quality of FITOK valves?
It's made in China. It's also made of foreign brands!Swagelok, Hoke, Parker, these three are foreign brands!
Q:What are the main equipments for valve production?
Press machine, CNC lathe, instrument lathe, drilling machine, machining center, assembly line, pressure test bench, plane, measuring instruments, etc.
Q:What are the specifications of the valves PN25, DN50?
PN25 - nominal pressure 25bar (25kgf/cm -)DN50 - nominal diameter is 50mm (2)
Q:Why is copper used in cryogenic valves?
Contact with water does not corrode easily。he influence of temperature on copper is smaller than that of steel. Especially in the valve stem, there is also the important gear part, copper!
Q:How can the valve actuators be classified?
Various types of valves, with the continuous improvement of various types of equipment, process, the types of valves are still increasing. But generally speaking, they can be divided into two major groups.(1) automatic valve. A valve that moves by itself depending on the capacity of a medium (liquid, air, steam, etc.). Such as safety valve, pressure reducing valve, check valve, steam trap, air trap, emergency shut-off valve and so on. (2) drive valve. A valve operated by hand, power, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Such as gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, regulating valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and so on.

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