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lets break it down... submersible- able to be put underwater... well- deep hole that water comes from... pump- sucks the water...
How long should it take a mechanic to replace a water pump on a 96 dodge intrepid ES with a 3.5L engine? I was given a estimate of 6 hours does it really take that long? at 100.00 a hour I'm not sure my car is worth fixing
I work on all different types of cars but just hearing you mention this one makes me be able to recall what a nightmare these cars really are. The water pump on these cars are driven by the timing chain, yes timing chain. Whats really different about this car is when the water pump goes out, it leaks water but since the pump is under the front cover it can't leak water into the oil pan so they put in what they call a weep hole. When the pump starts to leak you will get dripping water out of the left side of the block which is different but normal in this case. The fact that the timing chain drives this pump says this repair is going to take alot of time I believe standard book time on this job is around 6 hours.
I've always wondered how a water pump moves water through a pipe. A fan moves air by spinning a propeller-like set of blades, but does a water pump work the same way? Or is there some other kind of mechanism inside the pump that draws water from one place and pushes it to another?
There are different types of pumps. The type most commonly used to pump water is the centrifugal pump, which operates pretty much the same way an air fan propels air. Additionally, a centrifugal water pump uses a volute or chamber that surrounds the impellor or the blades to direct the flow of the water, converting the flow energy that it imparts to the water into pressure energy.
My Camry is overheating and I am assuming it is the water pump. I already changed the thermostat and that was no help. When I turn the heater on to cool off the engine, it blows cold air or the temp of the air outside most of the time and seldomly hot air. I bought a water pump, but I am not sure if this is something I can do?
Camry Water Pump
Ac was working fine before the mechanic replaced the water pump. Now the AC only blows hot air. Is this related?
i used some product i've got been given at checker vehicle areas to fix a head gasket that grew to become into blown into the coolant device. that they had some distinctive types, some properly suited with coolant, some not. i've got been given the stuff that grew to become into properly suited with coolant. i'm very sceptical on stuff like this, in spite of if it has labored so a procedures. i paid like $30 for it. i grew to become into surprised
My dad bought a boat this winter and when we got it we watched the guy winterize it. He was doing this white it was running on muffs. We got the boat to run today (on muffs) but no water was coming out the pee hole. This is the first boat we have owned. We are rookies. We also don't to take it to a dealer. Is there anything we're doing wrong? I don't know for sure what year the motor is i think a 1900 something. It is 90 horse.
Not to worry.If it was pumping in the fall when it was winterized then the tell tail is probably plugged.This happens all the time.Over the winter spiders or something will crawl inside the hose and plug it.The easiest way to clean it is with compressed air.Just blow out the crap.When you have done this if it still will not pump water then you will need to have a new Impeller installed in the lower unit.I suggest that unless you are confident that you can do it yourself you have it done by a dealer because without water to cool the motor it will not last very long.
how do u know when u need to replace ur water pump or how do u know when its not working??? thanks
Water pump may have three types of failure: 1. Leaking shaft seal You know by a. puddle under the car, b. low coolant level, c. ultimately - overheat 2. Shaft bearing failure You know by excessive noise, play in the shaft, ultimately - leak from the seal (see 1) 3. Turbine itself breaks. This is a rare case, and the only one that represents no working condition. The engine immediately - withing a few minutes - overheats.
After reaching a height of 50 feet , there should be enough pressure to hose around 20 to 30 feet of water from it for curing concrete structure ex: columns, slab area etc. How many inches ( diameter ) of rubber hose is required to plug the water pump for pumping water ?
from a physics point of view, the power required depends on the flow rate as well as the pressure (from the water column height). So it's impossible to say.