Concrete Curing Compound(Y)

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Concrete Curing Compound(Y)

Y is a milk-white water-based liquid curing membrane for protecting concrete from loss of water during the early stage of the curing period. It ensures that the concrete develops full strength and reduces the risk of cracking through over-rapid drying. It also eliminates scaling and sanding of the surface.

Y should be sprayed to the surface of newly placed concrete. The compound should be applied as soon as the concrete is free from surface water. Y is supplied ready for use. It may be applied with a soft broom or low pressure spray equipment. Application may begin as soon as the MNC-Y be absorbed thoroughly on the surface of concrete without leaving marking or pitting. Spraying should be allowed to earlier application.
Y may be used to cover 4-6 square meters per liter depending on the condition of the surface and the method of application. Ensure complete and even coverage in one application.

1. Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by eliminating moisture loss from exposed areas.
2. Enables cement to hydrate more efficient, thus improves concrete strength and durability.
3. Is economical and easy to apply.
4. Produces excellent performance on large concrete areas.
5. Reduces surface dusting.
6. Reduces the permeability of concrete.

Y provides a spray-on temporary membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing. It is especially useful for large areas of concrete construction such as runways, motorways or bridgeworks.

Package & Storage
1) Y is packed in 50kg or 250kg drums.
2) Y has a shelf life of 3 years when stored at temperatures between 5
and 35. Containers should be kept airtight to prevent surface evaporation. Freezing or prolonged exposure to direct heat or sunlight must be avoided.

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Q:Bathroom to do with the East Yuhong waterproof material, but also with waterproofing agent to do waterproof layer?
To see if you are a new house or an old house, the new house recommended with the East Rainbow good Shi Tu 101 and Jia Shi Tu . if the old house suggested to use Kyrgyzstan painted . cost-effective. Waterproofing agent is a small minority products, product standards are not clear, the domestic well-known waterproof manufacturers do not have a waterproof agent, if used please be careful.
Q:What is good for the waterproofing layer of the outer wall of the basement?
masonry wall, the best, but pay attention to the wall to build the bottom of the structure of the bottom plate to prevent the foundation settlement caused by the protective wall and the relative sliding between the waterproof layer
Q:Basement wall wipe 20 thick PG waterproof mortar, what is "PG waterproof mortar"?
Definition: the so-called refers to the cement mortar mixed with a variety of waterproofing agent prepared by a class of new waterproof building materials products; usually joined the waterproofing agent is a variety of inorganic or organic chemical raw materials consisting of admixtures, Can improve the mortar impermeable, so the name was born
Q:Bags of dry powder polymer cracking mortar a cubic of the number of kilograms
EVB insulation particles is an inorganic vitreous mineral material, is the highest quality volcanic rocks (pine rock ore) after multi-stage silicon carbide heating tube expansion of the production of glass furnace technology from processing, was irregular spherical particles , The internal porous cavity structure, the surface of the glass closed, shiny smooth, physical and chemical properties and stability, with light, adiabatic, fire, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, water absorption and other excellent features, is a high-performance environmentally friendly new inorganic Light insulation material
Q:External wall insulation with anti - cracking mortar but also with waterproof mortar
The use of the two materials is similar, but not used in a position, different products used in different locations, rather than 2 election 1.--------- on the external wall insulation, the national standard requirements and construction Norms do not mention the term water mortar, it is clear that the waterproof mortar is designed to do waterproof with, can not do with insulation. In addition, although the anti-cracking mortar with a certain degree of waterproof capacity can not be used as a waterproof mortar, the same, although the waterproof mortar waterproof, but do not have the external wall ridicule rafts Wo Bogao boudoir sound card requirements of other indicators.
Q:Glass beads insulation mortar need to do test pieces or raw materials re-examination?
Yes, the raw material testing, with the conditions of the test block should be, with the conditions of 300x300x30 do lead to each other, Strength, thermal conductivity.
Q:What is the difference between cement, plaster and concrete and what are their characteristics? did not.
The main component of cement is that clay is one of the main aggregates of concrete. The lime soil is a mineralized soil with ashing deposits. It is characterized by the presence of active iron, aluminum, amorphous clay and humus in the section; the layer is bleached; the soil is wet or wet; the texture is the spindle Loam or sandy; has a high degree of cation exchange and a lower salt content depending on pH. Concrete refers to the use of cement as a cementitious material, sand, stone for the aggregate; and water (with or without additives and admixtures) according to a certain proportion of condensation
Q:1 square mull retaining wall is equal to how many square stone
Under normal circumstances, the masonry wall mortar label between the M5-M. the construction of stone concrete, the participation of the rough stone is generally about 25% of the volume, the amount of data provided above the amount of one stone needs 1.15m ³. In the use of sand, mud content of less than 3% of the sand in the preparation of mortar, per cubic meter of stone wall with the theoretical mix should be used 60-120kg cement, the actual operation of the cement: sand weight ratio of about 1: 5.5-6 can To ensure that M5 cement mortar strength test qualified construction attention to conservation. Five stone side of the sand, cement two packs.
Q:M15 in the building that the strength of mortar? What is the unit?
The mortar strength grade is determined by the compressive strength values maintained at 28 d under the standard conditions [at (20 ± 2) ° C and relative humidity of 90% or more) using cubic cubes with a side length of 7
Q:In the construction materials, 1: 1: 6 cement mortar concrete, in the end is the volume ratio or quality ratio? The answer to this question after the search is different.
Source of inspection (decoration) General plaster is very clear The other quota preparation issued earlier than the "plaster mortar with the rules" JGJ / T220-2010 "Plaster mortar with the rules" JGJ / T220- is released 2010-07- 2011-03-01 implementation Plastering mortar from then on the volume ratio compared to the quality ratio Fixed or old The other with how you with cement lime plaster mortar, strength grade: M2 M M7 M10 will come to the 1: 1: 6 quality ratio Do not believe you enter the formula to seek

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