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Product Description:

AJ support grouting material

Category: reinforced mortar series

AJ support grouting material is a kind of high strength cementitious material by, many kinds of additive composite and selected aggregate by the special process of preparation, a seat slurry has the characteristics of high fluidity, no shrinkage, early strength and high strength etc..

* use products:

AJ support grouting material suitable for all kinds of machinery, electrical equipment (heavy equipment, high-precision grinding machines) produced a grouting and base slurry pier.

* technical indicators:



Compressive strength (MPa) >

The 3 day


The 28 day


Expansion (mm)


Expansion rate (1 days)%


Bleeding rate%


* construction points:

(a) the foundation treatment and formwork:

1, cut surface concrete foundation wool, and clean them off. The adhesive member together with the seat size (such as steel plate) will rust and

Remove oil etc..

In 2, water base slurry before 4 hours, on the surface of the concrete foundation applied to moist, when the water is not water.

3, supporting baffle should be tight, to prevent the leakage of slurry.

(two) AJ support Grouting grouting material:

1, the amount of water per bag (25kg): water ratio of 4.0~4.5kg mixing with water, such as the construction does not require greater fluidity can be

We should reduce the amount of water used.

2, the mixing procedure: add a prescribed amount of water into the blender in the mixing barrel, a part of base slurry into the barrel stirring diluted, and then

The residual material into the mixing, the time from beginning to end should be controlled within a minute or so.

3, stirring, leaves should be along the barrel around the upper and lower left move slowly, so that the bottom of the barrel and the barrel wall adhesion dry to mixing; stirring

Leaf blade not to mention above base slurry liquid level, in order to avoid the air with seats in the furnish.

4, the mixing base slurry clay good should be timely watering. The time of irrigation, as far as possible from one side of the injection, to facilitate discharge plate and concrete foundation

The air between the. When necessary, can use the bamboo slice tool guide. Water after the start must be continuous, not interrupted.

* mixing machine:

The double handle electric drill, power is larger than 450W, the rotational speed is greater than or equal to 500r/min.

The mixing blade made of delta =1.2mm thick steel plate, blade diameter of 150mm, the stirring rod diameter of 12mm bar.

* note:

Field use, is strictly prohibited in the clay in the incorporation of any additive, additive. Not and other manufacturers of similar products mix, to ensure the engineering quality.

Unit maintenance:

1, with wet straw bags or cloth covers the base slurry have been watered well, and water conservation, 2-6 times a day.

2, curing temperature is over 15 DEG C, the 7 day of the maintenance period. If the temperature is low can be appropriately extended maintenance period.

3, the need to take preservation measures in winter construction.

* stripping:

Formwork shall be completed for 24 hours in the water, after stripping continued maintenance.

Packaging and storage:

Packaging specifications for 25kg + 0.5kg, composite paper bag lined with plastic bag. Stored in a dry, cool place, without moisture preserved stored for a period of three months. Extended need re examination, qualified before use.

A, grouting material product introduction:

Grouting material with special cement as binder, selected high strength materials as aggregates, with high flow, micro expansion, anti segregation and other material prepared.

The product has good gravity flow, rapid hardening, early strength, no shrinkage, expansive; non-toxic, harmless, non aging, on water quality and no pollution to the surrounding environment, self sealing good, rust and other characteristics. In the construction aspect with reliable quality, reduce the cost, shorten the construction period and convenient advantages. To fundamentally change the equipment base force, so that the whole load uniformly bear device, so as to satisfy all kinds of machinery, electrical equipment (heavy equipment of high precision grinder) installation requirements, is the ideal filling material without pad mounted era.

Two, the scope of application:

Grouting material is mainly used for: the anchor bolt anchor, runway repair, nuclear power equipment, Luqiao fixed reinforcement engineering, machine base, steel structure and foundation with export, equipment foundation grouting, planted two times buried reinforced, concrete structure reinforcement and reconstruction of old concrete structure, crack control, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, track and installation of steel structure, static pressure pile engineering piles, structure of the wall thickening and repair the leakage, all kinds of foundation engineering collapse grouting and various repair engineering etc..

Three, the conventional physical properties of grouting material:
Model No.
Compressive strength(MPa)

Vertical expansion rate


Grip strength

Round steel.

The bleeding rate(%)

The initial fluidity

30min Fluidity retention value
Universal type

High strength


Early strength type

High early type

Super flow type

High temperature resistant type

The engineering design reference: anchor bolts for anchoring cement

The maximum set size(mm)

The initial flow

30min retention value

Vertical expansion rate

24h and 3H expansion difference
Compressive strength(Mpa)
There is no corrosion of reinforced

Qinshui rate


The engineering design reference

Cement based grouting material choice for anchoring bolt anchor

The spacing of the surface of the bolt and the hole wall(mm)

Cement based grouting material categories



Cement based grouting material selection with two grouting:

Filling layer thickness(mm)

Cement based grouting material categories

Four, product characteristics

"Pour 1-3 days after high early strength was as high as 30Mpa, shorten the construction period.

Since the flow field - just add water, stir, direct filling equipment foundation, mortar self construction, free vibration, ensure the grouting construction of long distance without vibration.

Casting body is used for a long time without shrinkage / micro expansion, to ensure that equipment and basic close contact, no shrinkage between the foundation and foundation, and appropriate expansion of the compressive stress to ensure the long-term safe operation of equipment.

* anti oil leakage after 30 days soaking its strength in the oil increased by more than 10%, molding, compacting, impermeability, adapt to the base oil of environmental protection. * durability 2000000 times fatigue test, 50 times freeze-thaw environment test strength has no obvious change.

"Good weather -40 to 600 DEG C is safe for long-term use

* low alkali corrosion resistance of the strict control of raw material of alkali content, suitable for alkali aggregate reaction inhibiting requirements engineering.

Five, the use of methods

1 Foundation Treatment

Cleaning equipment based on the surface, there shall be no stone, laitance, dust, dirt and other debris demoulding agent. Before grouting 24h, fully moisten the surface of equipment foundation. Before grouting 1H, should be sucked up water.

2 determine the grouting method

According to the actual situation of equipment base, selection of grouting method of corresponding flow, because of its good performance, in general, with "weight grouting" can, will paste directly from template export poured into slurry, completely rely on the self weight to leveling and filling the whole filling space; if a large area, especially the complex structure of perfusion or a very small space and distance, can use "high funnel method grouting" or "pressure grouting, grouting method" to ensure that the slurry can be fully filled every corner.

3 formwork

According to the grouting and grouting construction diagram determined by the way of support design templates, template location elevation should be higher than the equipment on the base surface of at least 50mm, template must support of a tight, firm, to prevent loosening, leakage.

The 4 stirring grouting material

According to the water feed products recommended certificate than the amount of water, mixing water should be used to drinking water, the water temperature to 5 ~ 40 degrees is appropriate, can use mechanical or manual stirring. By mechanical mixing, stirring time is generally 1 to 2 minutes. The use of artificial mixing, should first join 2/3 with water and stir for 2 minutes, then add the remaining water to continue to stir until evenly, standard consistency water volume is 12%-14%.

5 grouting

Grouting construction should meet the following requirements:

(1). The slurry should be poured into the side, until the other side overflow until, in order to facilitate the discharge between the device frame and concrete foundation of air, so that the filling, not from the four sides of the grouting.

(2). The grouting after the start, must be continuous, not interrupted, and should be possible to shorten the filling time.

(3). During the grouting process should not be vibrated, when necessary, available bamboo laths were pulling the diversion.

(4). Each filling layer thickness should not exceed 100mm.

(5). The grouting long equipment or track foundation, should use the segmental construction. The length of each section is appropriate in 10m.

(6). The grouting process such as the discovery of surface bleeding phenomenon, can dispenser a small amount of dry material, sucking up water.

(7) for the foundation of equipment grouting layer thickness is greater than 1000mm in large volume, stirring grouting material according to total ratio 1:1 join 0.5mm stones, but the required test for determining the groutability can not meet the requirement.

(8). The equipment foundation grouting is completed, should be removed part shall be treated in the grouting layer before the final setting.

(9). In the grouting construction process should be avoided until the mold, filling layer by vibration and collision, so as not to damage the pending grouting hard layer.

(10) the horizontal distance between the template and the equipment of the base should be controlled at around 100mm, in order to facilitate the grouting construction.

(11) slurry filling in phenomena such as appearance, should be timely treatment.

(12) when the equipment foundation grouting amount is larger, should adopt mechanical agitation mode, in order to ensure grouting construction.

6, maintenance

(1) after grouting is finished. In 30 minutes, immediately spray curing agent or covered with plastic film and affix rockwool were maintenance, or in the grouting layer after the final set immediately sprinkler wet maintenance.

(2) in winter construction, conservation measures shall be in accordance with the "reinforced concrete construction acceptance norms" (GB50204) the relevant provisions.

(3) at different temperature curing time and removal time schedule

Daily minimum temperature (c) time of stripping (H) curing time (d)

         -10 - 0                96                    14

0 -5                             72                    10

5- 15                            48                     7

15                              24                    7

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