Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

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Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

YH-GJ bearing mortar is used for railway bridge bearing installation of high quality cement base composite materials.Because of its USES a variety of high performance additives, special smooth surface flat after completion.To overcome the traditional mortar uneven, shortcomings and so on crack, flake, self-leveling, high early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, high wear resistance and construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.The performance indicators meet the passenger dedicated line bridge pot rubber bearing interim technical conditions, such as national and industry standards and technical requirements.
Method of use:
0.15 according to water than to join uniform mixing grouting can be used directly.
The construction method
Will be cleaned up at the grassroots level to remove floating dust, oil spots such as adhesive material.Before construction, basic use tap water to wet, cannot leave MingShui when pouring cement mortar.
According to the construction area and construction area per unit time to calculate powder feed rate and water use, guarantee the mortar in lost all before flowing property construction completion.
Add water to mixing barrel, and then gradually add said good self-leveling material, simultaneously stirring, until the required material all adds, continue to stir 2 to 3 minutes, make the paste evenly, let stand 1 minute or so.
Will be treated as mixing the filtered pulp evenly to the good ground, self-leveling.Flow leveling construction time is best done in 30 minutes, after construction machines and tools or rinse.
With an electric mixer mixing powder, it is best to use a gun stirring, large-scale construction of using mortar mixer.
Range of application
YH-GJ production support grouting material is suitable for the repair, orbital filling, pedestal grouting, especially suitable for high speed railway bridge bearings or orbital filling etc.Can also be used for concrete beam local leveling or repair of the concrete pier.

Q:Construction site masonry mortar requirements M5 should be how to configure how the calculation is very urgent Thank you, ah
M5 mixed mortar weight ratio of water: cement: sand: mixed material = 320: 260: 1440: . unit: kg
Q:Cement mortar label M. M7.. M. C. C25; cement grade C. C. C. C. etc., are used to which stage of the building, at the edge of the fool, Pile, beam and other general use of the number of cement, cement mortar are used where? More
M is the red brick label, cement mortar is Mb
Q:What is the wall gray? Is the mortar king or mortar the same?
It is the essence of natural lime, which is made up of optimized process
Q:Now what is the general use of indoor plaster material? Please advise, thank you
Mainly from the water brush stone, cut false stone, dry stone, mask brick, etc ; Corner of the material there are a lot of fake bar Ken Ken old staggering, from the material can be divided into: wood products Corner, stone Corner , Metal angle and so on practice according to different requirements of the construction materials Plastering hollowing for many reasons: grass-roots clean-up or oil and other non-clean substances caused by hollowing Prevention and control methods: the grass-roots clean and then plastering works grass-roots cement mortar cracking phenomenon Prevention and control methods: the cement mortar layer cracking position destroyed, and then do a good job of cement mortar rest work cement mortar layer hollowing Prevention and control methods: the hollowing out of the cement mortar layer from the new cement mortar layer plaster material failure Prevention and control methods: to find a regular factory credibility is relatively high, with a certificate of inspection and material within the shelf life seepage, back tide caused by hollowing Prevention and control methods: the root of the seepage of water treatment, the new cement mortar and then plastering works Back to the tide caused by the hollow can only destroy the original plaster layer and then do the new
Q:Building floor moisture, please tell me about the building floor moisture, mainly want to understand the capillary phenomenon of building materials and prevention.
060 elevation to do 20 thick cement waterproof mortar moisture barrier, when there is a concrete ring beam or connecting beam , Do not do the level of moisture-proof layer When the walls on both sides of the indoor floor is not equal, should be in the side of the filling as a vertical moisture-proof layer (with the former) and connect the two levels of moisture
Q:Because before the paste with cement mortar, easy to fall, would like to ask if there is no other way to add the problem: it is better to say that the more detailed point
Because before the paste with cement mortar, easy to fall, would like to ask if there is no other way to add the problem: it is better to say that the more detailed point
Q:Do you install firewood in the door frame when installing the fire door? There is nothing related to the helium trace grams of grams of long-haun glory magic norms clearly can not or can. What is the specification number? (03j609 Atlas shows C20 cement mortar) Thank you more
The use of inorganic materials or refractories should be possible.
Q:The type of mortar and composition of the mortar material has any characteristics
Second, you can go to your problem with the lack of fermentation, then there is a lot of professional talent, you can solve the problem for you Three, you can ask your friends online friends, they will be more sincerely enthusiastic for you to find the answer, and even to the relevant website direct search Fourth, a lot of online professional forums and knowledge platform, there are a lot of information, I encountered Professional issues are always on the forum to find a solution Five, your question asked some fine, clear some Make it easier to understand what it means to understand Thank you for taking my advice
Q:Do the wall waterproofing can be directly on the brick brush on a layer of waterproof material on it
If it has been posted outside the brick, there is water, you can brush a layer of water on the brick.
Q:Stir the mortar to add any material into the mortar to use
, Masonry mortar () mortar raw materials required by the use of raw materials must be tested according to the current standards of qualified use (b) mortar with the ratio of compliance

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