Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

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Bleeding: 0% Compressive Strength: 2h>20MPa 30 min Fluidity: >240mm
Compressive Strength: 28d>50MPa

Product Description:

Bridge Bearing Grouting/Non-SHrink Cementitious grout

YH-GJ bearing mortar is used for railway bridge bearing installation of high quality cement base composite materials.Because of its USES a variety of high performance additives, special smooth surface flat after completion.To overcome the traditional mortar uneven, shortcomings and so on crack, flake, self-leveling, high early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, high wear resistance and construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.The performance indicators meet the passenger dedicated line bridge pot rubber bearing interim technical conditions, such as national and industry standards and technical requirements.
Method of use:
0.15 according to water than to join uniform mixing grouting can be used directly.
The construction method
Will be cleaned up at the grassroots level to remove floating dust, oil spots such as adhesive material.Before construction, basic use tap water to wet, cannot leave MingShui when pouring cement mortar.
According to the construction area and construction area per unit time to calculate powder feed rate and water use, guarantee the mortar in lost all before flowing property construction completion.
Add water to mixing barrel, and then gradually add said good self-leveling material, simultaneously stirring, until the required material all adds, continue to stir 2 to 3 minutes, make the paste evenly, let stand 1 minute or so.
Will be treated as mixing the filtered pulp evenly to the good ground, self-leveling.Flow leveling construction time is best done in 30 minutes, after construction machines and tools or rinse.
With an electric mixer mixing powder, it is best to use a gun stirring, large-scale construction of using mortar mixer.
Range of application
YH-GJ production support grouting material is suitable for the repair, orbital filling, pedestal grouting, especially suitable for high speed railway bridge bearings or orbital filling etc.Can also be used for concrete beam local leveling or repair of the concrete pier.

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Good durability, good weatherability good hydrophobicity, strong vapor permeability high refractory grade, non-combustible good adaptability, easy construction, Speed, a comprehensive technology, practice diversity green, non-polluting, non-radiation ecological building materials Disadvantages: the current implementation of the standard is GB-2006 "building insulation mortar", this standard is the material standard, there is no specific system standards.
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Q:Whether the mortar waterproofing agent needs to be sampled for inspection
need According to the specification, the admixture of the approach must have the certificate and the product instruction manual, and then need qualified laboratories according to the proportion of the manual, the trial test, the performance is qualified before allowing the use of construction
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