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Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate is suitable to apply in high temperature season, long distance transportation, and pump concrete; also appropriate for mass concrete, self-leveling concrete and high strength high performance concrete, etc.

High workability, no segregation, no water bleeding.
Improve the concrete breaking strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and adhesiveness to the steel bar.
Improve concrete durability performance, such as anti-seepage, anti-freezing and anti-carbonization.
Avoid cement initial hydration, extending cement and concrete setting and retaining time.
Non-toxicity, non-inflammable, non-corrosion to the steel bar.

Application range
It's widely applied in concrete requiring extended setting time, mould concrete and mass casting concrete.

It can be applied as a retarding component for producing retarding superplasticizer.
Compatible with Naphthalene Superplasticizer, Amino Sulfuric Acid Superplasticizer and Air-entraining Agent.

Technical Specifications


Required Parameter Value in the Standard

Test result of our product

Visual Appearance

White or yellowish crystal powder

White or yellowish crystal powder

Loss on drying (%)



Purity (%)

98.0 – 102.0


Reducing Substances (%)



Heavy Metal (Pb), ug/g



Sulfate, %



Chloride, %



Lead, ug/g



Arsenic, ug/g



pH Value



Package, Storage & Handling
It's packed in fabric bag with plastic liner. Net weight: 25kg +/- 0.13 kg.
Cautions should be taken to avoid moisture and water while being delivered or storaged, since it's soluble in water.
It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.

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Raw material test report, validation ratio report, compressive strength report.
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A: quality and stability: a full range of products are used in industrial production, optimize the ratio of raw materials, strict control of production processes, fundamentally ensure the consistency of materials, stability and reliability
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Go to the market to buy tiles,Can not fall !

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