Building Structure Adhesive

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                                                               Building Structure Adhesive


1.excellent strengthening rate
2.acidproof alkali,cold resistant
3.good heat-resistance ,no creep in room temperature

Product characteristics

  1. Excellent strengthening rate and high construction efficiency.

  2. Acidproof alkali, low temperature resistant and aging resistant.

  3. Good heat-resistance and no creep in room temperature.

  4. Great welding-resistance and fire-resistance.

  5. Favorable shock-resistance.

Range of application

  1. reinforcement of building structure

  2. bar-implanting of building frame

  3. reinforcement of bridge extension

  4. repairing of concrete road

  5. fastening of tunnel lines

  6. bar-implanting of shear wall

Gelation time

Temperature of base material(°C)

Gelation time(min)

Installation time(min)

Solidification time(h)

















Technical parameters

Rebar diameter(mm)

Drilling diameter(mm)

Drilling depth(mm)

Holes of one kg adhesive

Designed tensile force(KN)

Average tensile force(KN)





































Note: the base material is C30 and the rebar material is standard threaded rebar.

Performance index


Compressive strength

Shearing strength

Adhesive strength

Vibration fatigue

Storage period(<25°C)

Adaptive temperature




to concrete>7MPa

8 million times

6 months


to threaded rebar>16MPa

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Q:Who knows the inorganic insulation mortar and the previous material What is the difference?
The main material is vitrified microbeads, there are many manufacturers of the use of expanded perlite mixed with them, the particles are not uniform, the density is not enough, the late anti-cracking and water seepage
Q:Does anyone know the purpose and standards of all dry mortar? To mark the mortar (such as DPRMDM) behind the mark use Thank you
Dry powder mortar, also known as dry mix, dry powder, often containing high polymer, also known as polymer mortar
Q:What kind of waterproof material is used for waterproofing in basement?
Basement waterproof recommendations AA-DA waterproofing system with patent brand for Kohl. The main application areas: basement, swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom, wall waterproof and so on. This waterproof system is 100% pure acrylic polymer formula, in line with GB-2008 "harmful substances limit" and GB / T-1998 "drinking water safety evaluation criteria" two national standards, direct contact with drinking water. Products are green, non-toxic, tasteless, water resistance, abrasion resistance, tight and durable, with amazing adhesive force, and glass will not be stripped after bonding, drinking water works, wall works and home improvement project preferred products The
Q:Waterproof coating type Ⅰ and Ⅱ What is the difference between ah?
A lot of waterproof materials, including coatings and coils, are divided into type I and type II or even type III, mainly physical properties of the distinction between the distinction that some of the mechanical properties of the level, and some only show the performance difference, for different Waterproof selection of parts. Such as "JS" waterproof coating type Ⅰ strength and elongation were 1.2MPa / 200%, Ⅱ type were 1.8MPa / 80%, one is low strength and high extension, the other is high strength and low extension, suitable for different waterproof parts The Another example is the infiltration of crystalline waterproof material Ⅰ and Ⅱ type that impermeability level, Ⅱ type impermeability better. Also used in class I and class II, this distinction is mainly to indicate the material morphology or material composition of the different, such as polymer cement waterproof mortar Class I and II said emulsion type and dry powder type. What is the specific performance of the waterproof coating may look at the corresponding waterproof material standards, such as polyurethane waterproof coating is GBT "polyurethane waterproof coating"
Q:In the external wall insulation material in a kind of inorganic active insulation mortar, I would like to ask this "activity" What is the meaning, how to explain?
In my years of experience in the external wall insulation industry, inorganic insulation mortar is nothing more than the common some inorganic insulation materials to add some cement powder mixed processing made of a kind of insulation material, the only advantage is the fire performance, Non-combustible materials, in addition to no other advantages, will not be added because of the storage arm of the arm of the braid raid raid "active" word will be reborn, common inorganic insulation mortar, glass beads or perlite Particles add cement, rubber powder and other additives mixed into a kind of insulation materials, but also add rock wool, sepiolite and other inorganic insulation materials. But the overall insulation effect is poor, especially in the north can not meet the 50-65% energy saving requirements.
Q:Wall plastering works: why gypsum ash should not be wiped in the cement mortar layer
Cement mortar in the wet weather, the water coagulation on the surface, lime paste water condensation in the inside, the two easy to delamination, so lime paste under the grass, are used cement lime mortar The shrinkage of the material is different Lime mortar Suxian light liver scalled Fei Gui ten ginger water, will affect the strength of cement mortar Lime is not fully hydrated lime will be the top cracked plaster Lime mortar for a long time there is the possibility of precipitation of calcium carbonate This will be layered
Q:3 cm thick insulation mortar consumption price is the number of per square
33 level That is, 003 cubic meters per square meter know the bulk density, the multiplied weight, know the price can be obtained price insulation mortar is also divided into inorganic insulation mortar (perlite) and polystyrene insulation mortar Specific Internet consulting can be related to the manufacturer Insulation mortar is a variety of lightweight materials for the aggregate, cement as cement
Q:M10 mortar mix design and raw material test a total of how much material?
Should be enough In fact, the laboratory is not the number of the main time in the inspection when the cement should be sieved
Q:What kind of material does the concrete model use? Mortar can be used directly?
Gypsum, model paint, and then effect liquid. The The The
Q:Do the wall waterproofing can be directly on the brick brush on a layer of waterproof material on it
Can be ah, but in general are rafting spoiled slander diarrhea oblique riveting is done on the concrete, in fact, there are some tiles waterproof role, the late seepage of the words will be outside the brush waterproof paint, are generally used transparent glue, recommended Dragon wall waterproof transparent plastic, before the seepage used to the past few years will not change color, does not affect the decorative effect.

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