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Product Description:


Universal coupling 

1.Ductile iron end cover and steel sleeve

2.EPDM gasket

3.Pressure : PN10/16

4.size : DN50-DN300 


Technical parameters of coupling:

Large Tolerance Unit Coupling is designed to connect with two plain and pipe and it accommodates up to 7-angularity in the sleeve.



Material:Sleeve by rolled steel to BS EN 10025:1993 Grade S275/ASTM A283 End Rings by GJS500 casting.


Working Pressure:

Pressure test 350psi(24 bar),

Working pressure 230psi(16 bar).


Gasket:NBR for natural gas, EPDM for potable water.


Double protect bolts and nuts:

DIN 603 Grade 8.8 with one DIN 934 nut and DIN 125 washer.

Bolts and nuts are galvanizing.



RAL 5005 Polyester painting, thickness 150μm.


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We are a manufacturer and trading group specializes in the export of metal products. It mainly deals with various of ferrous metal & nonferrous metal castings and forgings, our main products covering water valves and fittings, power line fittings,fire-fighting equipments, motor & pump part, automotive & machine parts,.etc.

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