Cylinder vacuum cleane dust absorption power 60W/90W

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$6.88 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
Supply Capability:
1000 unit/month

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Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner           Dust absorption power:60W/90W        DC:12V          Power line:2.5M Material: PP /ABS  Product size:20*20*23CM 


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Q:what are some good cheap~ish handheld vacuum cleaners?
the best i've found has been dirt devil.
Q:To all those guys having problems with their ex's or cheating women, ect....?
Elia, relax! It's called a metaphor. Bill you are right on, my husband and I were talking about the exact same topic last night. Men usually have to work much harder to close the deal than women.
Q:What brand or type of vacuum is the most effective and most affordable?
1. Stay away from Dyson, they are high-priced disposables as you will see if you visit the nearest tip = there are always loads of them there. 2. Vacuum cleaners need a certain amount of maintenance which most folk can't be bothered to do so the cleaners fail. It takes me less than an hour once a month to clean out stuff such as long hairs from the rotating bush mechanism and apply a spot of light oil here and there. 3. They are made to suck up dust and small items of debris such as grit particles and small leaves. Avoid trying to suck up large and claggy items such as cat or dog poop, chewing gum and thongs which will definitely wreck the cleaner. 4. Oh yes and what is the make of my now four year old lightweight cleaner? It's a VAX which cost me around $130.
Q:Stupid string and vacuum cleaners... Grrrrr?
because we except our vacuum's to do what they are made for. To pick stuff up off the floor. I'm not saying I except it to pick up a ball of yarn, but a stray thread from a sweater or something should go in!
Q:What are some examples of a vacuum that is found around the house?
turkey baster
Q:why are lights on vacuum cleaners
I think its so you can see when u r cleaning places with little light such as closets with no light and under tables and couches and stuff
Q:What is your vacuum cleaners worst enemy besides neglect? Want to NEVER buy another vacuum filter again?
Thanks, my dog's hair ALWAYS clogs my vacuum
Q:Do steam cleaning vacuum cleaners work as well as a rental from the grocery store or hiring someone?
I Hope this was helpful ~~~~
Q:anyone know how well the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum works?
I don't know about that one. I do have a suggestion if you can afford to spend a little more money though. The Dyson vacuum cleaners are excellent. We have one and have three cats and a dog and it really does a great job.
Q:Do you name your vacuum cleaners?
yes but they are derogatory like I will yell that it doesn't suck

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