counter basin for wash hand with the ceramic basin - 504

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Product Description:


Ceramic Wash Hand Counter Basin
1-High Quality Bathroom Ceramic Wash Basin
2-Standard production
3-Unique GlazeSpray

1Model No.:504


4Mounted Type:Bowl Sinks / Vessel Basins Top mounted
5Surface Finish:

1- Nanometer glaze Polish without Pin Hole and Spot

2- Exhause Pipe:Fully Glazed inner part

3- Glaze Surface:Sanitary glaze/Nanometer glaze feel Smooth

4- Charateristic:Eco-Friendly


2-Shape:Round /Retangular

3-Spilway Hole:Back

4-Drain Hole Size:450 mm

5-Faucet:400 mm --1 hole Top Mounted



8Packing:1 PCS Pack in an individual 5-ply white color box

1-1x20GP:466 Pcs

2-1x40HQ:1133 Pcs






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Q:How is it that the basin is slow?
It is possible that your sewer exhaust pipe is not smooth. Drain, the tube gas needs to be discharged.
Q:Kohler's washbasin is better than TOTO's washbasin
This. The Should the style of it ~ ~ Oh?
Q:Stinky bathroom sink?
the first thing to do is pour a good deal of boiling water down the drain say 5 kettles full . see if that fixes it . if that does not work you will see a u shaped pipe under the sink once the sink is empty remove this large nut from the bottom of the u shaped pipe . have a buckey read to catch water as there will be some in there and wear either nothing when you do it or really old clothes . in your own home i suggest wearing notthing its easier once you have the nut off then stick your finger in there and pull out any hair or gunk that is in there. then put the bolt back in . you may want to go to the hardware store and get some tape for the bolt before hand its plastic tape or wrap used just for plumbing ask them at the store they will know what you need. you wrap that around the threads of the bolt or nut like thing before you put it back in . the threads are the ridges on the bolt. one time around is enough. this is all easy to do if there is space to work under the sink . it is do able by any able bodied person. if this does not fix the problem then you may have a gas trap problem that requires a plumber. but do all this first unless you find the smell comes out of more then one drain . then go for the trap solution sooner. good luck have fun. oh dont pour chemicals in there as at some point someone may need to open the pipe as i told you how to do and the chemicals can get on the person bad thing to have happen . oh the tool you need to open the plug is called a pipe wrench . they cost different amounts but you should just buy the cheapest one that will work . they adjust to the size of the bolt. the hardware store carries them and ask them how to work it as it is abit different then other wrenches. but its simple to once you know how to work it . so just ask for a 1 minute demo from the hardware store man.
Q:What is the maximum size of the basin?
As long as people feel good in which OK ah
Q:Clogged Bathroom Sink! NEED HELP?
Don't worry just give a call to Pathfinder Plumbing... They will solve your all your plumbing issues...
Q:Tablet Decoration how to do, artificial stone surface decal how to do the process, where the film can buy
You are advised not to do or stainless steel pots higher than the table a little better because of such a clean and clean even if the basin and the table can be flattened, then the formation of a circle of grooves so easy to hide dirt and cause health cleanup is not completely from the outside The indecent indecentness
Q:Do you have to do waterproofing at the bathroom wall
The bathroom had to do waterproof, not only the ground. Walls have to do, generally do one meter eight high because the bathroom wall permeable words will affect the other room walls
Q:how do you fix a hole and crack in a Porcelain bathroom sink?
The hardware stores sell porcelain repair kits w/ instructions. But the best thing to do is replace it.
Q:how do i put a bathroom sink?
oh man....first of all, i don't know if you want to replace your sink or your fixtures or both? to remove the sink you will have to remove all the fixtures first. this can be simple to difficult depnding on tools you have, level of expertise, AND age and type of connections used. the sink itself is probably held in place by a series of small clamps connected to counter top and sink. as well as the drain pipes. unscrew clamps, disconnect drain, and it will pop right out. if you wanted to replace the old fixtures which is what i think you were saying, the best advice i can give you is to buy good grade new fixtures, then read and follow all directions. this would really be a wordy-confusing answer were i to try and describe what is actually a relatively easy fix. take your time, have patience, CUT THE WATER OFF, and you can do this thing. AND also while you are under there, go ahead and replace the old drain lines too; pee trap and all of that old plumbing. i would even put new shut offs in, but thats up to you. gl with it!
Q:My bathroom sink only drains well if you pour water directly down through the drain opening?
The stopper might need adjusting, the over flow might be clogged and sink can't breathe

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