counter basin for wash hand with the ceramic basin - 508

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Product Description:


Ceramic Wash Hand Counter Basin
1-High Quality Bathroom Ceramic Wash Basin
2-Standard production
3-Unique GlazeSpray

1Model No.:508


4Mounted Type:Bowl Sinks / Vessel Basins Top mounted
5Surface Finish:

1- Nanometer glaze Polish without Pin Hole and Spot

2- Exhause Pipe:Fully Glazed inner part

3- Glaze Surface:Sanitary glaze/Nanometer glaze feel Smooth

4- Charateristic:Eco-Friendly


2-Shape:Round /Retangular

3-Spilway Hole:Back

4-Drain Hole Size:450 mm

5-Faucet:400 mm --1 hole Top Mounted



8Packing:1 PCS Pack in an individual 5-ply white color box

1-1x20GP:466 Pcs

2-1x40HQ:1133 Pcs






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Q:Why does my washing machine backup into bathroom sink?
The problem is possibly two fold. First is the fact it is going back into your sinks. This is an indication that the vent line on the roof is clogged. Behind your washer, or close by, is a vent stack that goes up through the roof of your house. This has possibly become clogged. You'll need a snake or some unclogging liquid to clear it out. The second problem is if you have a newer appliance. If so, they pump water out at a much higher rate than older appliances. If you are in an older home this may be a problem with not having the right sized pipe to drain into. This can be solved by installing a sink next to your washer and let the washer drain into the sink - but that requires a bit to do. Others have solved this by using devices to seal off the pipe and the hose so that it is forced to drain water. This can cause other issues, such as suction on the line with your washer, or simply forces too much pressure through the line and causes pipe problems. If you live in the country and your drainage goes into the yard some place, usually a drain pit, then the pipe going into the yard may be clogged. You'll have to rent a snake or call a plummer to clear it out. The most successful stories about this line is the use of a high pressure method of blowing the line out. That requires a plumber as it normally involves specialized equipment. I have the same problem and will be taking on the problem this weekend. Hope we all have easy fixes.
Q:What is the maximum size of the basin?
There seems to be no such thing!
Q:Hangzhou artificial stone basin basin environmental assessment approval
4, EPA approval. You finished with a revised report, pay the local Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency and publicity, publicity will be issued after you issued a copy of the document, get the approval documents, so the EIA procedures even finished.
Q:Ideas for a bathroom sink?
Well If you want to get some ideas related to home decoration like bathroom, living room and stuff like that i have one source check the source and get ideas
Q:Kitchen basin basin water pipe greasy how to deal with
You can buy oil products in your local market and supermarkets, or: wherever you can buy some of the treatment agents that deal with this water pipe oil
Q:Can ceramic pots be washed with steel balls?
If there is no enamel on the surface, the metal particles of the steel ball will penetrate into the ceramic and thus look black
Q:Bathroom washbasins the narrowest width
Can be customized to die
Q:Basin basin drainage height is generally how much
The problem is not clear, refers to the water pipe out of the ground from the wash basin outlet height or refers to the water pipe into the wall on the wall out of the height of the wash basin outlet? The former, then the height should not be too high, with a hose to connect the wall can be connected down, so there can put some things, too high can not put things, inside the other pipeline is not easy to repair when the failure, if after Of course, naturally high is better, from the wash basin outlet 10 cm or so is not higher than the outlet just fine
Q:How to choose the bathroom as a whole basin
To be beautiful also function. The wall-mounted basin is more careful than the choice of countertops. Edge design is not enough science, along the wall area enough to put things, are need to take into account the details.
Q:Home wash basin of the faucet no water, want to repair, is to find someone to repair it?
There are property management, looking for the property company's engineering staff; no property management, looking for water and electricity maintenance workers (general hardware store to provide such services)

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