Copper Nickel Alloy (CuNi1~CuNi44) A quality

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Product Description:

Copper-nickel alloy wire resistance is low, is widely used in low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical machines, wound resistors, instrumentation and other fields

Wire: Dia 0.04mm-8.0mm

Ribbon/strip: Thickness: 0.04mm-0.75mm

Width: 0.08mm-6.0mm

1) Features:

Our products have the following features: Stable performance, high resistivity, high working temperature, allowable high surface load, small specific gravity and reasonable price.

We can also supply other products by processing on your order: Stranded wire, twisted wire, coiled wire, wave-shaped wires and different kinds of standard or non-standard electrical heating elements.

2) Product Specifications:

Ferro-Chrome Alloys (Ferritic Alloys):
OCr21AL4, OCr21AL6, OCr25AL5, OCr23AL5, 1Cr13AL4, OCr21AL6Nb, OCr27AL7Mo2.
Nickel-Chrome Alloys (Ni-Cu Alloys): Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, Cr30Ni70, Cr20Ni30
Constantan Alloys (Cu-Ni Alloys): CuNi1, CuNi2, CuNi6, CuNi8, CuNi10, CuNi14, CuNi19, CuNi23, CuNi30, CuNi44, Manganin.

3) Competitive price:
Lower costs on labor, lower cost on raw material, high facility availability, short producing cycle, low manufacturing cost, strong adaptive capacity to producing variation

Properties/ MaterialResistivityMax.working temperatureTensile strengthMelting pointDensityTCREMF vs Cu
( 20 0 C  μΩ.m)( 0 C )( Mpa )( 0 C )( g/cm 3 )x10 -6 / 0 C(μV/ 0 C)

(20~600 0 C)(0~100 0 C)
NC0030.0320021010858.9<100< td="">-8
NC0050.0520022010908.9<120< td="">-12
NC0100.122025010958.9<60< td="">-18
NC0120.1225027010978.9<57< td="">-22
NC0150.1525029011008.9<50< td="">-25
NC0200.230031011158.9<30< td="">-28
NC0250.2530034011358.9<25< td="">-32
NC0300.330035011508.9<16< td="">-34
NC0350.3535040011708.9<10< td="">-37
NC0500.540042012008.9<-6< td="">-43

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