Concrete pump truck high pressure clamp coupling

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Bolt clamp


Cast steel

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Scope of application

concrete machinery/concrete pump pipe

 Product Name


 Tube Card

 Φ125  ordinary ( 4 kg )

 Tube Card

 Φ125 pipe  card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ125 (  including apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ125  large nut ( with apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ150 pipe  card ( with apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ150  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ175  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ180  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ200  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Screw  pipe clamp


 Screw  pipe clamp


Our advantages:

1. We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump parts in China, specialized in producing

  concrete pump delivery pipe, rubber hose, elbow, bend, reducer, coupling, cleaning ball, piston,

  cylinder, eye-glass plate, cutting ring, concrete placing boom, and so on

2. We have been supplying concrete pump parts for SCHWING, PUTZMEISTER, SANY, CIFA,

  KYOKUTO, ZOOMLION for 10 years, so we can promise you the quality and best price.

Packaging and transport:

No.1 Export standard packing  

No.2 Seaworthy packing  

No.3 other ways or according to the customer demand

Our services:

1, In case of quality problem the company provide free replacement

2, Provide technical support for free

3, Provide consumers with regular visits

4, Ensure the supply of ancillary parts

5, The company passed the ISO9000 certification, the product through 3 c certification in full compliance with national standards

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They are all very talented and will go far in the biz. I personally think all three will be world champion at some point.
Q:What is the difference between English and Metric pipe sizes?
The absolute best method for installing pex: Hire a plumber and help out us tradesmen during a time of need. :)
Q:What is the difference between the PVC joint and the PVC pipe joint?
What are the specifications of PVC threading tubes?:A metal tube 1, ordinary carbon steel wire (wire casing pipe) 2, metal flexible pipe (galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic coated metal snakeskin snakeskin tube)
Q:What decides if a fire is 1 or 5 alarm?
I know what your seeking but recently here in NZ its been banned because of the fittings blowing off the crimping isn't sufficient, co's over time it corrodes away, allowing the pipe to blow off! It's a bugger if it's in an interior wall. Here there's another brand and it has a stainless steel bush pushed up inside each connection before the fitting is pushed on. These fittings are able to be undone if needed they come in all sorts of sized configurations (it used to be called Acorn fittings but it could have since changed) The only thing is I wouldn't expect this plastic piping to carry hot water. The blockage might be something simple you will just have to try and eliminate possible causes by checking everything. The problem could quite easily be the pressure reducing valve as they often gum up with crap besides they have a tiny jet within them that blocks if the diapham is perished then you will get very little flow if anything!! I'd be seeking out the fault first, co's you might go replace all the piping using all the existing fittings only to find the problem is still there you have achieved nothing!! Other than spent lots of money time for nothing!! It's better cheaper to remedy the problem first if you find the pipework needs replacing then by all means do it - Do it once do it well is my work ethic's Cheers!!
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The microwave is built such that the inside is shielded from the outside. That is why the inside is metal, and the door contains a screen. That screen has holes that are smaller than the wavelenth of the microwaves, so no significant energy escapes. If you like, think of it as trying to get 1 inch ball bearings through a half inch hole. They don't go though. The shielding also serves another purpose - making the microwave oven more efficient. If the energy simply escaped, it wouldn't be reflected back onto the food to cook it, and you would need more power to cook your food. For a comparison - try baking a cake in a conventional oven and leave the door open - your kitchen gets hotter, and the oven is hot inside, but it won't keep up with your set temperature - a microwave works in a similar way, the shielding keeps the microwave energy inside longer. As for the microwave energy itself, its basically a powerful radio transmitter. It does not generate ionizing radiation (gamma or x rays) which can cause cancer in large doses. The frequency of the waves in the microwave simply vibrate water molecules, and the faster a molecule vibrates, the hotter it is. So, reviewing - a microwave oven puts out radio waves of a high frequency and power, which heat up water molecules. The water in your food gets hot, and so does the food since it contains water. You aren't in danger from a microwave because 1) there is no cancer causing (ionizing) radiation, and 2) there is shielding to prevent the energy from escaping and improves the cooking efficency. BTW - Cell phones also put out microwaves, but about 10,000 times less power than a microwave oven - the cell phone doesn't cook you because the power is too small, it also doesn't give you cancer because microwaves don't cause cancer, as mentioned above.
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Please turn off the fire ! then keep answering.
Q:The hydraulic pipe fittings how to distinguish the British, American, metric!
Also known as the metric metric tube thread pipe thread, 6810 diameter (pitch diameter of 12141618202224 (1); 1.5; 2730333639424548525660 (pitch) diameter pitch 2), divided into cylindrical and tapered pipe thread pipe thread, with the way into the column, cone and cone, cone two.
Q:how do you get the spindalls off the axles a1997 dodge intripid?
It isn't any more stupid than cleanses and diet pills and the such.
Q:What's the hydraulic pipe joint material?
Selection of pipe joints, the minimum is equal to the entire hydraulic system working state of the maximum working pressure setting the maximum working pressure for each joint, not only to consider the pump outlet pressure, also consider starting pressure relief valve. Therefore, in the design of complex hydraulic pipeline, the actual pressure is best measured by field measurements. The system operating pressure has been fixed, so the maximum working pressure of each selected pipe joint shall be checked.The maximum working pressure of the pipe joint can be changed by different sealing methods or according to the change of temperature: similarly, if the pipe joint chooses the elastic seal, it will get higher working pressure than the rigid seal.International standard set 4 times insurance coefficient, the reason is the practice of design thinking, the error of pipe joint device and equipment operation process may appear, the working condition of the system stability, in order to guarantee the system not paralyzed when in operation, so the insurance coefficient of the nominal pressure of the high.
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