Concrete pump clamp coupling connect pipes

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Forged or Casting

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Bolt clamp


Cast steel

Standard or Nonstandard


Scope of application

concrete machinery/concrete pump pipe

 Product Name


 Tube Card

 Φ125  ordinary ( 4 kg )

 Tube Card

 Φ125 pipe  card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ125 (  including apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ125  large nut ( with apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ150 pipe  card ( with apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ150  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ175  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ180  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ200  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Screw  pipe clamp


 Screw  pipe clamp


Our advantages:

1. We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump parts in China, specialized in producing

  concrete pump delivery pipe, rubber hose, elbow, bend, reducer, coupling, cleaning ball, piston,

  cylinder, eye-glass plate, cutting ring, concrete placing boom, and so on

2. We have been supplying concrete pump parts for SCHWING, PUTZMEISTER, SANY, CIFA,

  KYOKUTO, ZOOMLION for 10 years, so we can promise you the quality and best price.

Packaging and transport:

No.1 Export standard packing  

No.2 Seaworthy packing  

No.3 other ways or according to the customer demand

Our services:

1, In case of quality problem the company provide free replacement

2, Provide technical support for free

3, Provide consumers with regular visits

4, Ensure the supply of ancillary parts

5, The company passed the ISO9000 certification, the product through 3 c certification in full compliance with national standards

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technically speaking you cant really put an arch in it you can get different fittings to create an arch. what is it for? you can try heating it but if the pvc bubbles or burns the plastic will become thinner and it will also make it more brittle
Q:How should thread thread be broken in the joint?
Use it or just block nose block head is inserted into the wire bending inside hard inside broken filaments can be embedded step continuous rotation, there is the use of flat tool to find the counterclockwise rotation of the screw fracture force head broken inside.
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Any alteration to a listed fireplace unit will render it unsafe unless the manufacturer provides a listed conversion kit or specifications for fabricating a vent using readily available listed venting materials.. Ask your dealer if this is available. If not, only use a listed fireplace that has been installed according to the instructions that came with it.
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They make conversion pieces. You just solder a threaded female or male end and then use the opposite threaded piece for the pvc end and just wrap teflon on whichever side the male threads are on. why do you need to convert to pvc? Repairing copper is not hard. Just takes a bit of practice soldering. Need a good cleaning brush, a flux application brush, some solder and a good torch that gets pretty hot (like mapp). Its all about NOT touching the part you wish to solder with any part of your body after cleaning it as acids that humans produce actually are corrosive to it and may leak in time. You only need a ring inside of the joint with solder, not a big glob outside. If you are converting though.a threaded male to female works or threaded female to male works too. You are basically taking straight pipe and adding a threaded fitting, using teflon and then threading the pvc end into it.
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Galvanized pipe eventually rusts. There is no getting around that. Galvanized pipe has all threaded joints more opportunities for leaks. Galvanized pipe has thicker walls, and is less prone to freeze damage, and is often used near hot water heaters. Now, with Copper, youve got ridgid copper tubing, sweated, or with compression fittings, and flexible copper tubing, usually with flared, compression fittings. Any pipe with compression fittings has an opportunity to leak at the joint, over time. Sweated (or soldered) joints hold up better over time. You have to have some practice doing this though or you may just end up with a lot of leaks, heheheh If you are doing this yourself, for the first time, go with the compression fittings. Another option, is cpvc. Ive been in a LOT of homes with cpvc plumbing, and it holds up just as well as the copper, with the added ease of use, for first time installers. My own home is a mix of copper (original) and cpvc (new). I can sweat pipes, but I find the cpvc faster to install. IF you go with copper or galvanized plumbing . do NOT use it as your ground for your electrical system. I know this is quite popular in many areas. It should be avoided though, especially when using copper pipes. Ive seen copper pipes that have turned paper thin, because of the 'leech' effect, from their being used as the electrical ground. Go ahead and buy a ground rod, and pound it into the yard close to your foundation. You'll prevent many headaches in the future. Have Fun
Q:What kind of tubing connections do you have?.
Pipe joint is detachable between the tubing and tubing, tubing and hydraulic components of the connection, it should satisfy the convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable connection, reliable sealing, small size, large capacity oil, small pressure loss, good processing etc.
Q:How to distinguish the type of tubing joint?
The oil pipe connection depends on what standard. It is convenient for you to contact me. specializes in this thing.
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Q:What is the function of the pipe joint?
The hydraulic pipeline is mainly to transport hydraulic oil, the pipe joint is mainly for connection, installation and maintenance convenience.

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