CBN Cutting inserts for air-conditioner compresser

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Specifications of cutting tool:


Including external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.



As the first product, our turning cutting tools has the following impassable advantages:


· our turning cutting tools cover a wide application range with a full line-up of ISO cutting tools that produce high quality and high precision cutting tools and parts for all manufacturers’ requirements.


· Main cutting tool’s type include external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.


· All the spare cutting tools are made by ourselves, stable and controllable quality can reduce the wear of the insert and adjustment time.




· Mainly use for turning machine, boring, grooving and threading in NC Lathe.

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Q:What is the method of welding a carbide blade on a tool handle
Burn the copper on the knife rack. Pour the borax over it. Put the alloy blade on top. Borax is poured into the metal blade with an air cut flame. Be careful not to use high pressure oxygen valves. When the copper water inside is evenly distributed, it cools naturally.
Q:What is the length of the cut and the length of the car knife
The cut length is the size of the lathe tool when the lathe is prepared for turning, and the length of the tool is the size of the vehicle's completion piece. Basic knowledge of
Q:Who knows what equipment and tools to weld hard alloys on knives and milling knives.
Resistance brazing can be divided into direct heating and indirect heating. The direct heating method is to put the electrode on both sides of the joint, causing the current to pass through the contact resistance of the brazing surface and heat up to complete the welding process. Indirect heating method is put electrodes in joint on one side of the steel on the parent metal, current through the parent metal on one side of the brazing seam resistance heating (or by heating element) brazing. The indirect heating method can avoid the contact of the electrode with hard alloy, prevent the heat and loss of hard alloy and avoid the decrease and cracking of hardness. But with copper or silver based solder, commonly used have H68, HL105 solder, etc., including HL105 shear strength of solder is higher, for welding YT5 knives, shear strength can be up to 28.5 GPa, for YG8 can reach 29.7 GPa. It is commonly used to remove borax
Q:How to use a car knife properly in machine processing?
This is a fine-grained tungsten carbide drill with a small amount of carbon niobium, known as YA, which is used in YA6. It is suitable for processing of stainless steel, heat resistant steel, hard cast iron, iron alloy, hard plastic, glass and ceramic. When choosing a hard alloy, it should be considered according to the characteristics of the hard alloy itself, the material of processing and the cutting condition. In addition to the cutting materials of high speed and hard alloy, there are also carbon tool steel, alloy tool steels, diamond, ceramics and so on. The cutting performance of carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel is poor, while diamond price is high, all three are less used. Due to the ceramic material is higher than red hardness of cemented carbide, good abrasion resistance, low prices, is becoming a widely used tool material, but due to the material brittle, afraid of shock, sharpening is difficult, so is limited by a certain while in use. Table 4-4 is the characteristic of common vehicle tool and its cutting cost.
Q:What is the powder of the car knife welding
Borax, borax, also called borax, which is a chemical composition, is a sodium tetraborate containing 10 water molecules. Its crystal is tabular or columnar, and the crystals are assembled together to form clusters of crystals, granular, porous soil, etc., and the color is white with gray borax - the original Or light yellow, blue, green, etc., with glass luster. CAS: 1303-96-4 formula: Na2B4O7. 10 h2o molecular mass: 381.37 the boiling point: 1575 ℃, melting point 320 ℃ Chinese name: borax sodium tetraborate sand (water) ten month Yellow sand borax borax powder (medical) industry
Q:The lower corners of the car blade allow the tools to be worn down
Tool life is the total amount of cutting time that a new tool can be used to cut from the machine until the tool is scrapped.
Q:What is the method of welding the carbide blade on the blade?
Melt it to the top of the knife, put the blade on the pole and continue to roast! Until the copper and metal blades touch even! A simple welding knife comes out and B soldering is right!
Q:Can the welding structure 45 # steel replace Q235?
Can't. Although the strength of steel is higher than Q235, the welding performance is poor due to high carbon content. Do it by design
Q:The Angle of the turning tool
Before clearance Angle From the Angle of the tip of the knife to the tip of the knife, a space is formed under the front clearance Angle, the working face and the tip of the knife, and the cutting action is concentrated on the nose. If this Angle is too small, the tool will rub on the surface, and produce the rough surface, the Angle is too big, the knife can easily shake, the knife nose breaks the crack cannot be made. The Angle of the Angle of the knife should be considered when the cutting edge of a tool with a slanted blade is mounted. The Angle of the high speed steel is about 8 ~ 10 degrees, and the carbide tool is between 6 and 8 degrees.
Q:It is good to use a lathe tool for welding or with a numerical control tool
With CNC lathe tool, do you have a recommended cutting dosage, can obtain better surface quality and better dimensional precision, and process stability, longer tool life, no knife, so the production efficiency is high.

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