Carbide inserts turning tool CNMG120408 zcc inserts carbide CNC inserts

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 Carbide Turning Inserts TNMG160408 

- Made from 100% virgin raw material.

produced with advanced equipments and perfect workmanship.

All products go through in-process and final inspection.

Stable and continuous production ability.

Product Information 


pure tungsten carbide material, recycling material is available 

- Size of the inserts:OD limited crabide to 400 mm,thickness above 2mm

- Manufacturering carbide products including TC ball,bar material,wortle,strips,tips,dies,milling cutters,scraper blades,rods,inserts and so on.

- Factory price,manufacturing irregular shape according to your inserts' drawing




- soft foam to prevent the surface being scratched in one small carboard boxes, several small boxes in one larger hard carboard with fills to avoid a slope, besides hard carboard is easy to load and transport

- We can also arrange packaging according to your special requirements or discuss

- product code on cardboards instead of any company information such as logo to keep deal information secret and beneficial to customs clearance





There are three ways to be choose, as follows: 

- International Express: UPS,TNT,DHL

- Port transportation: all ports

- We delivery products according to customer’s requirements and paid by buyer after the destination confirmation

- take insurance for the goods according to contract



Our Service


- ISO , BV certificate and sound testing equipment to assure the quality

- Professional advice for the application problems, we accept return of goods with quality problems or discuss

- Survey Email of products usage will be sent timely to listen your feedback,our aim is trying to make everyone of our customers satified!

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Q:What is the method of welding a carbide blade on a tool handle
Normal oxygen welding flux borax and copper electrode welding. The welding method is as follows; When welding, use the carbon (CCl4) to apply the knife pole to the part of the scrubbing, use oxygen and acetylene to burn the car knife red and then sprinkle with borax! Melt it to the top of the knife, place the blade on the pole, continue to burn the copper and alloy blades, and the blade comes out.
Q:What is the handle of a lathe tool
It's usually 45 # steel or 40Cr. A good thing is T8, high speed steel and whole hard alloy Tao feng cutter will solve the welding tool tungsten steel milling cutter for you
Q:What type of car knife is best to process powder metallurgy
The CBN cutter can be used to process the PM parts for soft to HRC25 with the cubic boron nitride blade at HRC greater than 45
Q:What is the advantage of a convertible car knife compared to a regular one
Indexable turning tool is machine clamp type knives, blade, blade row locking device, and they were turning tool wear, loosen locking turn an Angle as long as the fastening can continue to use, convenient than welded common tool, but the welding knife is convenient, the cost is low, welding knife is bad will have to change knife to hand grinding, long service life. For hard working parts, the requirement is high. But it can grind out the various kinds of shapes, which are suitable for special shape, which is suitable for ordinary machine tool. Machine knife: the price is higher, the shape is the standard, if the workpiece has the temporary change that again want to buy again, because this can't regrind. Because it does not need to grind the knife so the worker upper hand is relatively quick, suitable for the numerical control processing with high precision.
Q:What if oxygen welds don't stick
Use neutral flame when welding, and the energy size is chosen according to the size of the vehicle. 2, when heated, flame core distance blade 3-5 mm, heated the blade, cutting head is heated with embers, (segment of small size, easy to heat, the temperature is too high, the oxidation of the cutting tools); To be dark red in the knife body, heat copper electrode, and remove the solder (borax), apply to the head of the knife. Borax, which melts into liquid as the temperature rises, seeps into the gap between the head and the blade, and if the knife swipes, the penetration is good. Both the body and the head of the knife are red. 5, the welding torch up 20-30 mm, the copper wire from the top of the blade and the clearance of the cutting tools, with the flame straight wire, welding wire melting, and then quickly using flame around the slit purging, outflow bright copper liquid in the gap, adjust the Angle of the cutting tools at this time, leave the flame. The copper in the head of the knife is solidified, the color is dark red, put in the heat preservation box, the heat preservation will be used after 24 hours.
Q:Lathe tool welding method!! Concrete action steps!! Precautions should be taken!
Using the oxygen to heat the pole of the knife with the use of borax and copper electrode, it will burn red. Put a little bit of borax, put on the head of the knife, preheat the electrode with borax, and then melt the electrode and insert the stick. Borax's name is sodium tetraboride.
Q:How to wear a car knife to the outside garden
New tool: according to the cutting quantity first slot, cutting quantity will take slot open a bit deep, cutting a small amount of dot, and the two horns before and after grinding smooth, the final grinding round big rounded, this car out of the finish is bright!
Q:How to weld a car knife with copper
It's best to have the first one, plus borax, and then put in the head of the knife, which is very strong
Q:Can CNC lathe tool be replaced by welding knife
If possible, cut the amount as small as possible. Slow down a little bit. The numerical control blade is the general name of indexable blade, which is the mainstream product in modern metal cutting applications. The main applications are metal turning, milling, cutting cutting, threading, etc.
Q:How about the grinding of a rough car?
Is half forming hard alloy knife, only need to grind out after Angle, grooving, chamfering, pour point arc line, after rough turning Angle cannot too big, or not enough rigidity, chip breaker groove can be a little wider, convenience of chip breaker,

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