Carbide Turning Inserts TNMG160408 tungsten carbide inserts

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- pure tungsten carbide material, recycling material is available 

- Size of the inserts:OD limited crabide to 400 mm,thickness above 2mm

- Manufacturering carbide products including TC ball,bar material,wortle,strips,tips,dies,milling cutters,scraper blades,rods,inserts and so on.

- Factory price,manufacturing irregular shape according to your inserts' drawing





- soft foam to prevent the surface being scratched in one small carboard boxes, several small boxes in one larger hard carboard with fills to avoid a slope, besides hard carboard is easy to load and transport

- we can also arrange packaging according to your special requirements or discuss

product code on cardboards instead of any company information such as logo to keep deal information secret and beneficial to customs clearance





There are three ways to be choose, as follows: 

- International Express: UPS,TNT,DHL

- Port transportation: all ports

- We delivery products according to customer’s requirements and paid by buyer after the destination confirmation

- take insurance for the goods according to contract



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- ISO , BV certificate and sound testing equipment to assure the quality

- Professional advice for the application problems, we accept return of goods with quality problems or discuss

- Survey Email of products usage will be sent timely to listen your feedback,our aim is trying to make everyone of our customers satified!

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Q:I want to know what materials I need to weld a carbide-tipped tool
If there are conditions, the use of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied gas welding torch, because of the high liquid gas containing hydrogen, welding is not easy oxidation, black, and low flame temperature, alloy tool bit soft and uniform temperature rise, it is not easy to crack. Apply the pole to the grinding wheel, the metal luster, ground level, easy welding. First heated the cutter bar, 700 degrees (just a dark red) and a few borax, continue to heat and copper wire, copper wire at this time of melt, evenly spread out on the welding of the copper, not too thick, laying copper flat, otherwise the cutting head is bad. Leave the torch and sprinkle a little bit of borax. Use tweezers put good, the alloy tool bit heating cutter and cutter bar juncture place, this place is on the tool holder, (part) is not on the tip of this is for the sake of tool holder and tool bit heated at the same time, when the tool holder and tool bit reaches 800 degrees Fahrenheit, put the copper electrode, then copper electrode melt into the cutting head and the crevice tool rod, heat the torch around the cutting head shaking more, until the cutting head and the cutter bar to isothermal, cutting head completely floating on the cutter bar, welding is complete. Do not move at this time of tool holder, cutting head is out, wait about 15 seconds, copper sludge, the cutter and cutter bar in a heat insulation barrels containing vermiculite, slow cooling after about 4 hours, the temperature of the cooling to be able to use.
Q:The tip of the tool tip
The tip of the blade is also referred to as the transitional cutting edge, which is a cutting edge between the main and the side angles. Transition cutting edge effect is to enhance the intensity of blade, reduce the point of cutting thickness, make the finished surface is formed under the small cutting thickness, is conducive to improve the surface finish of workpiece, improve the point of the cooling conditions, reduce wear and tear.
Q:How do you know the type of car knife
Forming tool. The shape and size of the shape and size of the cutting edge of the machine tool are the shape and size of the tool blade. In CNC turning, the common forming tool has small radius circular arc tool, non-rectangular slot machine tool and threading tool. In nc machining, it should be used as little or no forming tool. The choice of the turning tool of the machine clip Machine clip indexable nc tool common varieties, more than 2000 kinds of specifications, and requirements in a variety of indexable carbide insert, ceramic knives and other material of the blade to match. There are various kinds of milling cutter, hole cutting tool, lathe tool and compound cutter (drilling, expanding, boring, spot). In order to reduce the time and convenience of changing the knife, to facilitate the standardization of machine processing, the CNC turning process should be used as the machine clamp knife and blade. CNC lathe is used in the form of rotary tool.
Q:Welding hard alloy is silver welding or copper welding
The high temperature of the cutting tool and the high tensile strength of the welding. The high temperature of the tool when the blade is not cut and the strength of the welding strength is poor.
Q:What kinds of car knives are used?
The blade is made of steel, and it is made from grinding and turning into a cutting knife, thread knife and so on. Blade material: high speed steel. Hard alloy ceramic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). Cutter shape: outer circle, inner hole, face knife (left for positive dao, and for anti-dao), thread knife, groove knife, etc
Q:What if oxygen welds don't stick
The temperature is not enough, the knife and the head of the knife are in place first, and then some copper powder is good to stick to
Q:When is the car knife not using the coolant?
It depends on your tool is to belong to that type of material, also want to see the using objects, white steel knife with a cooling fluid commonly, because it belongs to the low speed props, capricious, low brittleness, commonly used for picking thread, such as without coolant blade soon burn. Alloy steel cutter, generally without coolant, because it belongs to high speed cutter, used for metal cutting, speed between 350-1200 revolutions, hardness of the cutting tools is very high, but very crisp, fell on the ground fall can cause the blade.
Q:How to wear a car knife to the outside garden
If it doesn't, grind it into a "U" line instead of a "U" line, which is just a pair of letters that fit together, and that's a nice car
Q:Does the grinder work with the grinder or the universal grinder?
The cuttings of the grinding blade depend on the shape, width, depth, depth of cutting, depth of feed, and quantity of feed. Under normal circumstances, the chip breaker groove shape is outside the horoscope, namely narrow near the cutter bar (90 - degree cylindrical turning), can force the chip broken crumbs, if in eight states, can make the chip curling into spring shape, reduce the machine speed, increase the feeding, the measure such as open cooling fluid can force the chip broken crumbs, chip breaker groove depth can not be too shallow, of course. But large plastic materials to it is very difficult to chip breaker, such as stainless steel 304, like this material is unlikely to chip breaker, this case is to find a way to make it curl into spring shape.
Q:How to use a lathe tool
That, I think so, in the actual processing, dip in accumulation place is far, alloy tool to rip off hardening layer, and then use white steel lathe tool for car, car when turning and is not very big, some relative sharpen knife for you processing can effectively avoid the knife, and the effect of cutting fluid is more simple, reduce the cutter wear, increase the degree of finish. Cutter causes of accumulation of tumor was high temperature of the cutting tools, so that the wear of the cutting tools is accelerated, a blunt knife may be faster, so the cutting tool to sharpen some, the use of cutting fluid is the best way, there's nothing else to solve

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