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Specifications of Hammer Rock Drilling Tools 

Top Hammer Rock Tool: 
- Thread connection: R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51; 
Including button bits,drill rod,coupling.


About products:

- Integral drill steels (Integral Drill Rods)

Shank H22x108mm, H19x108mm, standard hex. Bit diameters include 20-42mm.

Tapered drilling tools (Tapered Drill Steel)

Including:Shank H22x 108mm, (6, 7, 11, 12 degree taper) taper rods in most lengths.

A comprehensive range of button bits, cross bits and chisel bits with (6, 7, 11, 12 degree taper).

Bit diameter: 28mm-57mm.

Extension drilling tools

Button bit, face design: Flat face, drop centre, Normal and Retrac body.

Tungsten carbide (Buttons): Spherical, ballistic and Conical. (Threaded R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, bit diameter: 45mm-127mm);

Couplings sleeves-manufactured with a middle stop to prevent walking along the thread. Include couplings sleeve (threaded R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51)

Shank adaptors-carburized and manufactured with tight tolerances and controlled straightness.

Down the hole hammers and DTH bits (Down The Hole Drilling)

Offer IR hammer, DHD3.5, DHD340a, DHD360, DHD380, and low pressure hammers CIR65a, CIR90, CIR110, CIR150, CIR170 etc. 

DTH bits: 60mm-254mm bits with flat face, concave design fit for the atlas copco and ingersoll-rand model etc.

Excavate coal cutter bits

Include all kinds of round cutter bit and flat cutter bits for excavate coal machine as the replacements of kennametal. Such as U76, U82, U84, U85, U92, U94, U95, U118 and coal bolting bit and coal bolting rod.

All kinds of casing bits for shield machine and construction tools.

Round road planning bit for road milling machine and machine.

Shank diameter=19.4mm, 25mm, 30mm, 33mm, 38mm, etc.

Blast furnace tap hole drill tools. (Rod, Cross bits, button bits and X-type bits etc). 

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Q:How to wear a car knife
It is a real effort to sharpen a knife, it is the result of practice. Tool generally according to the material divided into two kinds, one kind is cemented carbide, is a kind of high speed steel. These two kinds of tool because material is different, have different choice of sand wheel. When high speed steel knife to dip in water cooling. But when these two kinds of tool grinding or have something in common, the following one by one. First, the side of the blade (the cutting knife is two sides) Sharpen the front of the lathe. Polish the top of the car knife. Open the chip slot. Grind with oil stone.
Q:The tip of the tool tip
The tip of the blade determines the smooth finish of the cutting workpiece, and the tip of the blade has different functions, and it is necessary to grind a small circular arc to the tip of the blade.
Q:What are the types of car knives?
The tool can be divided into outer circle, shoulder, end face, cutting, cutting, thread and forming tool. There are also car knives for automatic line and digital control machine tools. The structure can be divided into the overall car knife, the welding tool, the lathe tool, the turning tool and the shaping tool
Q:When is the car knife not using the coolant?
Not all tool to cooling fluid, generally low speed operation tool requires coolant, even alloy cutter machining metal parts at low speed, many will prepare some coolant or water. This is your specific environment, which is like what texture and hardness of a car, what texture and the size of the label.
Q:Method of installation of CNC internal turning tool
The sliding 3 blade under the knife rod is used to reduce the sliding 3 blade under the knife rod to reduce the screw
Q:Why does a lathe tool have a rear Angle? How is its size chosen?
That is to reduce the friction between the workpiece and the rear blade. In rough machining, the material of the workpiece is smaller when the material is hard, and the finished processing or the material is softer
Q:The difference between the Angle of the blade and the Angle of the blade
This is two different angles, the front Angle is the Angle of the knife, the blade Angle is the Angle of the blade.
Q:How to sharpen a car knife?
Ask the old master at your side, they are very experienced. I advise you to go to xinhua bookshop to buy a mechanical workers cutting manual. The mica is thin and crisp, so the tool is sharpened by the processing of the material.
Q:What is the best Angle for a car knife
The first cut should be greater than the thickness of the hard skin because of the hard skin on the surface of the workpiece and the tip of the blade. If the length of the workpiece is shorter or the surface is uneven, the cutting amount should not be too big. The coarse car should be left with 0.5 ~ 1mm as the spare quantity of the fine car. The accuracy of the coarse car is it14-it11, and the surface roughness Ra is usually 12.5 ~ 6.3 mu m. The purpose of the fine car is to ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the parts, and the productivity should be raised as far as possible. The accuracy of the average precision car is IT8 ~ IT7, the surface roughness value Ra = 3.2 ~ 0.8 mu m, so the fine car is mainly the processing quality of improving the workpiece. The cutting dosage should be used for the smaller cutting depth ap = 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm and the smaller quantity of feed f = 0.05 ~ 0.2 mm/r, the cutting speed is preferable. Another outstanding problem with the fine car is the requirement for surface roughness. The main measures for reducing the surface roughness Ra are as follows. (1) the use of cutting is reasonable. With smaller cutting depth ap and quantity f, the residual area can be reduced, reducing the Ra value.
Q:What kind of car knife does the car harden steel? After quenching, the deformation is large and needs to be trimmed
Have time to talk. You're still going to use the boron nitride. It's time for 2mm to grind the bed. You give me the details. Let me analyze it for you. Contact information in the data.

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