tungsten carbide inserts for cutting tool

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pure tungsten carbide material, recycling material is available 

- Size of the inserts:OD limited crabide to 400 mm,thickness above 2mm

- Manufacturering carbide products including TC ball,bar material,wortle,strips,tips,dies,milling cutters,scraper blades,rods,inserts and so on.

- Factory price,manufacturing irregular shape according to your inserts' drawing





1,soft foam to prevent the surface being scratched in one small carboard boxes, several small boxes in one larger hard carboard with fills to avoid a slope, besides hard carboard is easy to load and transport

2, we can also arrange packaging according to your special requirements or discuss

3,product code on cardboards instead of any company information such as logo to keep deal information secret and beneficial to customs clearance





There are three ways to be choose, as follows: 

- International Express: UPS,TNT,DHL

Port transportation: all ports

We delivery products according to customer’s requirements and paid by buyer after the destination confirmation

take insurance for the goods according to contract



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- ISO , BV certificate and sound testing equipment to assure the quality

Professional advice for the application problems, we accept return of goods with quality problems or discuss

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Q:The type of circular lathe tool of CNC lathe
According to the main categories, there are external rough and round and circular cutting knives.
Q:What is the difference between a CNC lathe and a fine turning tool?
The thick blade is generally wide, the rear Angle is small and the blade is big. A fine car knife is the opposite.
Q:Why is the blade shavings always grinding
After you have mastered the open slot on the left side of the wheel, try to open the groove on the right side of the wheel. It is a very profound process, and it is not a matter of two days to master the craft, so it cannot be rushed.
Q:Full details of the welding tool with oxygen hwan?
The oxygen cylinder should wear safety cap, firm on the fixed scaffold, the measures to prevent sun exposure. The oxygen in the oxygen cylinder should not be fully used, the remaining pressure must be left, and the anti-acetylene reverse irrigation will cause the explosion. Oxygen cylinders with residual pressure should be tightened and marked with "empty bottles". When the oxygen cylinder attachment is defective, the valve screw slip should be stopped. 4, use the hand and tools of the oil to operate the cylinders in case of an explosion.
Q:How to wear a car knife to the outside garden
If it doesn't, grind it into a "U" line instead of a "U" line, which is just a pair of letters that fit together, and that's a nice car
Q:What is the reason for the hard alloy blade to be welded to the pole?
Welding quality problem. Hard alloy tool head, tool bar belongs to foreign metal welding, now mainly has: gas welding brazing and high frequency welding. Gas welding brazing is using oxyacetylene flame (or oxygen propane etc) welding, heat tool rod alloy tool bit, using the copper wire dips in flux flux (copper, borax boric acid equal parts mixed flux, borax) a welding process, welding copper wire melting point is lower than the tool holder, segment, using the capillary action for brazing welding effect. The flame leaves the molten pool in the welding process, and the protection of the air is not strong enough to cause the welding. It is necessary to clean up the welding quality before it can be soldered. High frequency brazing is the use of silver soldering terminal (copper welding pieces of external coating with silver) as a tool holder, cutting head solder, using high-frequency alternating current heating temperature, silver welding molten brazing welding effect. Incorrect selection of welding parameters and poor quality of silver welded plates will also cause the welding to be unstable. Before welding, tool tip is also cleaned up.
Q:The blade is related to what
The blade is worn too thin and the knife is fast and fast. An artifact has impurities or pores
Q:Who knows what equipment and tools to weld hard alloys on knives and milling knives.
Resistance brazing can be divided into direct heating and indirect heating. The direct heating method is to put the electrode on both sides of the joint, causing the current to pass through the contact resistance of the brazing surface and heat up to complete the welding process. Indirect heating method is put electrodes in joint on one side of the steel on the parent metal, current through the parent metal on one side of the brazing seam resistance heating (or by heating element) brazing. The indirect heating method can avoid the contact of the electrode with hard alloy, prevent the heat and loss of hard alloy and avoid the decrease and cracking of hardness. But with copper or silver based solder, commonly used have H68, HL105 solder, etc., including HL105 shear strength of solder is higher, for welding YT5 knives, shear strength can be up to 28.5 GPa, for YG8 can reach 29.7 GPa. It is commonly used to remove borax
Q:Can the welding tool be welded with 2.5 copper wire
The welding tool can be used for 2.5 copper wires (s221 wire). Lathe using cutting tool head, belong to the hard alloy steel, such as YG8, YT15, YW1 etc., and the blade carbon steel with copper welding method, the most common is the copper brazing.
Q:How does the reverse turning tool on a CNC lathe use the knife?
If there is a more convenient tool for the knife, it is the equivalent of a fixed tool for cutting the knife, which is recorded in the position of the tool. So if it's a multi-type small batch process, it's best to buy the one with the knife. Save time. The basic coordinate relation of CNC lathe and several kinds of dao methods are compared In the operation and programming of nc lathe, it is very important to understand the basic coordinate relation and the principle of dao. This helps us better understand how the machine works, and how to modify the size deviation during processing.

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