new Face cutter milling cuter for cnc machine

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Specifications of face finish cutter 


- High precision 
- Suitable for cutting heavily 
- Easy insert replacement

CNC lathe milling tool holder, face cutter, facing milling cutter,  side & face milling cutter cnc milling cutter face cutter finishing milling cutter for aluminum




- firm clamping

- high precision

- easy insert replacement

- general use

- suitable to use cutting fluid

- suitable to apply through,coolant system 





- Mainly use for should milling, side milling, face milling, grooving milling and so on in CNC milling machine & CNC machine center. 

- Suitable many type Inserts

- Surface Treatment: Black Oxide; Nickle Plating.

- We can also produce milling insert

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Q:What is a lathe for aluminum
Aluminum is a good tool. Cooling is necessary. Gold steel and stone tools for high light requirements.
Q:What is the reason for the hard alloy blade to be welded to the pole?
The temperature is not enough to mix well. Knife rod burning red first, put some borax points on copper strip, copper to see good fusion to the tool holder, put in the blade, the time not more than a minute, with every where in every bits of bit copper bar
Q:How to wear a car knife
But it's tricky to grind a car knife, and pay attention to the following points: No matter which side of the sharpener, be sure to keep the Angle of the cut (such as the front Angle, the back corner, etc.). In order to make every face of a car knife look like a face, it must slowly move the blade of the tool when it is grinding. In order to observe the grinding of the blade, the blade is always at the top.
Q:How does a lathe tool grind not to have a burr on the piece?
But must grind the sharp, also want to workpiece chip impact resistance, wear resistance after the surface is smooth, cutter according to the material, hardness, choose reasonable tool bit is also very important.
Q:What's the effect of the 90's exterior planer?
The function is to prevent premature collapse of the tip, help the surface smoothness of the workpiece, improve the service life of the tool. A lathe tool is used for turning the cutting part of a cutting tool. A lathe tool is one of the most widely used knives in machining. Working part of the lathe tool is a portion of production and the processing chip, including the blade, the structure of the chip broken broken or volume approach, chip removal, or should the storage space of the chip, cutting fluid channels such as structural elements.
Q:How many blades are there for cutting off a car knife? Which is the main blade, which is the blade?
If you measure it, you can take it down, put it flat on it, or measure it in the position of the actual load
Q:Hole in the inner port knife? The hole in the bore is the same
Is the mouth hole bore bed, workpiece is fixed, the cutting movement and feed movement was done by the cutting tool, so the machining accuracy is higher, especially for heavy, large, precision parts, such as diesel engine cylinder block, large gear case bed processing hole must be in the chamber.
Q:To design the tool manual for the shape of the rib body
So there was a rapid development. The cutting part of the lathe is composed of main cutting edge, cutting edge, front, rear and rear. Its geometry by former Angle Angle alpha after gamma o, o, Lord Angle kappa r, blade Angle gamma S predominate, deputy Angle kappa 惤 predominate and point is determined by the arc radius r epsilon. The choice of the geometrical parameter of the lathe is influenced by a variety of factors, which must be selected according to the specific situation. The anterior Angle gammao is selected based on the composition and strength of the material of the workpiece, and the smaller value should be taken when the material of higher intensity is higher. For example, cemented carbide cutting tool in cutting of ordinary carbon steel before take 10 ° ~ 15 ° Angle; When cutting chromium manganese steel and hardened steel take - 2 ° ~ 10 °. After generally take 6 ° ~ 10 ° Angle. Main Angle kappa r predominate, according to the rigid conditions of the process system generally take 30 ° ~ 75 °, poor rigidity when take larger value, in the car when the ladder shaft, due to the need of cutting way is greater than or equal to 90 °. Tip arc radius r epsilon and deputy Angle kappa 惤 generally predominate and selection according to the requirement of the processing surface roughness. The blade Angle gamma S is determined according to the direction of the drainage and the strength of the blade. The pattern in front of the lathe (figure 2) is based on the material of the workpiece and the material of the tool. The simplest is the flat type, the flat type of the front Angle
Q:What is the cutting part of the lathe?
The tip of the knife is the connection between the main cutting edge and the side cutting edge. Depending on the situation used by the tool, the tip of the blade has the tip of the tip and the tip of the reverse. From the above analysis, we can learn that there is a close relationship between the various parts of the lathe. In fact, in a dozen or dozens of square millimeters, several parts form angles. These angles have great influence on the quality of processing and the service life of the tool.
Q:What's the difference between a milling cutter and a blade?
The blade of a car has a positive front Angle and groove for cutting, while the milling cutter is usually high speed press cutting, the blade usually has no groove, and the front Angle is installed.

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