Face cutter milling cuter for cnc machine tungsten carbide face finish

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Product Description:

Specifications of face finish cutter 

- High precision 
- Suitable for cutting heavily 
- Easy insert replacement

CNC lathe milling tool holder, face cutter, facing milling cutter,  side & face milling cutter cnc milling cutter face cutter finishing milling cutter for aluminum



- firm clamping

- high precision

- easy insert replacement

- general use

- suitable to use cutting fluid

- suitable to apply through,coolant system 





- Mainly use for should milling, side milling, face milling, grooving milling and so on in CNC milling machine & CNC machine center. 

- Suitable many type Inserts

- Surface Treatment: Black Oxide; Nickle Plating.

- We can also produce milling insert

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