95 Degree New B Type CNC External Turning Holders of BCLNR2525M12 or BCLNR2020K12

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Specifications of cutting tool

Including external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.



As the first product, our turning cutting tools has the following impassable advantages:


· our turning cutting tools cover a wide application range with a full line-up of ISO cutting tools that produce high quality and high precision cutting tools and parts for all manufacturers requirements.


· Main cutting tools type include external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.


· All the spare cutting tools are made by ourselves, stable and controllable quality can reduce the wear of the insert and adjustment time.



· Mainly use for turning machine, boring, grooving and threading in NC Lathe.

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Q:What material is used to heat up after welding?
Then an old welder had resoldered it, and it was just the place. The main point is that the flame can't blow for too long, the alloy hair is red and it should be immediately with the matrix, not only faster but also more important. Because it's bad if you don't do it twice
Q:What is the length of the cut and the length of the car knife
Cutting length: the size of the tool when the lathe is ready for turning. Cut out the length of the car knife: the length of the vehicle's complete stop. turning Lathe processing is part of machine processing. Lathe processing mainly USES the lathe knife to turn the part of the lathe to process the lathe. It can also be processed with drills, reamer, reamer, tap, die and roller. The lathe is mainly used for machining shaft, disc, sleeve and other parts with rotating surface, which is the most widely used machine tool in machine manufacturing and repair shop.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of turning a turning tool
The numerical control tool must be a direction of development, and when your tool is selected, your benefit will multiply. But welding knives will not disappear as well, because of the need to deal with a few tests and repairs
Q:It is good to use a lathe tool for welding or with a numerical control tool
I can only say that there are advantages, Can use welding knife, knife of low cost, large feed, heavy cutting, but need to sharpen, low tool life, speed cannot too tall, so often low production efficiency.
Q:If you can make a simple machine tool, you can also improve your productivity.
And those machine clips you say are very durable As for what you're saying, you want to make a simple machine with a knife Nothing is impossible Of course, I suggest you start with the welding tool I don't think there is anything that can be improved It is mainly the head of the tool, which can be from the position of the head, the looseness and the flexibility How do you match the problem of the lathe A little of your own opinion, I hope it will help you.
Q:What kind of car knife does the car harden steel? After quenching, the deformation is large and needs to be trimmed
For the cause and countermeasures of the boron blade collapse, see the reference material "the shallow view of the CBN blade". I have also met before, according to your processing allowance, it is better to choose the domestic quality of the better cubic boron n. At present domestic do boron nitride tool manufacturers are mostly foreign CBN composite plate made by made of CBN tool cutting, welding, complex brand characteristics of CBN abroad is not very clear, this is also the domestic composite superhard predicament of the market
Q:hat do you do with the auto knife
To adjust the cutting speed to avoid the critical cutting speed. When cutting, turning, or using wide blade cutter, forming tool and thread cutter, the speed of the machine is less than the critical cutting speed. The speed of cutting is greater than the critical cutting speed when the vertical and the cutting ring face are. It increases the stiffness of the process system and improves the vibration resistance. When the tool is installed, it should not be too long, and the boring tool is as short and thick as possible. Try to shorten the outstretched length of the socket. To remove the vibration by using a central frame or with a tool holder, or with a long, thin shaft cutter with a large Angle. It is possible to do as much as possible without the cutting speed of the product that is prone to produce the tumor. Use the appropriate cutting amount. The cutting width can be reduced and the cutting thickness is increased
Q:The same car knife, how to realize the rough car processing wood or steel parts, please, thank you!
If you must use the same tool to realize coarse to fine cars, blade Angle remains unchanged, it can only be implemented from cutting parameters, the rough machining can lower cutting speed, feed and feed speed, but good car increase cutting speed, small feeding and the feeding speed.
Q:How do you sharpen a cast-iron tool?
The tool should be chosen well, at least with YG6, the fine car is YG3. 2) the car knife takes the Angle of 0, the big cut open the rough and the negative Angle. The big round lone blade.
Q:What are the independent basic angles of the cutting part?
(2) the Angle between the posterior Angle alpha o and the cutting plane is measured in the orthogonal plane. The rear Angle indicates the degree of tilt behind the tool. (3) the main Angle kappa r main cutting plane is measured in the base plane with the Angle between the assumed working plane

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