Mill cutting tool Tungsten carbide mill cutting tools milling cutter tungsten milling cutter

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 Specification of milling cutter

- Milling tool 
- Material:High Quality Carbide 
- Profiling, Center Cutting 
- Higher Wear Resistance

Milling Cutting tool

- Application: suitable for processing various materials.

- Best material: we use the import material, AF,SANDVIK,KENNAMETAL,CB,etc.    

- Quality:all our manufactured end mills are inspected by advanced zoller mearsurement.

- Facility:we have the world lastest 5-axis tools grinding machines.

- Flexbility:non-standard sizes are accepted.








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Q:What kind of car knife makes the surface of an artifact very good?
1. The lathe insufficient rigidity Such as drag board and iron is loose, and drive imbalance caused by vibration. Of course, lathe installed on shaky can also cause vibrations, caused by vibration of the workpiece surface roughness is reduced. 2. The tool rigidity caused vibration so as far as possible choose coarse tool rod, reducing tool out of a length; The rigidity of the workpiece can also cause vibration, so when turning a thin shaft, apply the center frame, or replace the two top folders with one pin. The cutting part geometrical parameters are incorrect according to the cutting characteristics of the workpiece materials, and the surface roughness is reduced. 4. Due to the generation of the devolop tumor, lower the surface roughness of the devolop tumor is very strong, because when cutting the devolop tumor involvement, makes the surface appear the phenomenon of hair or a road cross the trench, should try to avoid its produced when turning. In the analysis of the above reasons, we should know early prevention, eliminate the problem in the bud, improve the precision of the workpiece and meet the design requirement.
Q:The height of the tool tip and the center of the workpiece are roughness to the workpiece
A large diameter piece of work is a little bit shorter and it doesn't matter. When you have a very thin piece of diameter, you want to be as flat as possible
Q:What is the powder of the car knife welding
Borax, borax, also called borax, which is a chemical composition, is a sodium tetraborate containing 10 water molecules. Its crystal is tabular or columnar, and the crystals are assembled together to form clusters of crystals, granular, porous soil, etc., and the color is white with gray borax - the original Or light yellow, blue, green, etc., with glass luster. CAS: 1303-96-4 formula: Na2B4O7. 10 h2o molecular mass: 381.37 the boiling point: 1575 ℃, melting point 320 ℃ Chinese name: borax sodium tetraborate sand (water) ten month Yellow sand borax borax powder (medical) industry
Q:How to make the quality of the welding tool?
The structure of welded cutting tool should be sufficiently rigid Sufficient rigidity is guaranteed by the size of the maximum allowable dimensions and the use of high strength steel and heat treatment. Carbide blades should be fixed firmly Cemented carbide welding blade should have enough degree of fixation, it is to rely on groove and welding quality to guarantee, therefore, according to the blade shape and the cutting tool geometry parameter choice blade groove shape.
Q:How does a car knife grind to make a car clean
Another light blade directly on the grinding wheel can trim out the tip arc. No repairing the grinding wheel. If jump grinding wheel, grinding is not a knife, can use gold pen repair level off.
Q:What if oxygen welds don't stick
The temperature is not enough, the knife and the head of the knife are in place first, and then some copper powder is good to stick to
Q:Does the tip of a regular lathe break down the blade of a tool
Have so several ways: 1 knife too, intermittent cutting blade Angle is best negative or zero, because the tip is the most fragile tool cutting part, if the tip first contact with the workpiece, most of the impact to the point. The impact will smash the tip of the knife. There is a clearance between the plates, causing the tray to move forward while cutting, causing a knife.
Q:What is the method of welding the carbide blade on the blade?
You're talking about a carbide welding knife! Flame soldering can be soldered by burning gas with oxygen or compressed air by burning flame as a source of heat.
Q:Method of shock absorption of inner hole tool
The main reason is 1. Blade sharpening 2. Cutting quantity 3. Spindle speed 4. Steel 5, parts material 6, the shape of parts Here to tell you a solution to thin wall parts car hole method to avoid shock knife, and find some things of bicycle tube tightly set outside the artifacts, the effect is very good oh, can draw lessons from it
Q:The long, thin axle, how to install the tool, and whether to aim at the center
Depending on the requirements, don't use the tool rack and the center frame.I hope my answer will help you.

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