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Product Description:

Specification of Tungsten carbide blade/ knife:

Raw material: K10. K20. K30. YG8. YG6X. YG15X and so on.

These kinds of material: They has high wear resistance, super hardness high precession and high bending strength. Everyone of our products is strictly tested. 

Our products advantages as below:

- Factory price and advanced equipment

Grade 1 Raw Material. such as YG3X.YG6X

High hardness and wear resistance 

20 years professional experience

Be more durable OEM &ODM Service

All payment terms supported

Fast delivery time & Convenient Transportation

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System

- 100% virgin tungsten carbide 

Detail information of our products

- tungsten carbide blades can be used for cutting the following goods: 

Corrugated boards/paper, PowerPCB/printed circuit board, Asbestos tile, Paper, Rubber, Books and magazines, Plastic film, Tobacco, Cloth, Non-ferrous metal, Plastic, Wood/timber, Lithium battery, Leather and so on.

- SRT supplies blades for the following industries  

Arts and Grafts, AutoGlass, Ceramic Dicing, Converting, Hunting, Food, Packaging industrial, Fiber, Medical, Magnets, Customized blades and so on.

- Products range: Strips & plates cutting tools, Ring Roller, Products for mining industry, Other customized items, Tungsten heavy alloy and so on.


Process as below: 

Powder Mixing →Pressing→Sintering→Blank test→Finish machining→Quality assessment→Packaging→Delivery


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Q:What are the main angles of the car knife? What's the difference?
Side Angle: the side cutting edge and the Angle between the inlet and the back. Its effect is to affect the roughness of the finished surface, and reduce the auxiliary Angle to make the surface smooth. Selection principle is: when finishing, to improve the quality of the finished surface and should select a smaller value, usually for 5 to 10 °.
Q:The lower corners of the car blade allow the tools to be worn down
Tool durability (tool life) is an important parameter to measure the cutting performance of tool material, cutting machinability of workpiece materials and the reasonable parameters of tool geometry parameters. If you use the tool's durability (tool life) times the cutting time, it is the total life of the tool.
Q:What's the difference between a milling cutter and a blade?
There's a big difference between a milling cutter and a car knife. Below with vertical milling cutter as example, the vertical milling cutter is no blade, just in the face with the main cutting edge profile have a cutting edge, shape like a bit, but the end face of the milling cutter is not sharp but flat, and there's a kind of end milling cutter and vertical milling cutter section under similar is particularly large diameter, face under end milling cutter is replaceable blade; The blade of a lathe blade is much thicker, most of which is hard alloy. Cutter and cutting tool material is not the same, just as ordinary milling cutter with carbide blade, better milling cutter with high-speed tool just better, their heat treatment process is not the same, often cutter blade has the better mechanical properties.
Q:How to weld a car knife? How do you handle the welding fire
I put the knife in the pole and put it on the bottom of the pole. Don't burn the alloy. When the blade is red, the alloy is turning red. Where the copper is hot. Don't burn your ass, you'll have more experience...
Q:How to sharpen the cut of the lathe
The position and method of sharpening the tool People stand on the side of the grinder to prevent debris from hurtful when the grinding wheel breaks. 2, the distance between the two hands is relaxed, the two elbows tighten the waist, in order to reduce the shaking of the sharpener. 3, grinding, turning to on the plane of grinding wheel center, a turned-up nose about 3 ° ~ 8 °, after turning tool grinding wheel contact should be done about the horizontal direction of movement. When the tool leaves the wheel, the knife must be lifted up to prevent the blade from being hurt by the grinding wheel. 4, in the face of the machete, the tail of the dao is left over the Angle of the main Angle. When the side of the knife is worn, the end of the pole is angled to the right. When grinding the tip of a knife, it is usually used to hold the front of the turning point with the left hand and turn the back of the tool with the right hand.
Q:The blade is related to what
One, the blade number of the blade, the specification chooses not. The blade is too thick or too rough for a plate that is too hard and too brittle. Solution: increase the thickness of the blade or set up the blade, choose the plate number with bending strength and toughness. Second, the choice of tool geometrical parameters is improper (such as before, rear Angle too big etc.). The solution can be set up in the following areas: (1), before and after the proper reduction; (2) using a large negative Angle; (3) reducing the main Angle; (4) using a large negative chamfer or a cutting edge; (5) the cutting edge of the cutting edge, the welding process of the tip of the blade, the blade, is incorrect, causing the welding stress to be too great or the welding crack. Solution: 1. Avoid the structure of three closed blade grooves; The correct choice of solder blade can be used with 105 # solder. The YT30 or YG3 blades can be used in 107 # solder. Avoid the use of oxyacetylene flame welding. 4, the structure that USES mechanical reinforcement as far as possible is not reasonable. If the quantity is too large, it is the machine tool stuffy. When cutting off, the cutting rate is too high and the quantity of supply is too large; When the margin of the blank is uneven, the cutting depth is too small; When cutting high manganese steel, such as high manganese steel, etc., the quantity of feed is too small
Q:High speed steel car knife/white steel bar is as sharp as a scalpel
If you really do sword that can not only consider the hardness, must also consider toughness, or you can be careful what you throw a broken accidentally fell underground it, ha ha, because of too hardware is generally too brittle.
Q:How do you sharpen a 90 degree lathe knife process
The tip of the knife should be 1 to 1.5 mm round, and the amount of the knife can be between 6 and 8 mm, 0.3 to 0.45. Adjust the quantity of the feed according to the speed and the amount of the knife, and the quantity of the knife can be increased.
Q:I want to know what materials I need to weld a carbide-tipped tool
You need to use the alloy electrode and 唖 welding tool Objects will first heated to red state (temperature of about 800 ~ 1000 degrees) and electrode with borax as flux (add) in accordance with the necessary then cemented carbide and tungsten steel lathe tool welding on the tool holder to complete a turning lathe turning tool rack can be attached cutting machine processing work
Q:What kind of alloy is the car knife used?
Cobalt tungsten titanium tantalum class (WC + TiC TaC + + Co)) in YT cemented carbide (YW) class carbide added TaC (NbC), on the basis of improving the bending strength, impact toughness and wear resistance, high temperature hardness, antioxidant capacity. It can process steel and process cast iron and non-ferrous metals. This is often called the universal hard alloy (also known as the universal carbide). It is mainly used to process refractory materials such as heat resistant steel, high manganese steel and stainless steel.

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