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Aluminium foil acts as a total barrier to light and oxygen (which cause fats to oxidise or become rancid), odours and flavours, moistness, and germs, it is used broadly in food and pharmaceutical packaging. The purpose of aluminium is to make long-life packs (aseptic processing|aseptic packaging) for drinks and dairy goods, which allows storing without refrigeration. Aluminium foil containers and trays are used to bake pies and to pack takeaway meals, ready snacks and long life pet foods.

Alufoil is widely sold into the consumer market, often in rolls of 500 mm (20 in) width and several metres in length.It is used for wrapping food in order to preserve it, for example, when storing leftover food in a refrigerator (where it serves the additional purpose of preventing odour exchange), when taking sandwiches on a journey, or when selling some kinds of take-away or fast food. Tex-Mex restaurants in the United States, for example, typically provide take-away burritos wrapped in aluminium foil.

Itthicker than 25 µm (1 mil) are impermeable to oxygen and water. Foils thinner than this become slightly permeable due to minute pinholes caused by the production process.

Aluminiumhas a shiny side and a matte side. The shiny side is produced when the aluminium is rolled during the final pass. It is difficult to produce rollers with a gap fine enough to cope with the foil gauge, therefore, for the final pass, two sheets are rolled at the same time, doubling the thickness of the gauge at entry to the rollers. When the sheets are later separated, the inside surface is dull, and the outside surface is shiny. This difference in the finish has led to the perception that favouring a side has an effect when cooking. While many believe that the different properties keep heat out when wrapped with the shiny finish facing out, and keep heat in with the shiny finish facing inwards, the actual difference is imperceptible without instrumentation.The reflectivity of bright aluminium foil is 88% while dull embossed foil is about 80%.

Aluminium alloys with a wide range of properties are used in engineering structures. Alloy systems are classified by a number system (ANSI) or by names indicating their main alloying constituents (DIN and ISO).

The strength and durability of aluminium alloys vary widely, not only as a result of the components of the specific alloy, but also as a result of heat treatments and manufacturing processes. A lack of knowledge of these aspects has from time to time led to improperly designed structures and gained aluminium a bad reputation.

One important structural limitation of aluminium alloys is their fatigue strength. Unlike steels, aluminium alloys have no well-defined fatigue limit, meaning that fatigue failure eventually occurs, under even very small cyclic loadings. This implies that engineers must assess these loads and design for a fixed life rather than an infinite life.

Another important property of aluminium alloys is their sensitivity to heat. Workshop procedures involving heating are complicated by the fact that aluminium, unlike steel, melts without first glowing red. Forming operations where a blow torch is used therefore require some expertise, since no visual signs reveal how close the material is to melting. Aluminium alloys, like all structural alloys, also are subject to internal stresses following heating operations such as welding and casting. The problem with aluminium alloys in this regard is their low melting point, which make them more susceptible to distortions from thermally induced stress relief. Controlled stress relief can be done during manufacturing by heat-treating the parts in an oven, followed by gradual cooling—in effect annealing the stresses.

The low melting point of aluminium alloys has not precluded their use in rocketry; even for use in constructing combustion chambers where gases can reach 3500 K. The Agena upper stage engine used a regeneratively cooled aluminium design for some parts of the nozzle, including the thermally critical throat region.

Another alloy of some value is aluminium bronze (Cu-Al alloy).

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Q:Why isn't aluminium used for electrical wiring?
It was tried several years ago for transmission lines, but was scrapped because Aluminum has too low of a melting point, and it also goes to liquid state very quickly when that critical temperature is reached. Aluminum was thought to be a good idea because it cools quickly, but alas it also heats up quickly too.
Q:What part of aluminum foil is hazardous?
Studies have shown that the amount of aluminum that leaches from aluminum cookware and aluminum foil into food is generally negligibleAluminum is the most abundant metal on EarthIt is used in foods, medicines, cosmetics, even baby formula I use aluminum foil on an almost daily basis as do millions of other households around the worldWe're not dead yetThere are lots of other things that will kill you faster than using the wrong side of a sheet of aluminum foil.
Q:Have you shopped at a $1.00 Store?
The Dollar Stores are the best places to shopIn my area, I shop at the Dollar Tree Dollar GeneralMy favorite store is Dollar GeneralI can buy brand name products there, especially cleaning suppliesI love the DG brand of window cleanerIt's not just for windows mirrorsIt's great for getting certain stains out tooI buy all my paper products there as well(brand names) I like to go to DG spend time, just looking aroundI like their greeting card selection as wellThey aren't Hallmark cards, but they're nice inexpensive alsoI have compared prices at WalMart DG is cheapest by far.
Q:last time, and first time I cooked BBQ chicken it was runny at the bottom of the pan anyone know why?
Try searing the chicken prior to baking, I'm assuming you baked them with BBQ sauceSalt and pepper both sides, on a medium hot sauce pan brown both sides with olive oil, bake and just the last 5 minutes drizzle BBQ sauce and when done take them out and loosely cover the chicken with aluminum foil for 5 to 10 minutes before serving to redistribute juice insideNever ever pierce the chicken for doneness immediately after taking out.
Q:I frosted a cake nicely, now cover it without ruining it?
My previous macbook had a plastic caseIt worked fine, no problemsMy current one is made from aluminumIt's fine alsoA bit thinner than the previous oneMilling something from a block of aluminum is expensiveThe manufacturer has to make tradeoffs between cost and usability, and they all make the tradeoff's differentlyDon't forget the unit with the aluminum case sells for $2500.
Q:Which of these would be the best substitute for toilet paper if you ran out?
steel wool if you plan on shaving your asss at the same time ew i just realized how gross that could be
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Q:i want to cook a simple fish dish any ideas?
Find the right diet for your individual body because there are many ways are there to lose weight just find what works for you
Q:why is foil made out of aluminum? are there any advantages of using this specific element?
You can cook and freeze anything really, I doJust make sure you heat it up properly before you eat it and make sure the containers are microwave safe or oven safe (if you want to use the oven instead of the microwave)
Q:when rolling out dough can I use aluminum foil instead of wax paper?
The tabs and the tops of the cans are worth the mostthey are better aluminum due to the fact that they are thicker and have not been painted like the sides of the can, making the recycling process much easieri suppose that is why many organizations such as the Ronald McDonald house take the tabs as donationsBatteries in my experience are bulky, messy, and worth about $5.00 to $8.00 each the last time i checkedIf i were you i would save them all, if your going to the recycling center they will probably take all the items, so you may as well get the most money you can for your trip there.

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