Ball Valve For Heating SupplyDN 125 mm high-performance

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Product Description:

Ball Valve For Heating Supply

Product Description of Ball valve for heating supply:

Technical introduction

The ball valve is designed as fully welded structure,which can prevent the leakage of medium.
The valve seat is floating and spring-loade.The seal is made of soft seal materials of PTFE+20%C and Viton B.The seat is tightly abutted against the ball surface by the pressure of a spring,so that even if the media is in low pressure,a reliable sealing can be assured for the ball valve.Double piston effect and double seal(two-seal seat)are adopted in specially designed valve seat to realize double sealing,which makes the tightness of the ball valve more advantageous and the operation easier.
A floating ball is adopted for DN15-DN200,and a stem and trunnion ball is adopted for DN200 and above,which can ensure the accurate position of different size ball.In other words,the sealing performance,low torque valve and operability can be guaranteed.
The sealing of the stem is fulfilled by two replaceable O-rings and packing consisting of PTEE+20%C or flexible graphite,as the packing seal material,is fire proof effect,and is specially suitable for fuel gas systems.
The materials used for the valve body and pipelines are the same(carbon steel or SS steel),valve body and stem adopt SS steel and the packing adopts PTEE+20%C which is corrosion-resistance or flexible graphite.


Design Features  of Ball valve for heating supply:

Features and Applications

Raymond's fully welded ball valve for heating supplyand Fuel Gas systemare used to control the flow at fully open or closed position,not regulate the flow.Only special types of ball valves can realize the flow regulation.Therefore,our welded ball valves can satisfy the requirements of heating systems,e.g:
Main pipelines of heating equipment
Cross channels of heating pipes
Heat exchanger station and any long distance operating station,e.g:
For the transmission of hot water and two kinds of mixed media(water,air or natural gas),limited to Max.4.0MPa and 200°C.
For the transmission of natural gas and one medium,from -30°C to 60°C,and even up to 150°C using specially designed ball valves.
Coal gas pipelines,trunk and the branch supply lines.


Standard of Ball valve for heating supply:


 Gear  Handwheel customize 


 Flange  SW  Weld customize 


 Gas  Natural   gas  Water customize 

Medium Temperature

 <200< span=""> customize 

Application Fields

 Electricity  Medical  Petrochemical customize   

Connection Standard

 EN 1092-1  EN 12627  ISO   7-1 customize 

FAQ of Ball valve for heating supply:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.


Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.


Q3:How can I place an order?

  The only one thing you should do is to tell us the sepecification about type quantity and  mode of transportation, then we will send you quotation within 24 hours.

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Q:Damaged water valves will not close?
Just shut the water off to the house and then you can change the faucet without having to mess with the valves. If you want to shut off the valves though just use a pair of chanel locks to turn them once you break them loose they will turn easier. If the handle breaks off it no biggy, it wont hurt the valve any, you just wont have handles but they dont work anyways right.
Q:Do blow-off valves cause problems in Audi tts?
Well, in the audi system it expects to get the extra boost back from the diverter valve so it would be against your best interest to blow off all the boost. However, they do make blow off valves that sound great but only lose 10-30% of the boost which would have little to no effect on the car and you still get that cool sound. I personally am not into blow off valves so I've never bought one but I've heard some good things about Forge blow off valves and I believe they make a 30% blow off like what you would want.
Q:blowout valve for sti plz help!?
A blowoff valve releases turbo pressure when shifting or when you're off the throttle. A BOV is basicly a vacuum tube connected to the intake manifold and two bolts(sometimes there will be a pipe to route the released intake pressure to prevent the engine from stalling), and shouldn't be too hard to change out in under 20 minutes or so, because it will void your warranty.
Q:How essential is an EGR Valve to the operation of a car?
EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve recirculates the exhaust gas back to the intake. The car will run without it but it might miss and it will most likely effect your gas mileage. EGR valves are not 5 dollars, thats a pcv valve. One for your car is around 140 dollars. If you have the money then replace it...eventually carbon deposits will build up.
Q:How do i take my valves out?
What I would do is just take the heads to an automotive machine shop and have a valve job done on them. They will do everything, grind and resurface the head and valve seats. This is the smart way to DIY. Do what you can do well yourself and let those with the proper tools training and expertise do what they do best. You'll save money this way and get the best work done at the best price.
Q:4 Valves per cylinder?
As goobersmooch says, your guess regarding 4 valves is wrong. On a 4-valve engine (i.e. that means 4 valves per cyclinder) there are two exhaust and two inlet valves. I can't remember offhand if there are bikes with 3 valves, but there are definitely cars with 3 valves. They are usually one inlet, two exhaust, because the exhaust valves get hotter (having to deal with hot burned gases) and two valves give a better surface-to-volume ratio, thus aiding with keeping them cool. I'm fairly sure there are bikes with 5 valves per cylinder, but I'm danmed if I can remember what they are. Why? Same principle applies - more valves in a given space means a better area for the gases/vapours to flow over = more efficiency. But eventually the ol' cost/benefit ratio catches up. It's harder to make a valve train to open 5 valves than it is to make one to open 4,3, or 2. All engines have their intakes on the carburettor side, whether 2-stroke or 4. Or, more acurately, their carbs are on the intake side. 2-stroke valves, if they have any, are completely different to 4-stroke, and they are on the intake side only. A 2-stroke engine doesn't necessarily need to have valves.
Q:can bad egr valve cause overheating?
This people above do not know much about EGR's which one of the main purposes is to lower combustion temperatures by introducing exhaust fumes into the intake. So yes it can add to the overheating problem. source GM tech
Q:What is a enlarged heart Valve?
I am a CCMA Look up the word Cardiomyopathy. This is the Medical Terminology for an Enlarged Heart Valve and Yes it is VERY serious. Best Wishes
Q:Calculation of Shutdown Valve Instrument Air Supply?
Shut down valves I've worked with haven't had an 'Air Flow' for their operation. For the smaller valves, they consist of diaphragm operated valves either held open or closed by pneumatic pressure. The air supply at 25psi to give a diaphragm holding pressure of 15 psi, is via a solenoid valve which dumps the air pressure to either open or close the valve depending upon its function. (That of isolating a system or relieving pressure). The solenoid is actuated by a signal from the shut-down system, and the valve is a 3-way unit which isolates the supply air and vents the pressure off the diaphragm. Other SDV's in my experience, are operated in a similar way but are much larger and are operated by a pneumatic air cylinder and piston with air supplied at 100 psi. Others encountered are ... MOV's...Motor Operated Valves that can be automatically operated from the shutdown system, or Operated Remotely from a safe distance (ROV's).
Q:moderately leaky heart valve?
Dont worry, its only moderate so you should be fine. Yes you should go to a pediatric cardiologist to get checked over and get an echo, and ekg and probably a chest xray. They will tell you everything you need to know, its ok dont worry! Im 16 years old also, i have Aortic stenosis(narrowing valve) Aortic Regurgitation(leaky valve) bicuspid aortic valve(only 2 leafs instead of 3) and Enlarged aorta(aorta is getting bigger) and im ok! My stenosis is moderate, my leakiness is moderate, my enlarged aorta is mild. And i have not had surgery yet, im totally fine, i just cant play contact sports because of the enlarged aorta. You should be fine! Email me through my profile if you have any questions

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