Ball Valve For Heating SupplyDN 65 mm high-performance

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Product Description:

Ball Valve For Heating Supply

Product Description of Ball valve for heating supply:

Technical introduction

The ball valve is designed as fully welded structure,which can prevent the leakage of medium.
The valve seat is floating and spring-loade.The seal is made of soft seal materials of PTFE+20%C and Viton B.The seat is tightly abutted against the ball surface by the pressure of a spring,so that even if the media is in low pressure,a reliable sealing can be assured for the ball valve.Double piston effect and double seal(two-seal seat)are adopted in specially designed valve seat to realize double sealing,which makes the tightness of the ball valve more advantageous and the operation easier.
A floating ball is adopted for DN15-DN200,and a stem and trunnion ball is adopted for DN200 and above,which can ensure the accurate position of different size ball.In other words,the sealing performance,low torque valve and operability can be guaranteed.
The sealing of the stem is fulfilled by two replaceable O-rings and packing consisting of PTEE+20%C or flexible graphite,as the packing seal material,is fire proof effect,and is specially suitable for fuel gas systems.
The materials used for the valve body and pipelines are the same(carbon steel or SS steel),valve body and stem adopt SS steel and the packing adopts PTEE+20%C which is corrosion-resistance or flexible graphite.


Design Features  of Ball valve for heating supply:

Features and Applications

Raymond's fully welded ball valve for heating supplyand Fuel Gas systemare used to control the flow at fully open or closed position,not regulate the flow.Only special types of ball valves can realize the flow regulation.Therefore,our welded ball valves can satisfy the requirements of heating systems,e.g:
Main pipelines of heating equipment
Cross channels of heating pipes
Heat exchanger station and any long distance operating station,e.g:
For the transmission of hot water and two kinds of mixed media(water,air or natural gas),limited to Max.4.0MPa and 200°C.
For the transmission of natural gas and one medium,from -30°C to 60°C,and even up to 150°C using specially designed ball valves.
Coal gas pipelines,trunk and the branch supply lines.


Standard of Ball valve for heating supply:


 Gear  Handwheel customize 


 Flange  SW  Weld customize 


 Gas  Natural   gas  Water customize 

Medium Temperature

 <200< span=""> customize 

Application Fields

 Electricity  Medical  Petrochemical customize   

Connection Standard

 EN 1092-1  EN 12627  ISO   7-1 customize 

FAQ of Ball valve for heating supply:

Q1:I can’t find the type of steel check valve which I need. what can I do?

The chart above only lists out some common composition of steel check valve parts.We may provide other different parts material composition according to the customer's request or the actual valve working condition.


Q2:Which certification do your products pass?

  Our products are in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001API 6AAPI 6DTS CEAPI607/6FA/BS6755.


Q3:How can I place an order?

  The only one thing you should do is to tell us the sepecification about type quantity and  mode of transportation, then we will send you quotation within 24 hours.

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Q:Leaking shut-off valve on a toilet?
Take out the old one. it is easy it just slides up the over flow tube go to a hardware store and get a replacement ball valve (Ballcock) they are just a couple bucks.slide the new one on! Take the old one when you go to get the new one.
Q:Are There Other Oils For Valves On The Trumpet Unstuck?
Pull it out and try saliva. Always worked for me
Q:What is a Valve Job?
I think your tech is adressing valve system deposits from your description. It can be done chemically, or with a shell blaster. Dirty injectors can be removed and sent for repair. Your car is pre OBD II, there is some experience and expertise required with cars before this because some of their problems won't set a code and require a real tech who had daily exposure to their habits, the fuel quality you can buy, your maintenance and repair records etc. Try the ford dealer for an evaluation of your current part usage and diagnosis of your symptoms. they should have your answers within the first hour. or, they may suggest a few tests. Getting aftermarket parts on your car over a period of years can make a diagnostic soup for a tech to pick-a-part.
Q:Can i smoke pot with and artificial valve?
I don't smoke anything. So pot was not an option for me. With that said I really do not have a problem with those that choose to do pot. I feel the same way about it as people that smoke. Please don't do it in my house, or in a confined area where I can't get away from it. I really do not want it around my kids. I think pot is safer then alcohol. I have known people that smoked pot. The majority of them did it to relax which meant they were hanging out at home. I feel that it should be legalized as that would kill a HUGE crime industry. Not much point in smuggling it over the borders or having secret deals with individuals when that person can run down to the local convenient store and pick it up. It could also be extra income for the governments as they could profit off it. I don't think it should be done while children are being watched. Like any substance, regardless of how mild it may be, it can impair your judgement. =)
Q:Valve cover painting in 1990 BMW 525i?
go to a auto parts store and buy engine paint. It will be a high temp paint and will withstand the engine temp.
Q:Closed valve on a Rainbird sprinkler system?
they dont really stick from the winter. i would say if the valve has a problem the diaphram needs replacing on the inside of it. ( all you have to do is find the same kind of valve and take the old parts out of the valve and replace them, the top, and the solenoid with the new valve's parts. they can be anywhere in your yard. ive even found the valve boxes buried under bushes. some installers don't put them in boxes, they just bury the valves. if you know where any of the green boxes are open the lids and see what's inside. sometimes more than one valve will be in a box. turn the solenoid on the valve. ( this will be the peice that the wire are connected to on the valve. dont turn the solenoid too much or it will come out. just a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn or so maybe a little more or less. and when you find the valve that turns on the zone 8 that is not working that is the valve for that section. you may even be able to hear the valve trying to come on when the timer shows it is running. if not, then check for power at the valve. if no power. there is a short, bad connection, or bad module in the timer. if power- replace just the solenoid first. if that doesnt work rebuild the valve. if you have no luck finding the box with zone 8 in it then try a few tips. get a screwdriver and poke around where some other valve boxes are. they may be close together. use a wire locator or hire a professional to locate the valve and show you how to repair it. to manually open and close the valve- open upthe solenoid like i said. or use the bleeder if the valve has one.
Q:Question about valve lifters and camshaft break in.?
Depending on the position of the plug holes relative to the valves you just might be able to fashion a piece of realy stiff, strong wire into a support for the valves whilst you remove the springs, but this would also depend on the spring compressor not needing to use the head on the valve to do the compressing. It is highly likely that with everything in your favour the above method will fail and you will be obliged to remove the head. I would simply remove the to take out the springs and then remove it again to replace them after running in.
Q:what is the difference between industrial swing type check valve and lift type check valve?
Horizontal Lift Check Valve
Q:Function of reed valves?
GuardrailJim and Badobses---, you both got it almost right. You other guys, take a lesson. First, Jim Bad should have said fuel is pulled into the crankcase, through the reed valves. The crankcase is a small sealed off area on a two stroke, just larger than the flywheels. Old days, the piston skirt was used for a valve, opened when the piston was on the way up, closed on the way down. Both systems use the piston skirt to open and close the exhaust port, which opens when the piston is on the way down on the power stroke, normally about half way, give or take a bit. Intake, into the combustion chamber starts when the transfer ports open, which is a bit after the exhaust port opens, and closes just a bit after the exhaust closes. With the reed valve, mixture is pulled into the crankcase at any time the case pressure goes below atmospheric. Also stops, by the reed valve, as soon as pressure goes over atmospheric. This lets the engine induce a fair amount more mixture than was possible with a piston port, and no blow back of mixture through the carb. This is a simplification of a very complicated piece of air flow. One will know chap I know, who also built some of the best, if not the best 2 stroke exhaust went back to college, got a Doctrate on accoustics before starting design of his expansion chamber systems, and THEY WORKED! Sorry, I did not mention disk valve engines the first time, in effect kin to the piston port, except they are timed for opening and closing to be at proper time to get maximum flow into the crankcase. Less blow back than with a piston port. Between piston port and reed in power, all else equal. Reed valves are all-round best. Cheers, Tomcotexas.
Q:Faulty EGR Valve on 88 Toyota?
Hello, The EGR valve will not spray oil, It is an exhaust gas recirculation valve that does not have oil get to it!! Please add more info so we can better answer your question . Thanks for additional info. But I don't think you know what the EGR valve is. Engine oil should not be spraying from the EGR valve ! Maybe you are trying to describe another part? Also, You need to fix the wheel cylinder or caliper before you can bleed the brakes. Maybe you need a mechanic to assist you. Good luck !

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