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alu doors and dest


High Quality , Competitive Price and Excellent Service
Make according to customer's requirement
1. Material :Aluminium 6063-T5

Aluminium door

1.We are specializing in casting aluminum handrial, fence, doors, windows, garden beach, arts & crafts and other aluminum products

2.the shape and the size can design by your requirement.

3.secruity and durability style wngineered for school ,house ,factory ,govemment building

4.high and strong tensible,refined and easily instanding.

5 feel bright and comfortable.

Feature :

        1.excellent airtightness and water proof performance

        3.storm and moisture resistance

       5.prevent the condensation

       6.reduce the noise

       7.abundant colors

Cut length:1.6.05m
 your request standard export packing

        2.pear; cotton +kraft paper

        3.carton box

        4.wooden pack

        5.follow customer’s requirement

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Q:How to make homemade electric curtain
Preparation materialsTo achieve this function, materials include: external power supply (5V or more), photosensitive resistance, DC motor, L293D (H bridge) and some resistance, jumper.
Q:What is the iron piece on the old door padlock?
Called a lock nose, or a lock. The buckle is a buckle that is used to fasten the two items.
Q:Mercedes sun roof left open in rain Windows wont work?
You may just need to let it dry out for a day or so after you check your fuses.
Q:The difference between steel fire doors and wooden fire doors
In China, the fire door in accordance with the different materials, mainly wood fire doors and steel fire doors two types, there are also steel doors and other fire doors and doors of the use of very few, 99% of the market are wood and Steel fire doors. As the name suggests wood fire doors are made of wood as a frame material, filled with refractory material inside, to make it a flame retardant performance of a door. Steel fire door its internal filling in the wood fire door exactly the same, the difference is only the door frame and the door for the production of steel plate.
Q:Sun roof and windows problems on Hyundai Elantra 2002?
Have you swapped any relays to test the A/C? This might be your problem. Check all relays from under the hood fuse box. It sounds weird that all of a sudden the windows and sunroof wouldn't work right after a routine check-up of the A/C. Something must have been disturbed from its place.
Q:Can the tiger window open on the north side of the roof
Can, but in the original large slope, in the location of the tiger window to play a small slope, after all, the tiger window is to do with the roof load-bearing walls to be placed in the load-bearing walls of the pork, , And the height of the large slope is not enough.
Q:Braid down from the old people can knit cardigan coat
It depends on what type of clothes you weave.
Q:I have a idea for a new type of roof window, but who do i talk to to promote this ?
If it's a new idea you probably want to get a patent on it first before you start talking to people. You would be amazed at how cutthroat some people are, you don't want to be just starting to get off the ground with your idea and find out that one of the people you showed your design to is already selling the product and you can't do anything because you didn't have a patent on it.
Q:There is a house in the countryside, the window is the kind of old wooden window + round steel seeking paint solution
Steel bar with 100 # cloth on the line where the number of sandpaper No. 2000 #, see the light on the line. Brush 2 side Zhangdan anti-rust paint, paint twice can be (dry after the brush on the first two sides, choose to reconcile the paint on the line can brush, the window sanding is also blending paint 2 side, each side can not be too thick. Small air pump on the use of enamel spray better.
Q:What are the advantages of metal mesh corrugated packing
The treatment efficiency of the structured packing is higher and the cost is smaller, but the packing is more resistant than the regular packing.

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