Removable Folding Window(door)Screen

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Super amphiphobic process makes a complementary(e.g bulge and concave)structure.

Super loeophobic performance after super amphiphobic process.

Super dewatering performance after super amphiphobic process.

1、(6063-T5)aluminum alloy outline border.Hardness≥12.

2、Environmental no-lead process surface,thickness≥10.

3、Anti-friction,spring folding net,PET and terylene are optional.

4、Anti-friction and anti-striction draw cord,with special process.

5、Advanced adhesion machine,first-class adhesion technique.

6、Super anti-friction rivet,can stand up to100,000times friction.

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Q:Car remote control keys can not lock the door can not open the lock is what the situation caused
Hello there! May be a remote control! It is recommended to replace the battery ... [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Is there a way you can tint flexible plastic windows in a convertible car?
cover them with a removable film
Q:Wuling light after the door lock has a root wire Gansha's
After the door lock has a root wire, is the trunk light or switch connection of the backup, when the time will not have an additional alignment.
Q:What kind of protective measures should be taken when designing windowsill below 0.8 m?
Plus railings, ah, as to how to add the various periods of the provisions of the period do not think, some windowsill 500 or more, you can add railings on the windowsill, the total height of not less than 1000; window height below 500 is the railing must land.
Q:what are windows on the roof called?
Window In Roof
Q:1997 Dodge Automatic Door lock system?
Remove the door panel and check the linkage between the linear actuator (power lock) and the mechanical lock, you'll probably find the linkage is broken or has become disconnected.
Q:Haia, Hello, how to shield high-frequency electromagnetic waves, such as metal mesh, conductive foam, such as
Electromagnetic wave will interact with electronic components, resulting in interference phenomenon, known as EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). For example, the common "snowflake" on the TV screen means that the received signal is disturbed.
Q:Oc door circuit application, why do not such a connection is not burned
The open collector of the gate circuit can be made "line and" or "line". The output of the two doors in the figure can be seen as two transistor open circuit connected together, when the two transistors at the same time cut off or saturation when no problem. Considering a cut-off, another saturated, cut-off transistor does not flow through current, so no problem; saturated triistor is limited by resistor R1, ignoring saturation voltage drop (0.7V), I = Ucc / R1, so there is no problem.
Q:Why the metal box door and the metal box must be made of braided copper wire
In the middle of the braided copper wire as the conductor, copper braided wire is woven with copper wire, line by 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm monofilament, according to customer requirements, flexibility, power strength specially made.
Q:After the phone is locked, then enter the password or qq unlock the number, have forgotten, how to do?
Hello, dear housekeeper Hello! The lock machine prompts you to enter the associated number, with the first two prompts. You can try the number you used to use. If you are associated with an emergency contact, your phone for the card is locked, he will receive a prompt, suggesting that you have associated with the number. Thank you for your support for mobile phone housekeeper! Thank you for your support for Tencent phone housekeeper!

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