Aislamiento de calor de la fibra de cerámica de alta pureza junta HP

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Algemene informatie -, keramische vezels.

Aislamiento de calor de la fibra de cerámica de alta pureza junta HP

De hoge kwaliteit van het keramische vezels van klei en kaolien silica, vanadium - zuiver draaien of te verwerken.Geen asbest bevatten.Dubbele acupunctuur of geleverd met een bord met een hoge intensiteit, de installatie.

De indeling van de producten voor de normen, Hewlett - Packard, ha, ha, ha, die overeenkomen met de verschillende diensten van de maximale temperatuur 1000 Hz en 1100, 1200, 1350

De kenmerken van de keramische vezels.

Aislamiento de calor de la fibra de cerámica de alta pureza junta HP



Lage warmtegeleiding

De opslag van lage calorieën

Thermische schok

Met hoge treksterkte.

Aislamiento de calor de la fibra de cerámica de alta pureza junta HP

De toepassing van de keramische vezels.

De voering van petrochemische technologie.

Een warmtebehandeling of oven thermische oppervlak (Shuttle)

De back - up in de isolatie.

Omdat de stempels of hete oven.

Isolatoren voor elektriciteit,

De foto 's van keramische vezels.



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Aislamiento de calor de la fibra de cerámica de alta pureza junta HP

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Een strenge kwaliteitscontrole bij de keuze van het materiaal, de productie, de verwerking, de kwaliteit van de producten en vuurvaste keramische vezels voor de doeltreffende controle, om te voldoen aan de vraag van klanten.

De keuze van de grondstoffen, de controle op de kwaliteit van de te beginnen.De vergunning van de kwaliteit van de goederen vóór het gebruik noodzakelijk is, zal elke partij te testen, de kwaliteit van de productie te controleren is gemaakt door de werknemers, en elk stuk zou worden ingedeeld, toezicht op de kwaliteit van de controles.

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Q:Ceramic fiber plate and aluminium silicate plate are chosen as lining materials
Ceramic fiber board is of high quality ceramic fiber cotton with low slag ball content as raw material, using specific pulp and mixing equipment, ensure the cutting length and the concentration uniformity of cotton fiber, using international advanced vacuum molding technology and international advanced processing technology, the product not only has excellent mechanical strength and precise geometry the size, and maintains the excellent properties of fibrous insulation materials, can be substituted for calcium silicate board also requires tough, self-supporting and refractory insulation field.
Q:What are the sound-absorbing fiber boards?
The theory on the absorption coefficient is the best sound-absorbing board sound-absorbing effect 1 (all suck, no reflections), but in reality, this material does not exist (black holes in the universe are the sound absorption coefficient is 1, which is completely absorbed)
Q:What are the standards for ceramic fiber boards?
Ceramic fiber board currently only GB, and many production enterprises are also in accordance with GB to perform.
Q:What method should be used to measure the thermal conductivity of fiberboard?
Fiber board thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber board thermal conductivity information is mainly: ceramic fiber board thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber board price, thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber board wholesale, thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber board factory, discusses the protection method of hot plate test principle and method of MDF thermal conductivity and its relation with temperature; and analyzed the test error.
Q:How much pressure can the ceramic fiber board withstand?
Ceramic fiber board has the characteristics of tough, high compressive strength, excellent resistance to high temperature and excellent supporting force. The compressive strength of ceramic fiber board increases with the increase of density of ceramic fiber board.
Q:Refractory insulation board, pressure plate, nano heat transfer plate, calcium silicate board and ceramic fiber board?
Sheng Yang series of ceramic fiber board is based on the traditional process of comprehensive upgrading of the excellent vacuum forming insulation materials, slag ball content of less than 3%, fiber distribution uniformity, internal and external strength consistent, size controllable.Ceramic fiber board is made by spraying superfine ceramic fiber through water washing, slag removal, fiber freezing and vacuum forming. The product has superior high temperature resistance, excellent rigidity and toughness.
Q:What are the differences between nano ceramic plate and ceramic fiber board?
Ceramic fiber board is a kind of ceramic fiber cotton produced by injection technology. It is made by continuous production and advanced technological production line.
Q:What are the uses of ceramic fiber boards?
According to the conditions of use, can be divided into:Fire dragon high purity ceramic fiber fire block HLGX-364DThe dragon high alumina ceramic fiber fireproof plate HLGX-464D
Q:What is the difference between ceramic fiber board and nano ceramic fiber board?
The traditional ceramic fiber board has good heat insulation, high temperature resistance to certain characteristics, widely used in kiln products, but this tradition also has some shortages, low intensity, high temperature and high pressure, there are restrictions on the application of kiln stress.
Q:Is there any difference between ceramic silicon fiber board or ceramic fiber board?
Distinguishing.Ceramic silicon fiber board by long fiber silica, clay, talc, glaze etc. after 1150 degrees high temperature sintering, twenty-first Century revolutionary high-tech building materials. Characteristics: flexibility, high toughness, high strength, anti wind pressure; with homogeneous magnetized light ceramic surface, disposable, pores, anti pollution, is not easy to dust, mildew, antibacterial, deodorant, anti slip, no static, not fear of chemical erosion, such as acid, alkali, or even sulfate; fire, smoke, high temperature resistance, easy processing, cutting a hole.

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